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I have one question though - If in your example you had an inner component/class (inside com.calculation) and you wanted to use this inner component/class (e.i. Thanks in advance. WebUtil has some requirements for existing settings within the configuration that you are defining, and some optional new parameters, which can be added to the file, to customize certain aspects of Dlls considered as a native application, not like any applications.

This file contains a list of trusted server domains where each domain is separated by a new line. This includes raising the same exceptions and errors. ChangesMigrating from 9i to 10g with webutil or upgrading webutil from 1.0.5 to 1.0.6 or or or New code development invoking some method. Now I want to use "A" field (of type "xxx"): Suppose that I want to send the method "sum" the parameter "A" (of type "xxx") and some String - something like

This may through an exception (ComFailException: Can't map name to dispid). Good Luck everybody (58.13K) Number of downloads: 4661 Is This A Good Question/Topic? 0 Back to top MultiQuote Quote + Reply Replies To: Using dll Library in java application using To recompile, use the following command: frmcmp module=ORACLE_HOME\forms\webutil.pll userid= module_type=library compile_ all=yes The user ID can be any user with the required privileges as described in Section 2.4, "Configuring Your Database Configuring WebUtil 2-1 The WebUtil Components and Directory Structure 2.

There are different invoke_xxx calls to allow for the xxx type of variable returned by the method called. Note: As a security precaution, the default settings in the webutil.cfg disable the WebUtil file transfer features. Here in this article I am using a Com.dll that I have created using the Visual Studio .Net 2005 /VB, by the help of this article. The answer "multi" calculated, is not in arg2..

Thanks a lot for you efforts, you did help me. Attached is the sample code zipped with the Jacob jar file, the Com.dll file and the file that uses the Jacob. “Dynamic link library” is Microsoft’s implementation of the shared Load the Jacob.dll file: Just paste the Jacob.dll to the system path in your environment; in mine I have put it into the WINDOWS\System32 folder, some environments require a registration for The simple code " ActiveXComponent a = new ActiveXComponent("COMSVCS.TrackerServer"); " returns the following error: Exception in thread "main" Can't QI object for IDispatch at Method) at at com.jacob.activeX.ActiveXComponent.(

WebUtil Security Overview ............................................................................................... x - horizontal axei. One should not be using invoke_obj, that by design expects an object being returned by the method called, when nothing is in fact returned by that method. An entry of d:\temp will restrict it to any file in the d:\temp directory or any subdirectory.

y - vertical axis. Transferring data directly to a BLOB column in the database require that you are running Oracle Database Server 9.0.1 or above and that you have installed the WEBUTIL_DB package and granted Table 4–2, " Available Functions in the WebUtil_File Package" describes these functions: Table 4–2 Function Copy_File Delete_File Rename_File Create_Directory Available Functions in the WebUtil_File Package Purpose Copies a file. To trust computers within an intranet, there is an applet parameter called WebUtilTrustInternal.

This is the default value for this parameter (there is no way to completely switch errors off) Error messages are written to the WebUtil log file on the server Error messages The second requirement within the .env file is for an environment variable WEBUTIL_CONFIG. Define the HTML templates to use with JInitiator and the Java Plug-in. Directory_Root_List Directory_List Directory_Filtered_List File_Exists File_Is_Directory File_Is_Hidden File_Is_Readable File_Is_Writable File_Size Directory_Selection_Dialog Functions in WebUtil 4-5 WebUtil Public Functions Table 4–2 (Cont.) Available Functions in the WebUtil_File Package Function File_Selection_Dialog Purpose Allows the

This is the default value for this parameter Log messages are written to the Java console on the browser’s computer Log messages are written to the WebUtil log file on the Modified the code ole2 to client_ole2. Returns the size of the file in bytes. The script called create_webutil_db.sql is supplied in the forms directory to create this package.

args := client_ole2.create_arglist; client_ole2.add_arg (args, 1); client_ole2.add_arg (args, 1); cell := client_ole2.get_obj_property (worksheet, 'Cells', args); client_ole2.invoke (cell, 'Select'); client_ole2.destroy_arglist (args); client_ole2.RELEASE_OBJ (colum); client_ole2.RELEASE_OBJ (selection); client_ole2.RELEASE_OBJ (rang); END set_auto_fit_range; /* Macro: Range(r).Select Functions are invoked by passing the handle of the registered function and the handle of the parameter list that defines its parameters. 4-4 WebUtil User’s Guide WebUtil Public Functions 4.3.3 WebUtil_File Note: Appendix A, "Runtime Setup Checklist" features a checklist that you can use to guide you through the installation and setup process. 2.2 WebUtil Prerequisites In order to use WebUtil there You can define up to 50 read and write locations.

I need to convert a macro in VB something like what I pasted below in to Java using Jacob. Skip to forum content Programmer's Town Welcome to the Programmer's Town community forums. Additional WebUtil Installation Steps ..................................................................................... Are you sure you use exactly the versions which should be used according to the documentation?

The Programs may provide links to Web sites and access to content, products, and services from third parties. Thanks A LOT Ofir Was This Post Helpful? 0 Back to top MultiQuote Quote + Reply #8 knowledgestudent New D.I.C Head Reputation: 1 Posts: 46 Joined: 23-February 09 Posted 03 You can also read the Webutil Release Notes at On UNIX, issue ORACLE_ 2-6 WebUtil User’s Guide Securing WebUtil HOME/forms/java/frmwebutil.jar (or the path to where you installed WebUtil). 7.