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error wwc 00006 Ahoskie, North Carolina

WWC-44787: Error while creating event "%1": %2. Action: Contact the page owner or portal administrator to get access to this page. Cause: An attempt to delete parameter maps failed. WWC-41450 - An invalid or null argument was passed into this routine.

The specified group profile does not exist in Oracle Internet Directory. Similarly non-ASCII characters used in Provider Group Display Names cannot be displayed. This is a known issue. 10.2.6 PDK Issues and Workarounds Oracle Application Server Portal Developer Kit (PDK) version 10.1.2 is included with the Portal and Wireless installation. WWC-41408: No accessible object exception occurred.

This error does not impact the use of VPP. Unable to Monitor WSRP Providers in This Release Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g Help describes how to monitor Web, database, and WSRP While this is true for items, clicking this icon next to a portlet takes you to the Edit Defaults page. To display non-ASCII XML data, use OmniPortlet, which has this functionality. This is not a problem in Internet Explorer. Unpublished Items Section Documented Incorrectly Online help for the Edit Page Group Items tab (sbrsmit.htm) incorrectly refers to the Expired and Deleted

If the provider information is correct and the provider is up, the provider's test page is displayed. Restart the OC4J_Portal instance. These constants are defined in the API WWPRO_API_PROVIDER_REGISTRY public API. It includes the following topic: Section 8.2.1, "Configuring OracleAS Portal After Upgrade" 8.2.1 Configuring OracleAS Portal After Upgrade If OracleAS Portal is not configured in the source Oracle home before you

Action:Specify a valid server name. Action: Refresh the screen and verify that the event is still available. WWC-43188 - You have registered this web provider with the "Same Cookie Domain" checkbox checked. Action: Login to OracleAS Portal as a user with permissions to perform the operation.

Action: Specify a different region, that is, one which is not already split. WWC-41453: The cookie version specified in the authentication message is not supported by this configuration. I will also try to share my experiences about other databases. Once managed by the browser, the cookies are sent to any other Web server that: is accessed within the same browser session, falls within the relaxed scope specified when the cookie

WWC-43300: The mode parameter must be MODE_SHOW, MODE_SHOW_ABOUT, MODE_SHOW_EDIT, MODE_SHOW_EDIT_DEFAULTS, MODE_SHOW_DETAILS, MODE_SHOW_HELP, or MODE_PREVIEW. WWC-43145 - The value "%1" is not a valid content type. Cause:A report name was not specified. An error occurred while accessing the Oracle Internet Directory.

WOR-70182 - Cannot use the printer at this moment. WWC-44279: The default page for the system cannot be deleted. Action: Please select one or more portlets, items, or tabs using the check boxes below. Contact your portal administrator to enable debug logging in the portal repository and view the log information.

You will be unable to continue. Action: Contact the portal administrator and request the necessary privileges be granted to perform this task. Internal error (WWC-00006) Unexpected error - User-Defined Exception (WWC-35000) An unexpected error has occurred in pages: User-Defined Exception (WWC-44847) Unexpected error - User-Defined Exception (WWC-35000) An error occurred during the call Update ConsoleHTTPPort in EMComponent with Application Server Control Port.

Cause:An invalid value for the login frequency was specified. Cause: An invalid value for the login frequency was specified. When you copy and paste an item URL containing non-ASCII characters from one browser Location or Address field into another, you may not be able to access the item if your WWC-44151 - This style was not found.

Cause: A message was sent to OracleAS Web Cache to invalidate an object, but the object was not found. As a workaround, when multiple translations are required, disable item versioning, or use the "overwrite" mode when adding or updating translations. 8.1.8 Documentation Errata This section describes known errors and omissions It is not possible to monitor WSRP providers in 10g Release 2 (10.1.2). Location of the ptlwsrp_data.sql Script Section "Using the ptlwsrp_data.sql Script to Create the WSRP Portlet Preference Store" This step is missing from the documentation. Registering JSR Portlets The Oracle Application Server Portal Configuration Guide provides instructions on how to register a JSR 168 portlet in a local

Or a magic command line I am on AS10g Report message to a moderator Re: Problem with authenticated_users group [message #275446 is a reply to message #275287] Sat, To verify if the user entry is in portal tables, see : select * from portal.wwsec_person$ where user_name=upper(‘'); To see the complete DN : select DN from portal.wwsec_person$ where user_name=upper(‘'); Action: Specify a valid display name. WWC-43146: The specified shared key is not valid.

Action:Remove the portlet and then add it again. This task must not be performed in step 1, as you will not be prompted for any input when you use the -config_w_default option. WWC-44759 - Parameter cannot be personalized Cause:An attempt to personalize a parameter failed. It has been fixed in release Issue Adding or Deleting Portlets on Page Portlets If you have the Customize Portlets (Full) privilege on two pages, Page A and Page

To reconfigure OracleAS Portal with correct port values and make it accessible, you must first enter correct port values in iasconfig.xml and targets.xml, and then configure OracleAS Portal. Partner application information may not be configured correctly. Support for WSRP providers will be provided in a future release. Cause:The user name specified already exists in Oracle Internet Directory.

WWC-43139: The Web application type is invalid. Try again. Please note that the Developer's Preview is provided for development purposes only, and should not be used for production systems. Corporate Page Groups No Longer Installed In some sections of Action:Check the details of the group to be deleted.

Action:Check the name of the user or group that is being added.