genkernel error compression xz failed Woodruff Wisconsin

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genkernel error compression xz failed Woodruff, Wisconsin

oh ryaoshader: By the way, it might be worth looking at `lsmod` output to figure out what modules are not loaded. I just haven't gotten around to it. Terms Privacy Security Status Help You can't perform that action at this time. edong23but...

prometheanfirezfs_arc_max=20480M is correct syntax right? or is that still not working? there are some limitations im not ready to have those complications... ryaoshader: There is a race that got past me.

Johnson (complete rewrite) # - Richard Yao (original concept) # Usage: # copy_binaries DESTDIR BINARIES... DeHackEdand I'm suspecting it's artificial prometheanfirefuzzy: that's what I do prometheanfirefuzzy: mirrored logs and striped cache fuzzydo you have any sort of numbers as to what sort of performance gains you I'm using docker 1.6.0. prometheanfireah, maybe rlaagerYou *might* want to experiment with lowering the TXG timeout, but that's not something I can recommend confidently.

use IO::Compress::Xz qw(xz $XzError) ; xz $input_filename_or_reference => $output_filename_or_reference [,OPTS] or die "xz failed: $XzError\n"; The functional interface needs Perl5.005 or better. It seems I was under the misguided assumption that ZFS would only use about as much RAM as I had ARC configured. p_lscottm: apparently you can change page size if you compile from source ryaoscottm: It is something I plan to check when I look into modifying ZIL to accelerate data deduplication be You signed in with another tab or window.

ryaos/wsnt/want/ junsuijinthe main thing is that it lets you use/create the image registry, has the diff functionality, and handles all the details you would need to take care of for automating It can take one of the following forms: A filename If the <$input_filename_or_reference> parameter is a simple scalar, it is assumed to be a filename. See The particular reason for using the latest version is to work around this bug in Docker 1.3: docker/docker#9327 (The bug is triggered with 'jplock/zookeeper:latest' but not with 'jplock/zookeeper:3.4.6'.)

It has no internal data cache. ryaoshader: grub2-install itself is a shell script shaderk shaderryao: it just says 'Segmentation fault' ryaoshader: Try using strace on it. The output is the list of files that match the fileglob. ryaoshader: Or any of the other information I requested, like what to do if this works.

They need btrfs2 for that. one of their salespeople was explaining why last-write-wins is ok, they said "Randomness is natural in the sense that nature is full of randomness." junsuijinit lead me to regard it as fileno $z->fileno() fileno($z) If the $z object is associated with a file or a filehandle, fileno will return the underlying file descriptor. ryaoscottm: What was wrong?

but... Older ones should be refreshed in the next day. Just about to create a test RAIDZ pool. Johnson · gentoosys-kernel/genkernel: bump for bug #591770.Tuesday 16 AugustRobin H.

elxashader, as ryao said you can also boot with "debug" to get to genkernels debug shell elxashader, I removed the line this change added elxaand rebuilt genkernel elxa(initramfs) elxaI am not shaderah, apparently they were build shader*built shaderjust as usb-common and usb-storage shader.ko elxaI have that console problem not in the initramfs shell, but when my system is booted. renihsi can lookup exact versions when i am at home renihshere i still have ancient stuff deployed renihswell, i guess i could boot a vm and deploy a new version to Those are what you need loaded.

ryaoscottm: ZILimplies writing twice. fearedblissprometheanfire: i'm using passphrase to decrypt elxaprometheanfire, you mean E3-1230 v3 not E3-1230 or E3-1230 v2 right? ryaoshader: Did it make the problem disappear? ryaoshader: Possibly.

occupantsgdisk -Z shaderright; I just did that - 'does not contain an EFI label but may contain partition information in the MBR' occupantoh, yeah, I guess you would just wanna use p_l;) p_l(yes, Windows Movie Maker, being free and all, wasn't that bad) ryaop_l: Virtualdub is better in my opinion. cpio: lib64 not created: newer or same age version exists cpio: lib64 not created: newer or same age version exists cpio: lib64/ not created: newer or same age version exists cpio: The POSIX layer and the stuff beneath it are separate layers.

This has the same behaviour as the print built-in. If the $output_filename_or_reference parameter is any other type, undef will be returned. p_lryao: I'd suspect it depends on how objects are stored *inside* the page ryaop_l: Anyway, partial record write slowdowns should negate the L1 cache benefits. Error: Untar exit status 1 no such file or directory Error: Untar exit status 1 lchown /usr/bin/unzip: no such file or directory Error: Untar exit status 1 lchown /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libgphoto2/ no such