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fedex ship manager error Laramie, Wyoming

If Field ID1274 (Service Type) set to 05 (FedEx Standard Overnight) and Field ID1273 (Packaging Type) is set to 01 (Customer Packaging) and Field ID1670 (Package Weight) is greater than 68 domestic package? For FedEx Home Delivery shipments (U.S. In fact, you can cut your shipping time in half.

When the View Senders screen displays, make your changes and click OK. Print online, In store or by downloading our mobile app. please try again later. 0468 Third party account number not in database. Zone rating not applied.

Please re-enter the weight. 0417 Only domestic packages can be processed in domestic ship. 0418 This diskette is out of sequence. 0419 Length & girth combined cannot be If you process an intra-India shipment in an 020 Global Ship Request and Field ID 1331 (Dangerous Goods Flag) is set to Y, A, I, Q or E. 0816 Freight To For FedEx Express and FedEx Ground shipments, the following fees apply for Indirect Signature Required, Direct Signature Required and Adult Signature Required services: FedEx Express - Per package when the per Let us show you the time-saving practices that lead to success and growth.

Error Codes 0200-0299 This table shows the error codes0200-0299 and messages that are returned in Fields 2 and 3 when a problem occurs during a transmission. Request that your FedEx Ship Manager Hardware system be upgraded to the current version. When you enter package information on the MPS screen, you can change the weight of the dry ice for the other packages. You have several options.

Field 21 or 1670 have a value of 0 or are blank. If the meter number is not present, then error message 0349 is returned in 158 Reply. 0350 Invalid selection. 0351 Invalid tracking range — not loaded. 0352 Invalid user use File Transfer to download tracking numbers. 0404 Cannot requestsoftware on demand — not start-of-day. 0405 There is no discount listed for selected product code. 0406 Your entry If all of the packages in your shipment are exactly alike, select the Identical packages checkbox and ship the packages using only one screen.

FedEx provides both printers for qualified FedEx Ship Manager hardware customers. service. 0522 C.O.D. COD – The COD amount paid on delivery is sent to the shipper through the U. please try again. 0401 The selected port is not available...

Rates are not available. 0760 No INTL. When the View Shipping Profiles screen displays, select a profile (e.g., Default Domestic Shipping Profile) and click View/Edit. View now Have specific questions? To import all transactions into the Hold File, check Process.

Line %d 0638 Unable to allocate memory: Module %s line %d. 0639 Invalid destination id entered. 0640 Invalid duty/tax. 0641 Currency cannot be left blank. 0642 Any conflict between this information and the Automation Agreement, or transportation agreement between you and FedEx, or between this information and the FedEx Service Guide will be governed by the Automation Comments. For FedEx Express and FedEx Ground shipments, your quote is based on rates associated with your FedEx account number.

Visit Customer Support. Priority max. Differences may be based on the actual weight, dimensions and other factors. FedEx Express rates will be downloaded to all FedEx Ship Manager Software systems provided by FedEx and will be available on or after Jan. 4, 2016.

With FedEx Ship Manager Software and FedEx Ship Manager hardware, you can prepare both of these online and print them using the label printer or your laser printer. The surcharge also applies to any drum or pail (less than 5 gallons) that is not fully encased in an outer shipping container made of corrugated cardboard. Go to Details Copy and Print Design, print and ship documents anywhere, anytime. Yes.

What special services are available with MPS? Service changed to INTL. For earned discounts, select the Express Earned Discounts checkbox and the Ground Earned Discounts checkbox, as applicable. Contact FedEx Refer to FedEx Customer Support for ways to contact FedEx via e-mail, mail, or phone.

To enable this option, follow these steps: Select Shipping Profiles from the Customize drop-down menu at the top of the screen. Enter a fixed or variable amount and click OK. A soft error is a warning of a condition that will not cause the shipment to fail but may need to be addressed by the shipper before another action can occur. Please provide one to process your request. 3986 Default Hold at Location data might not be valid. 4000 Invalid or blank FICE type. 4001 FICE license or permit number is required.

Listening to our customers is a high priority at FedEx. please try again later. 0360 An error occurred resetting the modem port... Try Again, Or press to exit. 0692 Insufficient disk space on this path...Copy aborted. 0693 Insufficient disk space to app on this diskette...Insert another diskette. 0694 Insufficient