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gallery2 login an error has occurred Thermopolis, Wyoming

Probably your PHP memory limit is too low. To change it, access G2 from the URL which you used to install it. Note: For Gallery versions before Gallery 2.1, use the following instead of $gallery->setConfig(): require_once(dirname(__FILE__) . '/modules/core/classes/GalleryCapabilities.class'); GalleryCapabilities::set('systemCharset', 'ISO-8859-1'); I can't install G2, what should I do? Zusätzlich kommt nach einiger Zeit Betrieb mit diesem Fehler grundsätzlich noch Quote: PHP Access Violation

was das PHPBB2 auf dem Server ebenfalls abstürzen läßt und sich nur durch einen Neustart beheben

It will add all albums / photos recursively, that is, it adds them including all sub-albums etc. Please enter the letters and numbers from the CAPTCHA image into the input field below and try to login again. If you forgot your username please contact the admin such that the admin can look up your username in the database. "Logins to this account are temporarily disabled due to multiple You need to uninstall these modules.

They also provide information on how to create a script that keeps php.ini and php.cgi up to date, but with your settings instead of theirs. We're a friendly bunch, so please feel free to register and join in the conversation. documentation downloads search forums support development login Home » Forums » Gallery 2 Support » Troubleshooting and Problems "An error has occurred while interacting with the database" at login F for See this list of requested features.

This is common with Fantastico one click installs. I also contacted Ubermind and they recommended that I download the open source version of the plugin at the following url: That one worked fine as well! Upgrade Symptom / Attempted Action Solution Can't authenticate (Step 2) / login.txt See FAQ: The installer does not accept my login.txt file. All logos, trademarks and content in this site are property of their respective owners.

Images Symptom / Attempted Action Solution Thumbnails / Resized Images don't get generated correctly See FAQ: Thumbnails / resized images don't get generated properly. Look for this in the file and change it from this: response = GalleryAPI.addItemRequest{ filePath = pathOrMessage, title = title, caption = caption, tags = tags, to this: response = GalleryAPI.addItemRequest{ In 'Site Admin' -> 'ffmpeg' you can click 'Test' to see what types of video it should handle correctly. Victoria Lots of questions?

To save time, you don't need to move everything in the storage folder. Back to the Gallery Any ideas on how to debug this? If you want nicer links that look more normal, e.g. See FAQ: I seem to be running into some sort of MySQL query limit, is there anything that can be done?

Can't edit theme settings Does it work for the 'matrix' theme but not for a 3rd party theme? See: Performance Tips Larger images are distored / corrupted Very rare issue. How can I view the error log of the webserver? file_exists(/home/rynep3/public_html/photo1250/gallery2/modules/rating/ rating plugin successfully instantiated Loading plugin rss Class not defined, trying to include it.

Switch off the maintenance mode How can I export data from one G2 installation and import it to another? Hat jemand einen Rat? If you consult your webserver's error log, you might see 'PHP Warning: File upload error - unable to create a temporary file in Unknown on line 0'. Here's a step by step guide: Deactivate and uninstall the url rewrite module if it's active (not just disable the rewrite rules, disable and uninstall the whole module in site admin

Can I install if my server only allows .php4 extension for php files? Currently some indexes we use exceed this default MySQL limit if the charset is utf8. Error Name Do you get the error just when browsing to the frontpage of your Gallery? It will even give you mod_rewrite rules that can redirect all your old Gallery 1 urls to the correct places in Gallery 2.

This can be done using the SET PASSWORD statement and the OLD_PASSWORD() function: mysql> SET PASSWORD FOR 'some_user'@'some_host' = OLD_PASSWORD('newpwd'); Gallery Remote can't find my G2, what's wrong? Sometimes the image toolkit modules of Gallery need to be reconfigured (e.g. Does it say your user account is "disabled"? (since G2.2) Use the "Forgot Password" link on the login page to reactivate your account. Alternatively, you can make sure that all process users on the server can read, write and delete files in this directory (chmod 777).

Is your webserver IIS/5.0 or older and is your Gallery 2 version older than 2.0? file_exists(/usr/home/deb7345/domains/ watermark plugin successfully instantiated Loading plugin webdav Class not defined, trying to include it. Log in or Sign up Print Lightroom Forums Home Forums > Archives > Lightroom Troubleshooting (ARCHIVE) > This site uses cookies. You would like to show your Gallery 2 images in another website or forum (bulletin board) or you would like to add a link on another website to a specific image

The last time I looked, it worked fine. If you have multiple image toolkits installed, try disabling all but one of the image toolkit modules. Don't forget to change secret to your password. Some webhosting companies offer a control panel with a web file-browser which is capable of extracting / unarchiving archive files.

Toolkits / Module Activation Symptom / Attempted Action Solution There are errors when trying to test the binaries (or when saving the configuration) See: Installing an Image processing Library Does it This will also be tested on Fedora Core 7 and updated if appropriate. For instance, I would point it to "" Note: Gallery Remote doesn't work with Gallery 2.2.1 - nor does iPhotoToGallery... If you have command line access (ssh / telnet) to the (unix, linux) server, you can query for supported languages by `locale -a`.

All else is © Copyright 2000-2014 Bharat Mediratta. Rerun the transaction.] in EXECUTE(" SELECT g2_ChildEntity.g_id, g2_ItemAttributesMap.g_orderWeight FROM g2_ChildEntity INNER JOIN g2_ItemAttributesMap ON g2_ChildEntity.g_id = g2_ItemAttributesMap.g_itemId INNER JOIN g2_DataItem ON g2_ChildEntity.g_id = g2_DataItem.g_id INNER JOIN g2_AccessSubscriberMap ON g2_ChildEntity.g_id = g2_AccessSubscriberMap.g_itemId E.g. Thumbnails are (not) square instead of preserving the normal aspect ratio Gallery generates square thumbnails if the 'square thumbs' module is active.

The instructions for using Subversion can be found here . Movies are not playing See FAQ: Movies are not playing, why? Edit your config.php file using a text editor and find this section. More on that topic can be found in other FAQ entries.

Getting Gallery2 How can I get Gallery2 on my webserver? Also see FAQ: I get a warning for missing themes / modules in the upgrader. If the number of rows drops dramatically (like from 2000 rows down to 30) then you've fixed the problem. but the customization is still showing up.

See Howtos Prepare the new server Create a folder for Gallery2 Copy the old g2data folder to an equivalent location on the new server as it was on the old server. Just advance to the "System Checks Step" and don't go any further. Gallery can only generate thumbnails for movies with this module. Try to rule out the possibility of being broken by this non-official code by removing it (in case of themes / modules: deactivate them, don't just remove them from the modules/,

code => Array (1) storageFailure => 1 1 => /gallery/main.php 2 => Array (3) tpl => Array (0) style => Array (0) javascript => Array (1) 0 => lib/javascript/BlockToggle.js 3 => FAQ: I get the error 'Illegal mix of collations', what should I do? scottnemiro Joined:2006-05-02 Posts:57 Posted: Tue, 2006-11-28 13:09 well i would have but i never heard anything about rebuilding the database and i have been hanging out and waiting to see what