free pascal error operator not overloaded Rosholt Wisconsin

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free pascal error operator not overloaded Rosholt, Wisconsin

The data in a typed file cannot be of a reference counted type (such as ansistring or a record containing a field that is reference counted). Warning: Some fields coming before "arg1" weren't initialized In Delphi mode, not all fields of a typed constant record have to be initialized, but the compiler warns you when it detects Error: This overloaded function cannot be local (must be exported) You are defining an overloaded function in the implementation part of a unit, but there is no corresponding declaration in the Objective-C classes however do not automatically derive from NSObject, because one can have multiple root classes in Objective-C.

In Pascal, types are not considered to be identical simply because they are semantically equivalent. Unforunately, we are not aware of a way to emulate them in a way that makes it possible to support calling virtual constructors for the current instance inside another constructor. Correct declarations are:  const     p : procedure;stdcall=nil;     p : procedure stdcall=nil;    Error: The value for a property index must be of an ordinal type The value you use to index a property must be of BBQ Delphi Developer Tue, 18 May 2004 13:16:35 GMT Error: Operator is not overloaded?

Error: Threadvars can be only static or global Threadvars must be static or global; you cannot declare a thread local to a procedure. The following operators can be overloaded :     +, -, *, /, =, >, <, <=, >=, is, as, in, **, :=    Error: Comparative operator must return a boolean value When overloading the = operator, the function must return a boolean value. Error: Call by var for arg no. Error: Procedure type INLINE not supported You tried to compile a program with C++ style inlining, and forgot to specify the -Si option (-Si (see page 114)).

Methods with the same name always map to the same virtual method entry. Error: It is not possible to overload this operator. Error: Destructors are not allowed in records or helpers Destructor declarations are not allowed in records or helpers. The line onwitch it is having this > error is this one: > if (tmpColor <> Transparency) then .. > Both tmpColor and Transparency are tQColor > tQColor is this: >

BBQ Delphi Developer Wed, 19 May 2004 08:19:39 GMT Re:Error: Operator is not overloaded? Macro arg1 set to arg2 When -vc is used, the compiler tells you what values macros get. In TP and Delphi mode this is allowed for compatibility reasons. This article has been dead for over six months.

Error: Forward declaration of class "arg1" must be resolved here to use the class as ancestor To be able to use an object as an ancestor object, it must be defined Error: Only one enumerator Current property is allowed per class/object Class or Object can have only one enumerator Current declaration. it determines if your Pascal constructs are correct. Error: Procedures can't return a value In Free Pascal, you can specify a return value for a function when using the exit statement.

a class cannot have an object as parent and vice versa. It is not possible to associate multiple messages with a single method. You can only use it in the interface section. savedlema 17 159 posts since Sep 2012 Community Member group tuple values with tolerance and average Last Post 11 Hours Ago Dear All, I have a very long list of values

Error: Class methods must be static in records Class methods declarations are not allowed in records without static modifier. Making sense of U.S. Error: Operator is not overloaded You're trying to use an overloaded operator when it is not overloaded for this type. Error: The type of the storage symbol must be boolean If you specify a storage symbol in a property declaration, it must be a boolean type.

So, given the above definition of the multiplication, the compiler will not accept the following statement: var R : real; C,Z : complex; begin C:=Z*R; end; since the types of Z Error: Procedures cannot return a value In Free Pascal, you can specify a return value for a function when using the exit statement. Error: VAR, TYPE and CONST are allowed only in records, objects and classes The usage of VAR, TYPE and CONST to declare new types inside an object is allowed only inside The result of this function is a complex, which cannot be assigned to r1, so the compiler will give a 'type mismatch' error.

Warning: Some fields coming after "arg1" were not initialized You can leave some fields at the end of a type constant record uninitialized (The compiler will initialize them to zero automatically). Parameters are declared as call by reference using the var-directive. To determine the common type of the operands, the compiler takes the minimum of the minimal values of both types, and the maximum of the maximal values of both types. It also happens when declaring a procedure in a const block and you used a ; after a procedure declaration which must be followed by a procedure directive.

more stack exchange communities company blog Stack Exchange Inbox Reputation and Badges sign up log in tour help Tour Start here for a quick overview of the site Help Center Detailed Can I not compair 2 records? Error: This symbol isn't allowed as storage symbol You cannot use this type of symbol as storage specifier in property declaration. Thanks for the help, and my apologies for wasting your time on such a simple mistake on my part Logged lampuiho Newbie Posts: 2 Re: Error: Operator is not overloaded «

assist. Can someone help me out here? Warning: cdecl'ared functions do not support open strings Openstring is not supported for functions that have the cdecl modifier. However if you want to test the code on a newer compiler I could send you a tarball.

In the case of complex numbers, it is, for instance necessary to define 2 comparsions: one with the complex type first, and one with the real type first. Warning: An inherited method is hidden by "arg1" A method that is declared virtual in a parent class, should be overridden in the descendant class with the override directive. I take that back. Hola gente, les comento que estoy aprendiendo a programar en pascal, y en el cole me dieron una tarea, pero no me sale, y no ... #1 (permalink) 07/09/2008,

The compiler encountered an object or class with virtual methods that doesn't have a constructor/destructor pair. Class constructor methods cannot have parameters. Error: Some fields coming before "arg1" weren't initialized In all syntax modes but Delphi mode, you can't leave some fields uninitialized in the middle of a typed constant record. Error: EXPORT declared functions cannot be nested You cannot declare a function or procedure within a function or procedure that was declared as an export procedure.

as I'm not doing anything with overloaded operators... Turbo Pascal does not support function overloading. Browse other questions tagged delphi comparison operator-overloading pascal procedure or ask your own question. Warning: Some fields coming after "arg1" weren't initialized You can leave some fields at the end of a type constant record uninitialized (The compiler will initialize them to zero automatically).

Therefore, the following code will produce this error:    Procedure X;      var p : longint absolute x;    Error: Only one variable can be initialized You cannot specify more than one variable with a initial value in Error: Unknown class field or method identifier "arg1" Properties must refer to a field or method in the same class. Does anyone know what this means and how I fix the error? Error: Overridden methods must have the same return type: "arg2" is overriden by "arg1" which has another return type If you declare overridden methods in a class definition, they must have

Error: Categories do not override, but replace methods. This may, or may not be, a potential source of errors. Error: Procedure is already declared EXTERNAL The procedure is already declared with the EXTERNAL directive in an interface or forward declaration.