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Sending new trace in private email... --Sam On Feb 22, 2006, at 11:47 PM, Adam Kropelin wrote: > Sam Alcoff wrote: >>> Hi Adam, >>> >>> I rebuilt from HEAD -- On Red Hat, a fairly typical configuration command would look like the following: CFLAGS="-g -O2" LDFLAGS="-g" ./configure \ --enable-usb \ --with-upstype=usb \ --with-upscable=usb \ --prefix=/usr \ --sbindir=/sbin \ --with-cgi-bin=/var/www/cgi-bin \ --enable-cgi This entry was posted in Releases on July 22, 2011 by admin. Choosing a Configuration Type There are three major ways of running apcupsd on your system.

This driver accesses the UPS over the network using APC's custom protocol. Yup, usb.h is libusb's API header. > Why not just #include "usb.h"? /usr/include and /usr/local/include > are probably in most include paths, and if not the user could add it > You should begin by reading the Quick Start (see Quick Start for Beginners) instructions. HOWEVER, apcupsd versions prior to 3.12 have a bug where mainsback sends the email instead of offbattery.

Many of the autoconf macros don't like that so I will probably end up writing my own header-file-search macro. > It seems more flexible and less prone to breakage then trying Please don't fill out this field. Need something better here. */ That comes right before the includes to pull in the USB support (either native of libusb I gather). will be created pointing to the correct hiddev node.

Problem USB driver linux-usb.c fails to compile, reporting errors about HID_MAX_USAGES undefined. All Rights Reserved. Once the make has completed with no errors, you must su to root to complete the install. What most people tend to want is for the server to shut down to firmware level, then have the UPS power off (from 'apccontrol killpower').

Both x86 and SPARC platforms are supported. The default is system dependent but usually 3551 because that port has been officially assigned to apcupsd by the IANA. We already know that some UPSes don't like polling too fast so we slow it down. When the script `apccontrol` is invoked to shutdown the system it calls `shutdown` to switch to runlevel 0.

It took much longer for the comm failure to occur relative to before, but they're still happening. Generally that means you must use exactly 0.1.12. Easily mistaken > for an RJ45, though. Not much can actually be conveyed this way other than an order to shut down.

It seems more flexible and less prone to breakage then trying to hardcode where usb.h will be, especially given the potential places it could be (I've got a Mac with libusb Best Regards, Sidney Showing 5 results of 5 Flat | Threaded SourceForge About Site Status @sfnet_ops Powered by Apache Alluraâ„¢ Find and Develop Software Create a Project Software Directory Top Downloaded Proposal 1 I think the configure script does not check if the program `strip` is installed. Ltd.

but, for instance, it reports -01 for DWAKE, DSHUTD, LOTRANS, HITRANS and RETPCT and Unknown for SENSE. "Originally" all of those were being reported (Back-UPS 900 XS) correctly, as far as I committed a quick change that enforces a 20 msec delay before each interrupt read. Yours truly, Zarin Neda Complex Co. The most recent APC UPSes support only a limited set of data over the USB interface.

You can change the values in apcupsd.conf at a later time without redoing the configuration process by simply editing the apcupsd.conf file. However, being a complete numpty I'd modularised it and forgotten to load the usbhid module, Doh! Attend the live webcast > and join the prime developer group breaking into this new coding territory! > > _______________________________________________ > Apcupsd-users mailing list > [email protected] > > [Apcupsd-users] Apcupsd UPS control software › Users Search everywhere only in this topic Advanced Search Bug report: apcupsd 3.14.10 doesn't build with net-snmp 5.7.2 rc2 Classic List Threaded ♦ ♦ Locked 1

Given how apcupsd must integrate into the shutdown mechanism of the operating system and the rate at which such mechanisms are changed by vendors, the platform ports in the apcupsd tree Building this package requires numerous GNOME libraries. BSD USB Configuration Known BSD USB Issues Problem FreeBSD lockups: Some users have experienced lockups (apcupsd stops responding) on FreeBSD systems. But we are not currently >> slowing down the interrupt reads.

After building, install Apcupsd as root using 'make install', then perform a reconfigure boot ('reboot -- -r'). It is needed to peform the `make install` else only > `apccontrol` (I think) is copied to /sbin. This one is debatable. For other platforms it is recommended to check your vendor's package repository and third party repositories for recent binary packages before resorting to building apcupsd from scratch.

I have searched the documentation and list archives but have been unable to find anything. Getting UPS capabilities...SUCCESS Please select the function you want to perform. 1) Test kill UPS power 2) Perform self-test 3) Read last self-test result 4) Change battery date 5) View battery Building Apcupsd with USB Some specific packages are necessary when building Apcupsd with USB support on Solaris. Most of APC's lineup now uses this method as of late 2003, and it seems likely to completely take over in their low- and middle range.

If I restart, I expect that they'll show up again for awhile. You also should build using the gcc compiler and ccs make, not Sun's compiler. On the master side whenever I start apcupsd, I get: "Connect to slave failed. The basic procedure involves getting a source distribution, running the configuration, rebuilding, and installing.

Check /dev, /dev/usb, and /dev/usb/hiddev and if you cannot find the hiddevN nodes, run (as root) the examples/make-hiddev script from the apcupsd source distribution. In some cases, binary packages are provided by the apcupsd team (RedHat, Mandriva, SuSE, Windows, Mac OS X).