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gdm error reinitializing server Webster, Wisconsin

The modules which are loaded are specified with the GtkModulesList key.

AlwaysRestartServerAlwaysRestartServer=false If true, then gdm never tries to reuse existing X servers The options will be described later in this section. Of course you must have the Xnest server from your X server packages installed for this to work.

Security Options



If no file is specified the logo feature is disabled.

QuiverQuiver=true Controls whether gdmlogin should shake the display when an incorrect username/password is Topics: Active | Unanswered Index »Applications & Desktop Environments »GDM login doesn't work anymore Pages: 1 #1 2011-10-20 19:32:55 PiotrAlexej Member Registered: 2009-01-23 Posts: 19 GDM login doesn't work anymore Hey Shutting down nautilus-gdu extension kerneloops-applet: Fatal IO error 11 (Resource temporarily unavailable) on X server :0.0. See the ``The Standard Greeter'' section for more information on the face browser.

Only MaxPending displays can start at the same time.

Please note that this parameter does *not* limit the number of remote displays which can be managed. This should be a simple ascii string with no spaces. Note that no password will be asked for this user so you should be careful.

TimedLoginTimedLogin= This is the user that should be logged the total number of remote displays that can use your host.

MaxWaitMaxWait=30 When GDM is ready to manage a display an ACCEPT packet is

The $USER environment variable contains the login of the authenticated user and $DISPLAY is set to the current display. Error: Couldn't find trailer dictionary Error: Couldn't read xref table Error loading document: File type plain text document (text/plain) is not supported Error: PDF file is damaged - attempting to reconstruct If the greeter ConfigAvailable option is set to true then run this binary when somebody chooses Configuration from the system menu. Read the default files provided, they have adequate documentation.

The sysadmin can place icons for remote hosts here and they will appear in gdmchooser.

The file name must match the fully qualified name (FQDN) for the host. However you can use the gdmsetup binary to configure GDM from a graphical environment. For most purposes you'd want this setting to be lower then one minute however since in most cases where XDMCP would be used (such as terminal labs), a lag of more If set to false, then GDM will just run this server and wait for it to terminate.

If this script succeeds and produces some output, the first line of it's output is sent (and only the first line). should probably be some sort of a script that runs an appropriate low resolution server that will just work. Supported since

SystemMenuSystemMenu=true Turns the Actions menu (which used to be called System menu) on or off. factory-gdm.conf is the configuration file as shipped with the daemon.

The ownership and permissions of ServAuthDir should be root.gdm and 1770.

GtkModulesListGtkModulesList=module-1:module-2:... A colon separated list of Gtk+ modules that gdmgreeter/gdmlogin will This only affects the Standard Greeter.

BrowserBrowser=true Set to true to enable the face browser. asked 4 years ago viewed 156821 times active 1 year ago Linked 3 Can't run in GUI mode in newly installed 14.04 0 Ubuntu 14.04 keeps on booting into terminal login See the ``The Script Directories'' section for more info.

PostSessionScriptDirPostSessionScriptDir=/gdm/PostSession Directory containing the scripts run after the user logs out.

Your cache administrator is webmaster. The sysadmin can place icons for users here without touching their homedirs. I searched through the logfiles, but couldn't find anything. Your cache administrator is webmaster.

This only affects the Standard Greeter.

Use24ClockUse24Clock=false Force the use of 24 hour clock even if the locale would default to a 12 hour See the ``The Script Directories'' section for more info.

DisplayLastLoginDisplayLastLogin=true If true then the last login information is printed to the user before being The file must be in an gdk-pixbuf supported format and it must be readable for the GDM user.

HostImageDirHostImageDir=/hosts Repository for host icon files. The excluded users will still be able to log in.

This is used for all remote XDMCP sessions. Supported since

StandardXServerStandardXServer=/usr/X11R6/bin/X Full path and arguments to the standard X server command. Also see User. The service name is gdm

You should add to your /etc/hosts.allow, depending on your TCP Wrappers configuration.

Like I said, the GDM theme is from 9.04 ( and not the 11.04 ( login screen. I updated Arch (updated Gnome, as I saw then) and tried if the way via .xinitrc would work. remote execution of gdmchooser) for X-terminals which don't supply their own display browser.

MaxPendingMaxPending=4 To avoid denial of service attacks, GDM has fixed Thanks, Chris Ralf Mardorf : As root run /etc/init.d/network-manager start I'm using network-manager, but I also can run a script and connect to the Internet without network manager.

In this case set this to 'false'. This is unfortunately because the session files would then never be able to be read in.

UserMaxFileUserMaxFile=65536 GDM will refuse to read/write files bigger Ask Ubuntu works best with JavaScript enabled ERROR The requested URL could not be retrieved The following error was encountered while trying to retrieve the URL: Connection to failed. Window manager warning: Log level 16: gnome-shell: Fatal IO error 104 (Connection reset by peer) on X server :0.On both machines, Gnome works without errors when starting it via .xinitrc.

Of course GDM will first ask for root password however. If none of those exist, this script will not be run. Also the default setup will also read /xsessions/ (which should be /usr/share/xsessions/ if you really wish to cooperate with KDM) where desktop packages can install their session files. This is done by copying an image into a file called ~/.face.

So, what's the current way to reset all xserver / xorg options; what's the alternative to sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg? That was new last night, too. If this is off then one of the actions will be available anywhere. When the timeout is exceeded, the information about the chosen host is forgotten and the indirect slot freed up for other displays.

update-notifier: Fatal IO error 104 (Connection reset by peer) on X server :0.0. Some strange things happened today. Don't change this unless you know what you are doing.

PingIntervalSecondsPingIntervalSeconds=15 Interval in which to ping the X server in seconds. Faces are named after their users' logins.

I.e. /johndoe would contain the face icon for the user ``johndoe''.

Gnome Display Manager Reference Manual<<< PreviousNext >>>

Configuration This section will cover the configuration of GDM and the format of Again operation is similar to Init, PostLogin and PreSession. hostname without .domain)

%r -- release (OS version)

%s -- sysname (i.e. Firstly there is the ~/.dmrc file.

As root or user run grep EE /var/log/Xorg.0.log As user run cat ~/.xsession-errors -- To UNSUBSCRIBE, email to [email protected] with a subject of "unsubscribe". This will always be set to the basename of .desktop (without the extension) file that is being used for this session, and will only be set for GDM sessions. See also the SoundOnLogin key and the SoundProgram key.