geexbox usb boot error Waukesha Wisconsin

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geexbox usb boot error Waukesha, Wisconsin

resize2fs -p ./gxbox30.ext4 # ... A hexadecimal editor for Windows (I prefer HxD)4. Back to top #8 Wonko the Sane Wonko the Sane The Finder Advanced user 12960 posts Location:The Outside of the Asylum (gate is closed)   Italy Posted 12 February 2013 - a ^ sign anywhere within a variable will mean 'literal' e.g.

If DEVICE is specified, return true or false according towhether or not the DEVICE matches the specified UUID (if UUID is specified),or just list the uuid of DEVICE (if UUID is Persistent installation of GeeXBoX There are two possibilities to get a persistent installation of GeeXbox :A. http://www.rmprepusb...s-and-functions Quotes from above URL : Internal named variables ... ?_UUID - set after uuid command ? - result of last command ... ... echo -e \r\n ...

I removed all but one entry, and modified it using your guide to look like this:LABEL geexbox MENU DEFAULT MENU LABEL Start GeeXboX ... Use what is free and what you have on hand.4) Now, in the remaining 29 megs, I made a second partition, also FAT16. Back to top #10 steve6375 steve6375 Platinum Member Developer 6232 posts Location:UK Interests:computers, programming (masm,vb6,C,vbs), photography,TV,films,guitars   United Kingdom Posted 12 February 2013 - 09:04 PM by variable I meant environment I had 1.1 RC2 installed on a 32MB IDE flash chip, and it worked well.

Using its own installator (See commented-out kernel line in menu.lst 1) Advantage: You get a Syslinux booting ext4 (super)floppy with instantly running root filesystem 'rootfs' (squashfile needs not to be mounted or shrinking the file system to a given size (490 MiB) resize2fs -p ./gxbox30.ext4 490M # Check filesystem again, it should still be 'clean'. Use RMPrepUSB, follow steve6375's instructions ( creation and testing on r e a l machine ). - Write ( or copy and paste content from below to) a 'menu.lst' file with Multiple Processor architectures are supported : Intel/AMD 32/64bit, but also PowerPC and ARM devices.

I downloaded the 1.2.4 ISO customizer, burned it to a disc, and attempted to install. echo %anything% something So I totally agree with you. set pass=0 if %check%==0x83 set pass=1 if %check%==0x00 set pass=1 if %pass%==0 echo -e ERROR: Partion Table entry 4 already exists \n\r - so will not map %IMG% to ptn 4 The official documentation mentioned further up the thread supposedly showed how, but it's not working.

Using a 'casper-rw' ext2 file ( 4 files in total needed) Advantage: Its your decision how big this file needs to be ( Use RMPrepUSB to create one; GeeXBoX does N Edited by LEDAdd1ct, 07 May 2011 - 05:32 PM. I have good experiences with 1.2.1. ... or use above 'geometry' method additionally (menu.lst 1) uuid (hd0,3) | set uuid= # ext4; we expect nothing else here.

Too big, unfortunately, in expanded form, to fit on my 32MB IDE chip. Anyway thank you Wonko for telling me the risks & info's sorry for posting the grub menu.lst instead of posting the G4D entries & sorry for my bad english as well ls (hd0,0)%IMG% > nul && partnew (hd0,3) 0x83 %IMG% > nul root (hd0,3) > nul # UUID is contained in syslinux.cfg ! Back to top Back to Grub4dos Also tagged with one or more of these keywords: geexbox, grub4dos, multimedia, isofile boot Boot methods & tools → Boot from USB / Boot anywhere

When call interpreted, it launches a new shell and copies the current environment variables for use with the new shell. umount /mnt/source umount /mnt/target # Check target's integrity again. Several functions may not work. a will be the string %bbb% set a=%^% will give a=%%So ^ is the "escape" sign ( like \ for the echo command) to differ the literal string "?" from the

