fuji x100 parallax error Sturgeon Bay Wisconsin

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fuji x100 parallax error Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin

Reply Ryan says: May 11, 2011 at 4:09 pm DUDE! By then, the camera may have new firmware with new features and plenty of bug fixes. If the green frame is positioned directly on the intended target, the user can be confident that the camera will have focused on the correct target, and not onto something just DSLRs are a great case in point - those brackets in the VF can be off a very close distances.

Also be aware that the same effect applies to the focus confirmation box, even with parallax correction turned on. I have many other pet peeves that I have not resolved yet, but on the whole I take the X100s camera everywhere with me and use it more than my DSLRs On this last point, with all of the other strange auto modes showing up on cameras, why no "cat" mode?! Haha.

Let's Connect Wedding Photographer Barcelona & Worldwide A Story-Teller, A Traveller. © V. Posted by: Hugh Crawford | Saturday, 16 July 2011 at 08:35 PM My brother once use Fuji FinePix when he's in college. I had a X100t and was learning to shoot with it with the ovf. Reply Eugene says: September 22, 2011 at 6:45 am I have never thought about “start time”, but your comments did.

Again, it's not that the button is too small, it is that it does not stick out enough from the wheel so it "feels" small. if the target is approx. 3m / 10ft away, he would aim the camera using an AF aim position that is half-way between the infinity AF frame and the broken AF Arjay, Dec 30, 2012 #8 bigal1000 Premium Member Messages: 285 Likes Received: 24 Location: New Hampshire USA -Return to Top- Arjay said: Sure. But what might merit some discussion is correcting (or supplementing) some misinformation about what the X100 is like in person in terms of how it handles.

BTW, my camera is NOT defective. So here, labeled in a Snopes-style fashion, we have what we hear versus what we see. 1. "The X100 is as big as a Leica M [Hexar AF, etc.]." False. This may only happen in macro mode, but not in general. wchutt, Dec 29, 2012 #5 Pelao Active Member Messages: 176 Likes Received: 33 Location: Toronto -Return to Top- Arjay said: ↑ Sure.

This is true of every AF camera ever made, whether a DSLR using TTL phase-detection or a viewfinder-type using external active or passive AF. If you don't half-press the shutter button before actually taking the shot, shutter lag will increase even if you are using manual focus and manual exposure. BOX 2 : Represents the focus frame at the OVF's minimum focus distance - which is is 2.6ft for the X-Pro 1. It also has the ability to project a lot of data that has never been seen in a rangefinder camera, such as depth of field against a distance scale, a digital

But man, like you say, it was driving me nuts, kept magnifying as I would try to compose the shot…geeesh!! I have to say, I own an X100, and Sandisk Extreme Pro seems ok to me. I will also purchase a decent wrist strap and put the neck strap back in the box it came in. Am I doing something wrong?

Thanks to all for your regular tips and solutions, without which I might have returned the camera by now! I came across your writings here and based on those bought the Kindle version of your X-Pro1 book. And why does the viewfinder selector lever look so much like the self-timer lever on an Olympus 35RC? 3. "The X100's OVF is nothing to write home about." False. I agree with what everyone here has said about the menu button, it sure does appear to be too small.

How does it work? Following the lead of last week's "Using the X20" article, here's a compilation of tips and tricks to get you started with the new "S". For example a shortcut that will get you into EVF Macro mode FAST is (macro, macro, half shutter). Lightroom, Capture One, Silkypix & RPP XF14mmF2.8 R appears to be almost distortion free How to Expand Dynamic Range How to Use Extended ISO EXR, anyone?

What's the secret in doing this quickly and accurately? Armanius says: May 16, 2011 at 7:50 am Retow is 100% correct. I was able to pick this much up from a couple days. my setting: AFL/AEL was set default is AFL/AEL also.

I don't think its picture quality is any better than your X1 or my NEX-5 with a C-Biogon 35 attached. It is still not acceptably ergonomic to hold (RRS grip is too thick and too short, for my hands and shooting style), nor is it grippy (seems too slippery to my I am waiting now for the latest (up to 95mbs) SanDisk Extreme Pro to arrive and I will be in business. Jerry As a longtime X10 user and a recent X20 owner I've been scouring the web looking for information on how to get the best images out what feels like a

Slow focus too, but much more severe problems than the X100 has now. Please note that the RRS grip for the XE1 is very good in comparison, in my opinion. However it's never going to be exact; exact is the EVF/LCD. Rather than "this camera isn't perfect, I don't want it." I haven't heard any comments about how good the lens is!

The dashed target represents the focus area for close subjects. The closer our subject is to us, the greater the parallax, hence the greater movement of the frameline ; the further our subject is away from us, there minor the parallax, Unless you are VERY close to subject and get parallax challenges, the AF through the OVF is very sharp. Reply Line scan camera says: July 27, 2016 at 10:28 pm I read your article you shared really good knowledge with is very useful foe me.Thanks for sharing this nice post.

The tape size is 1/8 in (T) x 3/8 in (W) from a local hardware store. says: May 16, 2011 at 8:25 am Hi, here's an interesting link that you guys can use to give fuji your comments and suggestion to improve on the firmware of the I hate it, but luckily, this could be fixed via a firmware update. I think some people (I am not referring to you) either over think it, or have DSLR led expectations.

Other focusing spots change their radial distance from the center - as well as their size. It took me a few days to figure this one out. Thanks so much! The AF mechanism itself is the same, whether you use OVF, EVF or LCD but the implementation is naturally flawed for close focus with the OVF, not the user.

I believe there Are slight differences? At infinity (or some preselected distance - the Fuji appears to be set for about 2m), the field shown in a separate viewfinder and captured on-frame is identical This is field If you think that's insufficient, bolt another flash onto the hot shoe. I'm sure I'm gonna get one when they start arriving in larger quantities.

Actually, it is fine down to the minimum focus possible in OVF mode, which is not particularly close (in the film era, compact film cameras' closest AF focus was always about The problem is that when out trying to compose a shot in manual focus mode with the focus check feature ON, the viewfinder will keep kicking into magnifier mode - which You can sync your $10 pawn shop flash to FOUR FREAKING THOUSANDTHS! By the way, other than some bizarre nostalgia, why not just put a modern strap loop on both sides of the camera (and two on one end, in Fuji fashion)?

I'd much rather have a little more parallax and actually see the lower right hand corner of the frame. Those are DSLR like, more bulky, and the quality is not up to par with the X100. You don't need the included spreader to get them on - just your fingernail. Thanks Reply Bold Rock says: November 26, 2012 at 4:35 am Dear sir, as you mentioned, in case of MF and macro mode, using AFL button.