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GDBM_READER_CANT_STORE Set by the gdbm_store (see section Inserting and replacing records in the database.) if it attempted to operate on a database that is open in read-only mode (see section GDBM_READER). If the key is found within the database, the return value ret will be true. GDBM_GETSYNCMODE Return the current synchronization status. When I run the following: import gdbm words ='/usr/share/rhyme/words.db') I get the following error: words ='/usr/share/rhyme/words.db') gdbm.error: Bad magic number Is there a file incompatibility problem?

The following code prints every key in the database db, without having to create a list in memory that contains them all: k = db.firstkey() while k != None: print Inspect the system errno variable to get a more detailed diagnostics. Readers and writers can not open the gdbm file at the same time. This is the only way to get a file to shrink.

gdbm interface: int gdbm_delete (GDBM_FILE dbf, datum key) Deletes the data associated with the given key, if it exists in the database dbf. GDBM_ITEM_NOT_FOUND Requested item was not found. The errno argument is usually the value of the global variable gdbm_errno. This can be set by gdbm_open (see section Opening the database.), gdbm_export and gdbm_import functions.

See the format argument to the gdbm_dump function. gdbm interface: int gdbm_load_from_file (GDBM_FILE *pdbf, FILE *fp, int replace, int meta_mask, unsigned long *line) This is an alternative entry point to Next: definitions, Previous: variables, Up: shell [Contents][Index] 20.2.2 Gdbmtool Commands command verb: avail Print the avail list. File 'visiting' is based on a 'hash table'. The include file gdbm.h, that can be included by the user, contains a definition of these functions. #include GDBM_FILE gdbm_open(name, block_size, flags, mode, fatal_func); void gdbm_close(dbf); int gdbm_store(dbf, key, content,

GDBM_BAD_FILE_OFFSET The gdbm_open function (see section Opening the database.) sets this error code if the file it tries to open has a wrong magic number. Do some gdbm files created in C not open with Python? (This is with Python 2.7 on OSX 10.6.8. GDBM_REORGANIZE_FAILED The gdbm_reorganize function is not able to create a temporary database. Data Persistence » © Copyright 1990-2016, Python Software Foundation.

See also Module anydbm Generic interface to dbm-style databases. Default is ‘on’. ‘sync’ Synchronize after each write. The mode parameter specifies the mode of a newly created database file; it takes the same form as for Unix chmod, so for instance 0666 is read-write access for everybody.

It is a binary OR of zero or more of the following: GDBM_META_MASK_MODE Do not restore file mode.

dbm: int delete (datum key) Deletes a record with the matching key. Putting pin(s) back into chain Book of zen kōans Relation between representations of p-adic groups and affine Hecke algebras Chebyshev Rotation Are the words "expression" and "term" interchangeable in programming language This error is set by gdbm_delete (see Delete) and gdbm_fetch (see Fetch) when the requested key value is not found in the database. Inspect the value of the system errno variable to get a more detailed diagnostics.

If a reader attempts to call this function, a return code of -1 results.

datum gdbm_fetch (dbf, key) [gdbm]

The default is off, which is how previous versions of Gdbm handled free blocks. That seemed to work fine ... format Output file format. The key argument supplies the key that is being looked for.

Only one writer may open a gdbm file and many readers may open the file. Please help me diagnose this, I currently have no understanding of why an unknown command would try to invoke anything with python. Next: Error codes, Previous: Locking, Up: Top [Contents][Index] 17 Useful global variables. These functions were intended to visit the database in read-only algorithms, for instance, to validate the database or similar operations.

The return value is 0 if there was a successful delete.[, flag[, mode]])¶ Open a gdbm database and return a gdbm object. Otherwise, the values ‘on’, ‘true’, and ‘yes’ denote ‘true’, and ‘off’, ‘false’, ‘no’ stand for ‘false’. ret = gdbm_fdesc ( dbf )Where dbf is the return value from a previous call to gdbm_open.

Setting this variable to false or unsetting it results in passing ‘GDBM_NOLOCK’ flag to gdbm_open (see GDBM_NOLOCK). See section Inserting and replacing records in the database., for a detailed discussion. command verb: list List the contents of the database. This function can return the following values: -1 The item was not stored in the database because the caller was not an official writer or either key or content have a

GDBM_CANT_BE_READER This error code is set by the gdbm_open function if it is not able to lock file when called in ‘GDBM_READER’ mode (see GDBM_READER). Next: Open, Previous: Intro, Up: Top [Contents][Index] 3 List of functions. Check if the first 2 or 4 bytes are the same? NOTICE: This feature is still under study.GDBM_COALESCEBLKS - Set free block merging to either on or off.

GDBM_READER_CANT_DELETE Set by the gdbm_delete (see Delete) if it attempted to operate on a database that is open in read-only mode (see GDBM_READER). These functions were intended to visit the database in read-only algorithms, for instance, to validate the database or similar operations. Writes to the database will not be synchronized. 's' Synchronized mode. Command-not-found is tying to load a database (one assumes to look for possible matching commands), and failing.

int dbm_error (DBM *file) [ndbm only] int dbm_clearerr (DBM *file) [ndbm only] Included in GDBM only for compilation compatibility. See Flat files. If the standard input is attached to a console, gdbmtool runs in interactive mode, which is indicated by its prompt: gdbmtool> _ The utility finishes when it reads the ‘quit’ command If an error occurs while loading data from an input file in ASCII format, the number of line in which the error occurred will be stored in the location pointed to

Arguments are: dbf A pointer to the source database, returned by a call to gdbm_open. This document was originally written by Pierre Gaumond from texts written by Phil. GDBM_FILE_SEEK_ERROR Positioning in a disk file failed. This error can be set by the following functions: gdbm_open, gdbm_reorganize.