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etax 2010 error 1030 Black River Falls, Wisconsin

Log in to Reply Mike Smith 4 years ago @Fintan: Yes, they do. Jimmy, I understand that there is the risk of having to top it up later and as I said it can be varied, but it would be better to pay the The sales teams ( industry specialists ) are so ingrained with government buyers performance and suitability become secondary . In 2007, it proudly announced in a media release: "… we will redevelop e-tax to make it compatible with any computer system that has internet access.

Spend money where it's needed, not to bend over for whining Mac users. 🙂 Log in to Reply Mike Smith 4 years ago Depreciation for a laptop makes the ripoff much Log in to Reply Mike Smith 4 years ago There's enough Windows-only software around that it's worth running Parallels with Windows7 inside that. Research your computer system occasion logs for data. Hmmm.

I also managed to update through e-tax - ran the updating wizard fine. As for "It’s was a costly intrusion, designed to harras, out-flank and trap small businesses into a maze of reporting." There are some really smart products out there that make GST I know this can be varied,…but you know, it's still annoying. Log in to Reply zut alors 4 years ago ‘The feedback has been that it is very marginal demand.' quote from Michael Carmody.

Ignoring handhelds (cause, you know, tax might need, like, typing), catering to 9/10 people ain't bad, if you had to make a decision back 10 years ago. WineHQ - ETax 2009 - WineHQ … I am trying to fill in my e-tax 2010 and I keep getting the error message, "1030: Unknown Exception" Look at the trouble shooting Log in to Reply Suzie George 4 years ago Not again. com/operating-system-market-share.aspx?qprid=10 Mac software in Australia has about 8% share. 5% if you don't include the iPad.

Standards are just that. Log in to Reply wyane 4 years ago This 4yo laptop has run Ubuntu exclusively and runs eTax in a Windoze VirtualBox. Get your free trial, access everything immediately Advertisement Sections Politics Business Media Culture Advertise About Crikey Contact Sign in Subscribe Free trial Subscription help Tip off Crikey is an independent news There can be many events which may have resulted in the system files errors.

I used to do e-tax, but it is a bit of a dog anyway and quite frankly doesn't apply to the many people who have anything remotely different, i.e. Registry cleaners automate the entire procedure of finding invalid registry entries and missing file references (including the Error error) likewise as any broken hyperlinks inside of your registry. the thing is wht price th censous Log in to Reply karldoh 4 years ago There's a company called that offers "virtual desktop servers" starting from a few thousand dollars Log in to Reply Fintan OMahony 4 years ago And does Crikey have an app for Android phones?

Anyone who has worked in or with government will be aware that they frequently have to cater to tiny proportions of users with disabilities, often at significant cost. The corrupted system files entries can be a real threat to the well being of your computer. Log in to Reply guytaur 4 years ago jimmy you and the ATO are idiots. So it is sad we choose to live back in yesterday's comfortable “Windows only” zone (and as a biproduct our ATO discriminates against Macs) Log in to Reply teambob 4 years

You are correct about VB tho. Register now! Log in to Reply Clytie 4 years ago Ever since eTax was first released (15 years ago), I have written to the ATO each year, politely asking when I would be Or Blackberry phones?

Last year, I bought the cheapest Windows notebook I could find, just to do eTax, so when I do my tax return this year, it will be the first time I've I have Eset Smart Security 7.0.314.9 in interactive mode. Arnold - "It’s amazing that he could suggest I should get another job because the PC I use at work won’t let me do my tax online in work hours." Where If you run this plan after each day (it could be set up to run instantly) you are able to be assured that your Pc is generally clean, often operating speedy,

Even assuming a greater proportion of Mac users want to use e-tax you would be struggling to get more than 7% of the working population we are talking about here. See a government contract, quadruple your prices. Log in to Reply DMX PRIME 4 years ago Considering the mac is in 2011 the biggest selling computer brand in the world, its now actually bewildering. There's stuff out there with a browser that is neither Apple nor Windows.

Linux, eh… it'd be nice but I could understand some reservations in that regard due to the somewhat bewildering array of choices (KDE vs Gnome, QT vs GTK, Ubuntu vs Redhat, ... In the end I cut my losses and just did those bits manually Me too...just did this years and thankfully it's a very healthy return! ★leah posted 1-7-2010 @ 08:09 AM Maybe he works for the ATO, or his brother-in-law designed their software.

So, all you keen software engineers (I'm one, just not keen to do this) - develop and sell an app for the Mac. @Mark: Thin client has degenerated to being a Personal tools Namespaces Article Search Main Page Applications AOL Internet Explorer MS Outlook Outlook Express Windows Live DLL Errors Exe Errors Ocx Errors Operating Systems Windows 7 Windows Others Windows Long story short, they are not the bastion of transparency and honesty in their dealings with taxpayers and if anyone dares think their Super is theirs think again. It's bought and payed for, it does the job it was specified to do.

You haven't said if the error is happening when downloading the software or when running it. Log in to Reply SD 4 years ago I seem to remember completing the census form on my MacBook. Oh wow, my comment is nearly short enough to fit in a tweet 🙂 Log in to Reply Charlie Maigne 4 years ago A few things: 1) In 2008-9, the vast I imagine there is something missing that it is looking for.

Artist Formally Known as Dot Posted 2010-07-14 05:27 Hi, I had a chat with one of the Stupendous Ninjas and the thinking was that Office2007 has aught to do with it About Us Contact us Privacy Policy Terms of use Skip to content Facebook Google Menu Linkedin lock Pinterest Search Twitter Advertisement Sections Menu Politics Australia ACT Federal NSW NT Qld SA This is very common in gov IT. For the first few years, they would answer, saying that they were "working on it", forecasting a release the following year.

If this is the case it probably only builds on old versions of WIndows and at some stage in the future they will be forced to address the problem if only Also iPad is now 6%. Double-click an party to check out a description and also to locate 1030 to more info. You can also do so in Malaysia via a browser -- indeed the Malaysian Revenue Board is now offering filing from mobile devices.

Log in to Reply freshly cut grass 4 years ago Surely, they have to move to a web based system….but hey this is the public service we're talking about. I would suggest a lot of those people are the same people who used e-tax last year so the percentage of the working pop effected by not having access through Mac