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Email Sue View the discussion thread. Cardozo School of Law at Yeshiva University -- has endorsed a set of procedural reforms to help avoid mistaken identification. Newark detectives quickly zeroed in on a suspect, Darrell Edwards, who lived in the neighborhood, and arrested him on Sept. 15, 1995 based on a "police-directed" identification of him by a In 1988, another man confessed to the crime, but a judge rejected his confession.

The conviction hinged on the women's identification of Pratt in a line up; his alibi witnesses were rejected by the jury. Except Rousseau didn't commit the crime. Eyewitness Expert In 1984, Jennifer Thompson was brutally raped. Louis, MO Arch the year before.

But Totaro had to spin things to portray his office as a well-oiled machine that immediately turned to fix an honest error when it came to their attention. Our brain fills in the gaps with the details of the person in the car, and the face of the suspect becomes the person we saw commit the crime. He was sentenced to 54 years in prison. After she was arrested, the robberies continued.

Controlling Systematic Variables The U.S Department of Justice released Eyewitness Evidence: A Guide for Law Enforcement  in 1999 that could help improve the facilitation of identification procedures. That same night, Napoleon Cardenas accidentally shot himself in the hand .380-caliber semiautomatic pistol that he had been showing to two visitors. David Lemus and Omaldo Hidalgo David Lemus and Olmado Hidalgo have spent 12 years in jail for the murder of a New York City nightclub bouncer named Marcus Peterson and the Results suggest that police and juries may give eyewitness testimony too much credibility.

Dubbs' Conviction Thrown Out. In experiments no one suffers the consequences of a misidentification. Furthermore, the scope of the problem cannot be known because of instances where prosecutors drop the case or in cases where people are acquitted after reversals on appeal. Preventing Wrongful Convictions Mistaken eyewitness identification is the major reason innocent people have been sent to prison in Virginia, a two-year study of 11 wrongful convictions concludes.

Dubbs was sentenced in May 2002. Bullets were tested and matched a gun owned by Covington. Don't move!" he barked at her. Witnesses believe the perpetrator of the crime is one of the individuals included in the six-pack.

Holland was originally convicted of that rape, but DNA evidence exonerated him of it earlier this year. It had to be a mistake," Ruffin said. "And, she didn't make it by herself. Part I Eyewitness to What? A growing body of evidence points to serious problems with eyewitness identification procedures.

New testing has excluded Pratt as the source of DNA found on the women's clothes. Wells and Amy Bradfield Douglas, Psychology, Public Policy, and Law. "The Effect of Suspect-Filler Similarity on Eyewitness Identification Decisions: A Meta-Analysis" by Ryan J. Gary Graham was sentenced to death based solely on the identification of one eye witness. On 9/11/07, Lancaster County District Attorney Donald R.

The Eyewitnesses were Wrong Bernard Webster spent 20 years in prison for raping a Baltimore, MD woman when he was 19 years old. For example, the eyewitness in Shareef Cousin’s case was not wearing her glasses at the time of the attack and, had initially admitted to police that she could not identify the In fact, we assemble our memories by patching together broken pieces of stored information and then filling in the blanks. He also learned that in Pennsylvania, you can't sue for negligent prosecution.

Link The Pathetic Legal Cases Against Jerry L. James Calvin Tillman A man imprisoned for more than 18 years for kidnapping and raping a woman was released after new forensic tests showed evidence from the crime did not match Note: We add links to updates with the original news articles reporting eyewitness identification issues, so be sure to scroll down to check for "new news". No physical evidence.

DNA tests have confirmed his innocence and he has been freed. 126th DNA Exoneration Of the 125 wrongly convicted persons exonerated by DNA, Marvin Anderson is the only one where the Beaver voluntarily participated in a line-up. Experts don't see police errors in Tillman case The most striking aspect of Journal Inquirer interviews with four eyewitness-identification experts about the case of James Calvin Tillman is what they failed That means the real criminal not only got away with the 1981 rape, but that he committed at least one more crime that put him into the Codis database.

When she picked Ronald Cotton out of a line up, Jennifer says, "I was Certain, But I was Wrong" Gary Graham, executed by Texas despite serious doubts about his guilt. But in the two decades since that sentence was handed down, seven of the nine eyewitnesses who identified Davis as the gunman recanted, saying police had coerced their testimony. DNA evidence cleared Mr. Gair had a solid alibi that placed him on the other side of the city at the time of the crime, but the jury believed an eyewitness who said he "studied"

Charles T. "Ted" Dubbs was convicted of sexually assaulting two women in Dauphin County, PA in 2000 and 2001. Many courts have disallowed show-up lineups because of this. Skip to main content Toggle navigation The online magazine of the Institute for Southern Studies Facebook Twitter Subscribe Donate Human Rights Economy Demographics Environment Politics Facebook Twitter Subscribe Donate Human Rights Wilbur Cyrus Brown, II has been convicted of a series of similar attacks, and has confessed to the two attacks Dubbs was convicted of committing.

In 2010, he was cleared by DNA, but Virginia authorities waited another 18 months to notify him. Six days later, a St. Get Involved About Contact Donate Careers Financials Privacy Policy Legal Email sign up Join our mailing list to receive the latest news and updates from the Innocence Project: Follow us facebook One of the most dramatic cases of eyewitness misidentification occurred in North Carolina.

All fillers should match the witness's description. Shaun Rodrigues Shaun Rodrigues claims he is innocent of a Manoa, Hawaii robbery that happened in July, 2000. In fact, with the exception of DNA evidence, nothing can be more damning for a defendant than a witness telling the jury that the defendant was at the scene and participated Arthur Lee Whitfield Arthur Lee Whitfield spent part of his first hours of freedom standing up on the bus that carried him home.

The girl failed to pick Seri out of a police lineup. For one, the lineup administrator usually knows who the suspect is, and research has found that he or she often provides unintentional hints to the eyewitness. He was approached by a couple of men who spoke briefly, then opened fire. Newly discovered evidence amassed by attorneys for James Curtis Giles "strongly suggests" that he was misidentified -- based on his name alone -- as one of three men involved in the

Willie "Pete" Williams DNA evidence has cleared an Atlanta, GA man who has served 21 years in prison after being convicted of raping and kidnapping a woman at a Sandy Springs Unfortunately, police and prosecutors were so thorough in inciting hatred and a desire for revenge against Darryl Hunt in Deborah Sykes' family that her mother and step-father refuse to accept Hunt's Walter Swift After almost 26 years in prison, Walter Swift of Detroit, MI has been officially cleared of raping a pregnant mother who was surprised in her Indian Village home as This prevents the administrator from influencing the witness by unintentional or intentional clues to the identity of the suspect.

One of the most dramatic cases of eyewitness misidentification occurred in North Carolina. Michael Seri In 2001, Michael Seri of Newtown, CT was charged with masturbating in front of a 15-year-old Girl Scout at the town's public library, even though the victim described her