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flash error 2041 Oakdale, Wisconsin

Re: Error #2041: Only one file browsing session may be performed at a time ticktak Aug 11, 2007 2:32 PM (in response to Temudzin) Hi Temudzin, Thanks for your suggestion and View 1 Replies Actionscript 3 ::Flex : Center Pop-up From FileReference Browse? SmartPCFixer full features registration is $29.97 for one year. I don't know how to read config file.

I have searched through Google and realized this is a new security feature in Flash 10.The only solutions I could find was to put a Flash button or to have a Our current Flash app, written in AS3.0, is able to display a standard OS browse dialog for the purpose of allowing a user to select files. Again for me the upload works. Flex/AIR) Flash 8 and older Online Video General Help Scripting & Backend HTML/CSS/Javascript Application Design and Architecture Games Sounds and Music Standalone & Applications 3D Macintosh XML Math and Physics Design

I guess I'm a real newbie. Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks for that! I've asked specs from the people who had problems, but they are all using flashplayer 8+ and my code is working since i'm able to upload.

I am also facing the same problem... And also verified it is not an issue on Mac OSX previous to Snow Leopard.It seems to effect only FF and Safari. Device Manager opens with your computer name at the top and a list of devices that are installed on your computer beneath your computer name. Jun 15, 2011 I'm looking to get/display the key name of an object in AS3.[code]...

Truly, m Reply Keivan Sadralodabai says: June 24, 2008 at 5:49 pm My educated guess is that this is definitely a Flash/FileReference issue. If not, then the problem can be found on the asp-server configuration limiting uploads to a maximum file size. When I click on the box to do this I get "2041-Error-Error #2041" and it doesn't allow me to pull in the shape I have saved on my computer. I'm giving up for the moment.

Reply Mauricio says: August 10, 2007 at 10:14 pm Hi Tink, Thanks for your feedback. the window opened shows the following title:"Select file(s) to upload by ". Issue is resolved using file=null; only the problem was browser was loading swf from cache. But now I'm facing a problem for which there seems to be very little information.

Thanks for helping me out to determine the problem.. It eventually gives an IO error. I could not find any useful information anywhere regarding how to fix this problem. You can buy the software by filling the RegNow online purchase form.

The only other thing I can think of is a domain related problem. View 1 Replies ActionScript 3.0 :: PHP Uploading File To Server Without Calling FileReference.browse? So far I have built a function that that works if users want to download the first track in the xml file [ie the first url from the xml file is fileReference.browse(); // ... } public function onSelect(e:Event):void { stage.removeChild(overlay); // Also do this on cancel, and on errors } share|improve this answer edited Jun 28 '10 at 22:58 answered Jun 28

If someone knows the solution… Thank you Damien Reply Kisakookoo says: January 23, 2007 at 7:42 pm Hi! is it supposed too? We found it extremely effective at data recovery." SmartPCFixer gets the highest rating at Tucows. Manual Solution to fix Error 2041 Quicktime To resolve Error 2041 Quicktime, do the following.

What browser are you testing this in? For example a class like this: public class Overlay extends Sprite { private static const BACKGROUND_OPACITY:Number = 0.40; public function Overlay(_stage:Stage) { graphics.beginFill(0x000000, BACKGROUND_OPACITY); graphics.drawRect(0, 0, _stage.stageWidth, _stage.stageHeight); graphics.endFill(); } } Regarding the FileReference and FileReferenceList objects, I had to go against your advice and create a new one each time a single or multiple file upload is called. I work for a school and we have pretty stringent firewalls etc.

The complete event doesn't seem to do much on this respect. This only seems to apply to Windows/Firefox; other browsers all appear to keep the "select file" dialog on top. Posts 13,448 Can you show once your code, the part, which is important for the download. - The right of the People to create Flash movies shall not be infringed. - Although as I understand from your comment, Flash isn't even trying to send the data, which doesn't seem to be the same problem as others are experiencing. ----------------------------------------------- nectil said on

I returned to the editor and clicked "open," and nothing happened. Is there a way to enforce it to be "modal" when I call the browse method please? Basically, I have created an uploader that works perfectly on the Mac, on all browsers. I don't know why.

Next, you might notice you're getting slower and slower responses out of your software. But I would like to open the program he ask for the files but do not know how. It works fine if only I do one type of successive uploads: single files only, or multiple files only. I would like to have the same behavior, not let the users click anywhere in my web page until this dialog box is done, just like Google Docs does it, but

We highly recommended that you fix Quicktime Error 2041 before it causes serious issues with your computer!