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flex error tooltip position Oostburg, Wisconsin

said... Thanks for your comments, I've now updated the example above to work properly in (hopefully) all situations, including in a popUp dialog. I ended up just going with flex's native validation and created custom validators that extend StringValidator way simpler since they deal with the pop-up order problem by only displaying tool-tips on I'm using the MouseMove event to track when the cursor moves over these coordinates (that part is working), but when I change the tooltip text it's not refreshingprivate function this_MOUSE_MOVE(event:MouseEvent):void[code]...EDIT: The

Run the test app i have included below. I was starting to go crazy with my tooltip not EXACTLY where i wanted it to be ! :) Saved my day ! Kyle Quevillon has a post in which he details how to use the Flex Tooltip Manager to create Error Tooltips. My plug for "complex" yet "elegant" solutions...

To view a copy of this license, visit http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/ --> import mx.controls.ToolTip; import mx.managers.ToolTipManager; private var errorTip:ToolTip; private var On 2009-05-13 11:46:52.675 tan commented: confirmed fixed in 3.x build 6875 and trunk build 6856. As I'm not a Flex expert, maybe there is a better way to do that. Otherwise, contentToGlobal() returns an incorrect value when trying to position the error message.

April 28, 2010 at 8:18 AM R.H.A said... Quite unique !! But not using a tooltip, but a label to present errors. There is nothing in the ToolTip class that supports icons, so one solution is you could manually add your icon to the tooltip object right after this line, something like this:

If you select "errorTipAbove" it draws the arrow at the bottom of the toolTip so that it points down at the source control that triggered the toolTip. In this case I'd suggest manually hiding or removing the error tip. Closing bug. The code is below. /** * Calls validate() on all the validators. * Returns true if all validation passes, else false */ public static function validateAll():Boolean { var valid:Boolean = true;

View 1 Replies Flex :: Build Tooltip For Fxg Button Feb 10, 2011 I have a nice looking fxg button, to which I want to attach a tooltip- how do I by Sebastien on 2008-03-08 16:10:57 Thanks a lot for this tip, but you have to write : var toolTipExists:Boolean = errorMessageToolTips.hasOwnProperty(target.name); before if (target.text == "") if not, it can't work However, in many cases, your components will be inside layout containers such as a VGroup or an HGroup. One thing, this will introduce a good sized memory leak as all your event listeners to each of the controls and the objects used as dictionary keys all have strong references.

Great example! August 26th, 2009 update Fixed a problem where the error tip wasn't being position properly. January 20, 2011 at 3:55 AM Joshua Beall said... The validator no longer needs to be passed in since the ErrorTipManager keeps a record of all the validators that are registered to the popup.I also updated the example shown above.

Click on the first text input field and then click on the other to get the validator to run, then roll over each input field and notice that the non-error tip(blue) Hello Chris,I´ve been working with you ErrorTipManager and it´s been of great use.Right now, I´m trying to do something similar to the 'positionErrorTip' method.I have a 'continue' button that only jumps The errorTip variable is of type IToolTip, which doesn't expose the styleName property.I probably should have just used one line to simplify it:ToolTip(errorTip).styleName = "errorTip"; November 9, 2009 at 10:42 AM This is equal to the distance in pixels between the top edge of the scrollable surface and the topmost piece of the surface that is currently visible.".So you'd probably want to

View 1 Replies Similar Posts: Flex :: Adobe - Can't Custom Style The Tooltip Mar 16, 2010 I'm having trouble changing the font size of my TextInput tooltip. Pakala on 2011-07-22 06:13:47 Hello All, Please ignore my previous comment. You can see this in the sample application if you wrap the components in say a VBox, eg... This work perfectly well with the application I am working on right now!Again, thank you for sharing!- Priscilla December 10, 2009 at 1:03 PM Noella said...

I´m not sure if there's a better way but those changes are working well so far.Best regards, Claudio May 14, 2010 at 8:12 AM Chris Callendar said... Hi Chris,Thanks for this wonderful class !I'm using it in a professional environment and it's so helpful.As CashCow said, there is now a scroll bug using a parent scroller in Flex if (x + currentToolTip.width + 4 > screenWidth) { newWidth = screenWidth - x - 4; oldWidth = Object(toolTipClass).maxWidth; Object(toolTipClass).maxWidth = newWidth; If (currentToolTip is IStyleClient) IStyleClient(currentToolTip).setStyle("borderStyle", "errorTipAbove"); currentToolTip["text"] = currentToolTip["text"]; here it is...

On 2009-05-13 11:46:52.675 tan commented: confirmed fixed in 3.x build 6875 and trunk build 6856. The point of the showErrorTip() function is to show the error tip! But its unusable for big forms since the tooltips dont scroll with the rest of the form. I would do this by copying the ToolTipBorder source and modifying the updateDisplayList and borderMetrics methods to include a new "errorTipLeft" style to the switch statements in those methods.

For more information on creating themes, see About themes. I would like the popup to appear to the left of the image, but the only properties I can pass to create the toolTip are "errorTipRight", "errorTipAbove" and "errorTipBelow". Show Adobe JIRA added a comment - 27/Jan/12 09:18 On 2008-10-07 23:11:20.929 mitelman commented: Use attached app to reproduce the problem. I'm currently struggling with popup revalidating issues, and so far I've made two additions:1) updateErrorTipPosition functionif (makeVisible && !errorTip.visible && (target as UIComponent).errorString != "") {added the last condition to avoid

errorTip.setStyle("styleName", "errorTip"); } private function resetApp():void { if (errorTip) { ToolTipManager.destroyToolTip(errorTip); errorTip = null; } } ]]>

You are viewing an archived post from my old WordPress blog. Read on! Is the server down temporarily or did you move the code somewhere else? To see what I mean, take a look at the example I wrote a while back in the Validating Data Quick Start.

It's an ideal way to jumpstart your next web application. Hi Anonymous,I've tested using the Validator.validateAll([ validator ]) function and it seems to work fine for me. I've left a comment on the bug and linked it to this post. You'll find everything from Flex basics, to solutions for working with visual components and data access, to tips on application development, unit testing, and using Adobe AIR.

Thanks Wade! –Jason Towne Dec 28 '10 at 19:15 add a comment| up vote 0 down vote Why can't you subtract the width of the tooltip from the pt.x when you The validation messages don't seem to reposition if the input fields are placed inside a scroller and you scroll up and down.Is there a good workaround for this?Thx,Pete March 17, 2010 Thank you very much. This button uses a standard ToolTip style." /> The executing SWF file for the previous example is shown below: Positioning custom ToolTipsWhen you use the ToolTipManager to create a custom ToolTip,

But this code still wants to put it off to the right. I'm added check on empty error:if (errorTip && errorTip.text != ""){}and now its work fine for me.Thanks,Alex April 6, 2010 at 2:11 AM Prashant V. View 1 Replies Flex :: Inline Formatting Of A Tooltip Of An Itemrenderer Of A Datagrid? Hide the error message if one exists.

http://dekwant.eu/?p=73 Kind regards, Marc by Marc de kwant on 2010-01-30 09:17:36 Nice stuff.