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Before going out on your hunt, use one of these programs to generate the coordinates of the azimuth station and write them on your datasheet! To convert, multiply the number of meters by 39.37 and divide the result by 12. In the unlikely event that you discover a marker lying loose on the ground, the best thing is to leave it where you found it and contact the agency who is You NEVER EVER take them, even when they appear to have been damaged.

These markers are public property, are actively used in surveying, and are protected by law. Logging Benchmarks How do I log a benchmark? I looked for a disk in the place described in the datasheet but the disk is gone and only the stem remains. Usually reference marks are more or less at right angles to each other with respect to the triangulation station.

If you found a disk that says: CEDAR AZ then you have not found the correct disk. Next, just zoom somewhere in the world below 500 miles out, pause a few seconds, and you will see geocaches for that view. You also are able to download a static KML for a specific cache. Reading the disk is necessary because another disk could have been set within a few feet of the one you're looking for.

If you double click the placemarks you can zoom in and see the better detail provided by Google Earth (e.g. File has missing or bad root element Do you want to stop fetching, continue, or ignor fetch errors? All the visitor is asked to do is if they get something they should try to leave something for the cache. So far they just upload the tracks into GE (the picture here shows the same track as the one above in GE).

Location-Scaled Disks If you find a disk with a scaled location, please include your GPS receiver's averaged coordinates for the disk's location in your log (unless somebody else has already done In order for a mark to get into NGS's database, it has to go through a process known as "bluebooking" which ensures the disk meets the minimum requirements to be of If none near you have been found by people using, then choose some that have recovery reports from the last 10 years, since the probability is greater that they are A few reference marks are surveyed with adjusted coordinates and have their own PID in the database.

However, keep in mind that although we seek out benchmarks and report them for fun, the NGS database is in use by professionals for real world purposes. (They ask for your What are some softwares that benchmark hunters use? What equipment do benchmark hunters use for finding benchmarks? NGS appreciates the efforts of geocachers and encourages them to submit reports on the condition of benchmarks.

If the intersection station is a water tower, read the datasheet carefully to note the details of the description of the water tower, and the first date the water tower was or Connect with Facebook Geocaching will not post to your account without permission. Where can I get more information? A GPSr makes getting to the right area easier, but when you're there, you will (generally) be better off if you use the details of the benchmark's location description to locate

Back to top of the page up there ^ #7 buffpup Premium Member Group: +Premium Members Posts: 18 Joined: 12-March 04 Posted 12 October 2007 - 10:17 AM Lizzy, on Upgrading is painful; we can be patient. Groundspeak Terms of Use | Privacy Policy Return to the Top of the Page Home | About | Basics | Links | Tips | Flying | Business | SightSeeing November 01, Kinds of Benchmarks Vertical Control Marks Horizontal Control Marks Intersection Stations (a Type of Horizontal Control) Triangulation Stations (a Type of Horizontal Control) Other Types of Horizontal Control Reference Marks Azimuth

Azimuth Marks An azimuth mark, together with its associated triangulation station, provides an accurate azimuth (like a compass direction) that is based on true North rather than magnetic North. If you're uncertain about what happened during the time between when the structure was first monumented (observed) and the present, check with the structure's building manager. I'm hoping they take greater advantage of GE features such as network links, placemarks, inputting charts and data as well. Where can I find more information about this kind of mark and how can I log them?

You still had to link to to see the useful data, it just made it MUCH easier to visualize where the caches are located by using GE. Since the Groundspeak benchmark database was obtained from the NGS in the year 2000, newer benchmarks and recent reports on older marks will not be visible here in Groundspeak's copy. They emphasize fitness applications like mountain biking, running, and hiking. First I got the exceeded views message.

Once you have the network link downloaded, you will see "Geocaching Network KML" in your Places folder. Geocaching and Google Earth are ideally suited for one another. The most interesting thing about this announcement is this: "...the coordinates used in Google Earth are only an approximation and can be up to 100 ft from the actual location. donbadabon Posts: 453Joined: Wed Sep 27, 2006 11:00 pmLocation: Franklin, TN Top Re: Code Release for July 2009 by TooWheelIn » Wed Jul 29, 2009 2:34 pm donbadabon wrote:They

Logging as "Found it" a church steeple first observed in 1932, but the cornerstone on the church building says 1963 (the 1932 station is "Destroyed"). Then use the GeoCalc or the FORWARD program to convert this data into the azimuth mark's coordinates. The generic terms favored by professionals to describe horizontal control are station or mark, rather than "benchmark". What do I do when I find a benchmark?

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