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geopak error Woodland, Wisconsin

If it is not, then it is possible that this could be the problem. Cancel Not Answered Geopak Drainage Network Error I keep getting this error message when I try to build a network. "Unable to build topology for network [N-1]" I have tried to I'm running SS3 and Geopak Thank you!

There is a similar process for SELECTseries3 with some minor modifications to the values. If you are not using a select series 2 version or higher you may have encountered a defect attributed to having two(2) GPK files in the COGO directory. 2. Do any of the develpers know what this error code points too? However that was changed in Select Series 2.

I am getting several .NET Framework errors when launching GEOPAK Civil Engineering Suite select series 3 For more information about the Road and Site design tools, visit the Road and Site Please help! Cancel Beebe Ray Thu, Dec 10 2015 8:27 AM In reply to Spencer Beale: You can try a few things to potentially solve this problem. 1. The GEOPAKCOM did not register properly on your machine.

heater72 Mon, Apr 1 2013 3:56 PM Cancel 1 Reply (Most Recent Reply) M Barkasi Mon, Apr 1 2013 5:43 PM what is happening is it cannot build the topology Cancel Monika Dhungana Wed, May 18 2016 6:13 PM In reply to Beebe Ray: Hi Beebe I am on Geopak and I get a "run-time error 380, Could not set NOTE: This is specific to InRoads V8i SELECTseries2. We had a little class on CM and the suggestion for abutments was to run the corridor past the abutment and then slice up from the abutment.

If InRoads is installed before MicroStation (either manually or sometimes a multi-installer package can do this), some necessary CFG files are not written to the correct locations. The GEOPAKCOM did not register properly on your machine. You must be runningGEOPAK or PowerCivil to execute this command"Product: StormCAD V8iVersion: 08.11.XX.XXArea: Data Input/Model Creation, Problem ID#: 37730, ERRORMESSAGE Solution This error indicates that a GEOPAK license has not been I am not working in a workspace.

For SS3: go to "C:\Program Files (x86)\Bentley\GEOPAK\GEOPAK (SELECTseries 3)\bin" and execute the "geopakcom.exe" file. Workaround For SS2: go to "C:\Program Files (x86)\Bentley\GEOPAK\V8.11\bin" and execute the "geopakcom.exe" file. Installed Bentley StormCAD ( have him zoom in close and check those elements and see if he has overlaps, loops, double elements, etc.

Once you have deleted the files in both these locations then you will need to try the particular GEOPAK application again and see if the results are different. To verify the procedure, I will create another post. Solution The Resource files used to be located on each users machine in the BIN folder or C:\Program Files\Bentley\GEOPAK\bin\. I didn't think installing GPK SS3 next to (different installation folders) would cause issues, but I can't think what else it would be.

The newer version of StormCAD fails as soon as it's installed, weather I use Integrated or not. ...Interesting Cancel RKoons Mon, Nov 4 2013 8:16 PM Update: As with StormCAD, I If that InRoadsAT.CFG is in that location, we may need to add the command line switch to the programs executables as Andrea suggested. Draw your corrridor. Cancel Nico Roman Fri, Aug 30 2013 8:30 PM i understand..

Any ideas? What is the theory behind how my software functions? What are the limitations of importing/exporting EPANET files? Re-test Geopak, still worked.

I had simply renamed the "Watercad.cfg" in the Microstation\config\appl folder to keep things moving. GEOPAK Resource Files - How to remove them and why Applies To Product(s): Bentley GEOPAK Civil Engineering Suite, Power GEOPAK Version(s): and Newer Where does range start and end looking for the Feature Definition? Typically I install everything and test it all once I am finished but for this I took it in steps. And this one were it was determined that MicroStation had been installed after the civil product. It could also be you have selected a node for the outlet when building the network that is NOT and outlet structure.. If not manually shut down through the task manager then they will remail running unitl the computer is shut down. That's when I noticed three instances of Geopak.exe running under the services tab of the task manager... ...Interesting.

Here, the simple fact that I installed it causes Geopak SS3 to fail. I know that others have had issues with Pondpack; In my case this program has caused no problems whatsoever. It will still have to be tested once it is out but if there are still problems I can open another post. Test Geopak SS3/ Sample CAD file - Works Test Geopak SS3/ Corporate CAD file - Works Install Bentley View, SS3: Install all Corporate specific configuration variables for network resources and

It should be noted that GEOPAK Resource Files should not be in any location other than where the GPK_RSCDIR points to. Installed Bentley Pond Pack ( {Note: I had a problem installing the ‘pondpack08110156en.exe’ update. Before I installed that, the tool was working. Tested Geopak Civil Engineering Suite SS3 (

Tested MicroStation – NO customized workspaces – using the delivered UNTITLED workspace. Cancel Not Answered Cross Section Labeling Error - Geopak Corridor Modeler (Posted on behalf of user) I am getting a Run Time error when trying to initial the Corridor Modeler Cross Troubleshooting Automated Design Results Trying to attach an existing .STC file in StormCAD for Microstation the file doesn't appear User notification, ""Ditch inlet type should be paired with a trapezoidal shaped I want to assign a different XSlabeler, I am not familiar how can I do that.

You should get a message "DllRegistryServer in BentleyControls.ocx succeeded" 4.) Now exit the dos prompt, go back into your DGN file and try again For more information about the You should get a message "DllRegistryServer in BentleyControls.ocx succeeded" (4.) Now exit the dos prompt, go back into your DGN file and try again For more information about the I believe that this will do for now as a workaround, allowing me to install the latest versions of all the software I need, but I would still like a resolution There are no overlaps, loops, double elements, just a simple line.

Tried the above 4 steps, did not help. Uninstalled Bentley Pond Pack ( As for PondPACK, I have never had issues with this program so as for this post, I consider this a separate issue. The results here have the same final outcome.

Cancel Nico Roman Tue, Sep 3 2013 3:09 PM Steve, can you send me the files, i will test it here and see if it is a defect. RSC Files Delete GEOPAK Resource File GEOPAK Resource Files Power GEOPAK Resource File Share History More Cancel Created by Beebe Ray When: Wed, Jul 16 2014 9:22 PM Last revision by For more information about the Road and Site design tools, visit the Road and Site design WIKI at: Cancel Kevin McDonald Wed, Oct 30 2013 8:08 PM In reply to Then tried Geopak ss3 alone with MicroStation and it failed again.

Cancel -Road and Site Design - Wikis -GEOPAK Video Clips, TechNotes & FAQs +Bentley Civil Drainage +Bentley Civil Landscape +Bentley Civil Road +Bentley Civil Site +Bentley Civil Suite +Bentley Civil Survey Furthermore, although I am sure it is more complex than just this, I believe that the root culprit here is Geopak SS3 ( and something in the integration options of the Where is Site? +InRoads Video Clips, TechNotes & FAQs +MX Video Clips, TechNotes & FAQs +OpenRoads ConceptStation Support Clips, TechNotes & FAQs +OpenRoads Navigator Mobile App Video Clips, TechNotes & FAQs When the user changes the fluid, why doesn't the calculated pump head change?