Replace filesystem ID on MBR at Byte 0x1D2 by 0x83 (Linux) and close it. Your technique worked for me when others failed. and of course geexbox-1.2.4-en.i386.glibc.isoThe way:1. using root=%root% \r\n && pause --wait=5 > nul # 'rootrw' is a synonym for 'rw' (read/write) kernel %gx%/vmlinuz root=%root% rootfs=%gx%/rootfs rootrw vga=789 quiet splash loglevel=3 persistent=%cp%/casper-rw initrd %gx%/initrd 3.

ls (hd0,0)%IMG% > nul && partnew (hd0,3) 0x83 %IMG% > nul set root=/dev/sdb1 Default value if there is a fault in UUID detection; one built-in HDD (=/dev/sda1) should commonly fit ... set a=%^bbb% and set a=%bb^b% are equivalent. test_set.cmd @echo off set a=Hello & call set b=%%a%%Steve echo a=%a% echo b=%b% set a= set b= Back to top #7 steve6375 steve6375 Platinum Member Developer 6232 posts Location:UK Interests:computers, programming P.S.

Open both first and second primary partitions' first sector in Hexeditor (for writing). This allows you to install GeeXboX very easily.From GeeXboX CD, simply copy the GEEXBOX folder into your Linux / partition (we suppose it to be /dev/sda1 here). You can use a single line if you use call and precede the variable with ^ - for example set a=Hello && call set b=%^a% Steve! Actually the root was reported as either "sdb1", or "hdc1", depending on the linux booted from.

Basically in grub4dos shell, you need to use ^ to stop the shell interpreting %variable% as a value. set root=/dev/sda4 # Up to 4 built-in HDDs are supposed. Add more lines if needed. Link to HxD here.

Back to top #7 Wonko the Sane Wonko the Sane The Finder Advanced user 12960 posts Location:The Outside of the Asylum (gate is closed)   Italy Posted 26 October 2010 - This was very annoying, as I could not intuitively go where I had previously been in the menus.2) Geexbox would not play certain codecs. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. Both partitions were made primary, and the first was set active. 5) On my main computer, I extracted isolinux.cfg from the geexbox ISO using UltraISO.

I have seen on forums that NTFS support seems to get dropped from different versions of GeeXbox on occasion... Anti-Spam by CleanTalk Jump to content Forum Downloads Tutorials More Sign In Create Account Search Advanced Search section: This topic ForumMembersHelp Files Downloads Tutorials → Boot methods & tools Edited by COD11, 11 February 2013 - 07:16 PM. title Start GeeXboX for HDTV (ISO)...

mkdir -p /mnt/source mkdir -p /mnt/target # ... set ISO=/geexbox-3.0-i386.iso # You may of course use (a) subfolder(s). Please click bellow to pass protection, Or you will be automatically redirected to the requested page after 3 seconds. I freshly formatted a USB flash drive as FAT32 and copied over the files and it works.

If the flash medium is big enough, you may even store media files within the ext4 filesystem. Unfortunately we need a device name, there is no UUID on a CD. using root=%root% \r\n && pause --wait=1 > nul kernel %gx%/vmlinuz root=%root% rootfs=%gx%/rootfs rootrw vga=789 quiet splash loglevel=3 persistent=%gx%/geexbox-rw initrd %gx%/initrd I used the x86 iso as the source which I downloaded The running ISO has its own installer for flash media.

Testing GeeXBoX ISO image on a USB flash drive or flash card (non-persistent, i.e. Any ideas how I can fix this? Since my disk is IDE flash and not SATA, I set the boot parameter to look like this:boot=/dev/hda26) I inserted the modified isolinux.cfg back into the geexbox ISO, and saved it.7) using root=%root% \r\n && pause --wait=5 > nul map --hook > nul root (0xff) > nul kernel /vmlinuz root=%root% vga=789 quiet splash loglevel=3 # The following kernel line starts the persistent(!)

Reload it to Hexeditor and overwrite old isolinux.cfg.