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fax comrec error Little Chute, Wisconsin

Related Support FAQ... 329FCP_SITVACODEVacant tone detected; remote originating failure; invalid telephone number. See all of the latest blog posts here ©2016 GFI Software Contact usSite mapLegalCopyrightPrivacy and cookies Home / Knowledgebase Home Solutions Document management & delivery for ERP Payables Approval Purchase order A full explanation of some errors requires familiarity with the ITU Recommendation T.30 (formerly CCITT Recommendation T.30). This is not G2 confirmation tone (CFR2).

Could be an invalid number or dialing configuration incorrect. Handshaking failures are commonly encountered during the pre-message procedure. In many cases the remote mail server will provide further information, which is then saved in a system variable named EMAIL_ERROR, visible in the SENT or FAIL FS file. Try checking the line and switch. 259DIAL_NO_LOOP_CURNo loop current detected.

[email protected] Discussion: What is a COMREC error? (too old to reply) Hugh Esco 2004-04-21 19:03:24 UTC PermalinkRaw Message What is a COMREC error? Outcomes not matched in your custom file will be looked up in the default table. Try dialing the number from another phone to verify the number is a fax number. So just postyour log here.The log you sent is useless because the logging level is too low.

Number dialed is not a fax number. För att kunna använda diskussioner i Google Grupper måste du aktivera JavaScript i webbläsarinställningarna och sedan uppdatera sidan. . Possible problem with the line coming into the Server. The list below shows the error number, the default outcome class, and a description of the error.

Busy signal received after the maximum number of retries, resend the fax at a later time. 303FCP_ROBUSYReorder or fast busy; indicates that telephone company trunk lines are busy; on PBXs, indicates Possible bad number. This indicates there is a problem with the line, switch, or card. The T2 timer is 6 ±1 seconds and is used to maintain control of individual commands and responses between the two machines, for example if the line is poor and many

By default, if a value has been specified for this setting, then ExtraFax's Pre-TransmissionProcessing agent will copy that value to the AppCallerID field of the outgoing fax job, which controls the The Central Office connected to the dialed number generates this signal. This will work if the specified calling party number is a valid number. More information Values Hang-up cause description 00 - 0F Call placement and termination 00 01 02 03 04 05 Normal and proper end of connection Ring detect without successful handshake Call

Try dialing the number from another phone to verify the number is a fax number. 305FCP_CONFIRMConfirmation tone; automated equipment acknowledges successful completion of caller requested feature (for example, call forwarding). Try checking the line. The line is down. Try dialing the number from another phone to verify the number is a fax number.

Outcome class letter descriptions for phone numbers (all values 0) 0ANoanswer 0BBusy 0CCallplacementerror 0DNodialtone 0ESystemerror 0FFaxtransmissionfailed 0GUserdefined 0HRemotehang-up 0I(ignored) 0JUserdefined 0KUserdefined 0LUserdefined 0MUserdefined 0NUserdefined 0OUserdefined 0SSuccessfultransmission 0ZUnspecifiedfailure Outcome class letter descriptions If that is the case, try setting the "Disable Using Personal Fax Number as the Calling Party Number" option in ExtraFax Server Configuration document to "Yes", which is available since ExtraFax For example an error 263 might be returned on a remote disconnect by a Dialogic fax receive, but this will appear on a $fax_status command in the MCF as 8263, which For example, an error message indicating that a DCN command has been received usually means that the remote fax machine has told CopiaFacts to disconnect the line.

Try dialing the number from another phone to verify the number is a fax number. 318FCP_DIALTONDial tone detected; usually indicates the dialing sequence did not break dial tone. Internet connectivity for hylafax.org is provided by: VirtuALL Private Host Services Sign In Toggle navigation CompanyAbout UsContact UsOur Blog ExtraTxtExtraTxtSMS HardwarePricingRecorded DemoRequest Demo ExtraFaxExtraFax for ExchangeExtraFax for Notes/DominoExtraFax Hybrid Cloud SolutionPromotionsFax Indicates there is a call going out on the same line as a call coming in. Number dialed is not a fax number.

Try checking the line and switch. 325FCP_RNGNOANSIndicates the remote end was ringing but did not answer. Use2D: No RecvDataFormat: "1-D MR" ModemResetCmds: AT&FS38=35&F9&W0 ModemType: Class2 # use class 2 interface ModemRate: 19200 ModemDialCmd: ATDT0%[email protected] Class2DCCQueryCmd: "!(0,1),(0-5),(0-4),(0-2),(0),(0),(0),(0-7)" Any suggestion? This document is available from the International Telecommunication Union in Geneva, Switzerland, and from its representatives or standards bodies in other countries. Try checking the line and switch. 500HNG_ERROR_INTERRUPTAn error interrupt occurred, indicating a problem with the board too severe to continue. 501HNG_INTERRUPT_OVERRUNThe application was unable to process interrupts from the board fast

The fax/e-mail error list is grouped by type as follows: 1 .. 3Hayes JT-Fax Compatibility Codes4 .. 4Maintenance Operations7 .. 18, 256Dialogic Analog Call Placement42 .. 59Miscellaneous Errors58 .. 99CopiaFacts Products and solutions Email and messaging solutionsNetwork security solutionsAll productsDownloads Partners GFI Partner programBecome a GFI PartnerFind a GFI PartnerGFI Partner AreaGFI Technology PartnersGFI OEM Partners Company CareersPress centerAbout usAwardsCustomersLeadershipContact Support Reference this with the errors you are getting when sending or receiving a fax, this will aid you in the troubleshooting process. Try dialing the number from another phone to verify the number. 331FCP_SITNOCIRNo circuit detected; end office or carrier originating failure, possible dead line.

The Central Office connected to the dialled number generates this signal. 309FCP_RING2Ringback detected; remote end is ringing. Related Support FAQ... 327FCP_SITINTCIntercept tone detected; remote end originating failure; invalid telephone number or class of service restriction. However, for some telcos, setting the calling party number with an invalid value is not allowed and may cause error. Try checking the line and switch. 349FCP_ISDN_CALL_COLLISIONIndicates that a call collision occurred on the ISDN line.