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Influenced by his honoured neighbours, Langsdorff entered the Kiel Naval Academy against his parents' wishes in 1912. The German task force was still waiting for the order to commence firing, which Admiral Lütjens did not give immediately. In October 1941 he became commander of the 9th U-boat Flotilla based in Brest, France. Retrieved 13 June 2009. ^ "Submersible, Midget Submarine Biber (90), German". (Imperial War Museum entry about Biber 90.).

German U-boats of WWII - British ships Cape Captain close Commander Commander-in-Chief Commodore Harwood convoy Cornwall Cossack crew Cruiser Squadron Cumberland Dakar damage December Denmark Strait destroyers Dorsetshire enemy's escort Exeter Falklands Flag Force H Freetown Top-scoring U-boat commanders of World War II # Commander Patrols Ships sunk Tonnage Notes Picture 1 Otto Kretschmer 16 47 273,043 tons Otto Kretschmer (1912–1998) was the most successful of the German U-boats of WWII -

ISBN978-3-925480-79-9. The two were married in March 1924, with their son Johann being born on 14 December. In 1923, while posted to the navy office in Dresden, Langsdorff met Ruth Hager. Two minutes into the battle Bismarck and Prinz Eugen started firing at Hood.

Retrieved 5 April 2011. ^ Helgason, Guðmundur. "Fregattenkapitän Otto Kretschmer". Retrieved 18 April 2010. ^ Helgason, Guðmundur. "Fregattenkapitän Heinrich Liebe". As he refused to train Soviet submariners, he was allowed only a series of menial occupations.[5] 5 Viktor Schütze 7 35 180,073 tons Viktor Schütze (1906–1950) commanded U-25 and U-103, sinking ISBN0-436-37750-0. ^ Adam, Thomas (2005). "Admiral Graf Spee".

After serving on the BdU staff from October 1942, Schnee took command of the Type XXI U-2511, in September 1944, sailing on only a single short patrol between 3 and 6 I alone bear the responsibility for scuttling the panzerschiff Admiral Graf Spee. Unknown to Lütjens, the British had intercepted enough signals to infer that a German naval operation might occur in the area. U-861 left Soerabaya, Dutch East Indies, in January 1945 and reached Trondheim, Norway, in April, just before the German surrender.[30] Oesten was the technical advisor for the 2005 submarine simulator Silent

From March 1944 Piening was the commander of the 7th U-boat Flotilla. Die Träger des Ritterkreuzes des Eisernen Kreuzes 1939–1945 — Die Inhaber der höchsten Auszeichnung des Zweiten Weltkrieges aller Wehrmachtteile [The Bearers of the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross 1939–1945 — After the war he worked in the iron and steel industry. Jenisch was taken prisoner in October 1940 when U-32 was sunk north-west of Ireland by two British destroyers.

Exeter was severely damaged and forced to withdraw; later she re-engaged and, further damaged and listing, again withdrew. A Spitfire reconnaissance aircraft found and photographed the German task force in the Grimstad fjord (60°19.49′N 5°14.48′E / 60.32483°N 5.24133°E / 60.32483; 5.24133), near Bergen, at 13:15 on 21 May. Not until January 1946, during the Nuremberg Trials, did Admiral Dönitz finally admit that Athenia had been torpedoed by U-30. On 17 March 1941 while attacking Convoy HX 112 U-100 was forced to the surface by depth charges from HMSWalker and HMSVanoc, detected on radar, and consequently rammed by Vanoc.

On the fourth patrol he was involved in the Laconia incident. For the first three weeks of the war, the ship hid in the open ocean east of Brazil while the German government determined how serious Britain was about the war. He transferred to U-139 in May 1918 and sank a further five merchant ships, making 194 ships sunk totalling 453,716 GRT. German U-boats of WWII -

In November 1942 he took command of U-198 for a patrol to the Indian Ocean lasting 200 days, the third longest patrol ever undertaken, and sank 7 ships totalling 36,778 GRT, Retrieved 20 April 2010. ^ Helgason, Guðmundur. "Korvettenkapitän Hans-Ludwig Witt". Mallman (2006). From February 1944, he was a training officer in the 22nd and 27th U-boat Flotillas.

Bismarck fired five salvos without scoring a direct hit. On 27 August 1943, only 30 days into her first patrol U-847 was sunk by aircraft from USSCard(CVE-11). German U-boats of WWII - O.

Krech remained in Allied captivity until after the war.[35] 34 Harald Gelhaus 11 19 100,373 tons Harald Gelhaus (1915–1997) commanded U-143 and U-107, sailing in ten patrols between March 1941 and p.194. Retrieved 19 April 2010. ^ Helgason, Guðmundur. "Korvettenkapitän Reinhard Hardegen". The system only worked when the submarine floated near the surface, where the water pressure was low.

German U-boats of WWII - New York: Simon & Schuster. He then joined the staff of the OKM, the Naval High Command.

Friedberg, Germany: Podzun-Pallas. Another motivation was Langsdorff's desire to go down with the Graf Spee.[citation needed] He was talked out of such an action by his officers, who convinced him that his leadership was The British ships started firing at the German task force at 05:53. Retrieved 18 April 2010. ^ Helgason, Guðmundur. "Fregattenkapitän Heinrich Lehmann-Willenbrock".

Retrieved 29 March 2015. ^ Helgason, Guðmundur. "U-1206 emblem". German U-boats of WWII - He was killed in December 1917 when UB-81 was sunk by a mine off the Isle of Wight. 8 Johannes Lohs * * 165,000 tons Johannes Lohs (1889–1918) commanded UC-75 and In March 1940 he commissioned U-101 and in four patrols sank 12 more ships, bringing his total to 19 ships sunk totalling 78,853 GRT, and two ships damaged.

F., Colton; Rogers, Duncan (2003). He rejoined the Bundesmarine in 1956, reaching the rank of Konteradmiral before retiring in 1969.[4] 4 Heinrich Liebe 9 34 187,267 tons Heinrich Liebe (1908–1997) commanded U-38 between 1938–41, sinking 34 Once the fate of the Graf Spee's crew was decided, Langsdorff killed himself over her ensign as a symbolic act of going down with his ship.[citation needed] Hans Langsdorff was buried The fifth salvo by Bismarck, fired at a range of about 180 hectometres (18,000m; 20,000yd) at 06:01, was seen to hit Hood abreast her mainmast.

From May 1945 to January 1948 Kals was held in French captivity.[17] 17 Johann Mohr 6 27 129,292 tons Johann Mohr (1916–1943) assumed command of U-124 in September 1941, and sank In 1956 Schultze joined the Bundesmarine and served in a series of staff positions until 1968.[9] 9 Günther Prien 10 30 162,769 tons Günther Prien (1908–1941) was given command of U-47 But she had sent a most consequential 8-inch shell into Spee, destroying steam boilers needed to operate the ship’s fuel cleaning system.[citation needed] Langsdorff learned that he had 16 hours of