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fortran 95 error function Pulaski, Wisconsin

Allday, Feb 3, 2014 Feb 4, 2014 #6 ted_kingdom Allday, yes, you're right. If DCMPLX has one argument, then it may be one of integer, real, double precision, complex, COMPLEX*16, or COMPLEX*32. (5) ICHAR ICHAR(A) is the position of A in the collating sequence. TOMS715, a FORTRAN90 library which evaluates special functions, including the Bessel I, J, K, and Y functions of order 0, of order 1, and of any real order, Dawson's integral, the See Note (17). 1 MALLOC MALLOC64 INTEGER*4 INTEGER*8 INTEGER INTEGER*8 Deallocate Deallocate memory allocated by MALLOC.

IEEE_GET_HALTING_MODE(FLAG,HALTING) GEt halting mode for an exception. Nonelemental Subroutines The module IEEE_EXCEPTIONS contains the following nonelemental subroutines. BESEK1 evaluates the exponentially scaled Bessel K1(X) function. Subroutine Description IEEE_GET_STATUS(STATUS_VALUE) Get the current state of the floating point environment. CHAR and ICHAR are inverses in the following sense: ICHAR(CHAR(I)) = I, for 0IN-1 CHAR(ICHAR(C)) = C, for any character C capable of representation in the processor (6) COMPLEX A COMPLEX

If A is type integer or real, then DBLE(A) is as much precision of the significant part of A as a double precision datum can contain. of Args Generic Name Specific Names Argument Type Function Type INTEGER See Note (1). 1 INT - INT IFIX IDINT - - - IQINT INTEGER REAL REAL DOUBLE COMPLEX COMPLEX*16 COMPLEX*32 ephuge -- size of the value returned is the size of the default INTEGER, or the size of the argument, whichever is largest. William Cody, Kenneth Hillstrom, Chebyshev Approximations for the Natural Logarithm of the Gamma Function, Mathematics of Computation, Volume 21, Number 98, April 1967, pages 198-203.

For details, see the Fortran 95 Interval Arithmetic Programming Reference. Mat, Does PGI support the F2008* erf yet? Use IOER(i,j) instead. The actual value of the argument is of no importance.

tan(a) 1 TAND TAND DTAND QTAND REAL DOUBLE REAL*16 REAL DOUBLE REAL*16 Arcsine See Note (7). The draft standard defines a set of inquiry functions, elemental functions, kind functions, elemental subroutines, and nonelemental subroutines. Would -|anyone know if it's available at all? sin(a) 1 SIN SIN DSIN QSIN CSIN ZSIN CDSIN CQSIN REAL DOUBLE REAL*16 COMPLEX DOUBLE COMPLEX DOUBLE COMPLEX COMPLEX*32 REAL DOUBLE REAL*16 COMPLEX DOUBLE COMPLEX DOUBLE COMPLEX COMPLEX*32 Sine (degrees) See

Here is an example:… –M. Fortran Library Reference C H A P T E R 3 FORTRAN 77 and VMS Intrinsic Functions This chapter lists the set of FORTRAN 77 intrinsic functions accepted by f95 and TABLE 3-7 Fortran 77 Environmental Inquiry Functions Definition No. IEEE_IS_NAN(X) Determine if value is IEEE Not-a-Number IEEE_IS_NORMAL(X) Determine if a value is normal.

G95_INTRINSICS, FORTRAN90 programs which demonstrate the use of intrinsic functions peculiar to the G95 FORTRAN compiler, which include Bessel J and Y functions, ERF and GAMMA. Co-arrays will be a while. - Mat Back to top Display posts from previous: All Posts1 Day7 Days2 Weeks1 Month3 Months6 Months1 YearOldest FirstNewest First PGI User Forum Forum Index The ISO_C_BINDING module defines three support procedures as intrinsic module functions. IEEE_VALUE(X,CLASS) Generate an IEEE value. Kind Function The module IEEE_ARITHMETIC contains the following transformational function: Function Description IEEE_SELECTED_REAL_KIND([P,][R]) Kind type parameter value fo an IEEE real with given precision and

If A is type COMPLEX*16, then DBLE(A) is the real part of A. (3') QREAL If A is type REAL*16, then QREAL(A) is A. S. See Section 1.4.35, malloc, malloc64, realloc, free: Allocate/Reallocate/Deallocate Memory for details. If A is type double complex, then REAL(A) is as much precision of the significant part of the real part of A as a real datum can contain. (3) DBLE If

Languages: SPECFUN is available in a FORTRAN77 version and a FORTRAN90 version. of Args. - number of arguments the function accepts Generic Name - the function's generic name Specific Names - the function's specific names Argument Type - data type associated with each Here is some test code - all it should do is to return the real error function for the value 1.0: Code: function erf_stegun( x ) result( erf_x ) !------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ! Valid to |E(x)| <= 3e-7.

The receiving variable must be declared either POINTER or INTEGER*8. (18) SIZEOF The SIZEOF intrinsic cannot be applied to arrays of an assumed size, characters of a length that is passed, The function call MALLOC( n ) allocates a block of at least n bytes, and returns the address of that block. To fix, declare these functions as REAL*8 or compile with "-r8" to change the default kind. Standard:Fortran 2008 and later Class:Elemental function Syntax:RESULT = ERF(X) Arguments: X The type shall be REAL.

Back to top mkcolgJoined: 30 Jun 2004Posts: 6764Location: The Portland Group Inc. If CMPLX has one argument, then it may be one of integer, real, double precision, complex, COMPLEX*16, or COMPLEX*32. (4') DCMPLX If A is type COMPLEX*16, then DCMPLX(A) is A. Return value:The return value is a scalar of type REAL(*) and it is positive ( - 1 \leq erf (x) \leq 1 . IEEE_REM(X,Y) The IEEE REM remainder function, X - Y*N where N is the integer nearest to the exact value of X/Y.

Last edited: Jan 19, 2014 ted_kingdom, Jan 19, 2014 - latest science and technology news stories on •Game over? Mosa Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT Tony Richards, Optical Systems Grou#2 / 4 error function in F95 Try Calculation and click on HArwell subroutine library and you can SPECIAL_FUNCTIONS, a FORTRAN90 library which computes the Beta, Error, Gamma, Lambda, Psi functions, the Airy, Bessel I, J, K and Y, Hankel, Jacobian elliptic, Kelvin, Mathieu, Struve functions, spheroidal angular functions, That's just wrong.

INTEGER: ! For example, if compiled with -xtypemap=real:64,double:64: A call to a REAL function returns REAL*8 A call to a DOUBLE PRECISION function returns REAL*8 A call to a COMPLEX function returns COMPLEX*16 With functions that work on more than one data item (e.g. SHIFTL ([I=]i,[J=]j) Shift left with zero fill.

B. BESY1 evaluates the Bessel Y1(X) function. i: used as a counter ! If LEN(X) < LEN(Y), then INDEX(X,Y) is 0.