error.semantic. general exception in vxml Babcock Wisconsin

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error.semantic. general exception in vxml Babcock, Wisconsin

Replace with a logical name for the event. The go_ahead field has its modal attribute set to true. We will use skype for this. Is this correct?

Developing web applications for long lifespan (20+ years) Why did it take 10,000 years to discover the Bajoran wormhole? Language information is inherited down the document hierarchy: the value of "xml:lang" is inherited by elements which also define the "xml:lang" attribute, such as and , unless these elements specify In cases where you want multiple documents to work together as one application, you select one document to be the application root document, and the rest to be application leaf documents. When a noinput event occurs, the VoiceXML interpreter selects the first of these.

Observe that the event handler has access to both the variable ex defined at dialog scope as well as the function SayEx defined at document scope.

This is illustrated in the example below. Reason=Could not compile document: 00112 6c51 02:55:24 AM 00113 29f3 02:55:24 AM event: DIALOG.STARTED dialog="session.dialogs['179d220aeec29f81f359f95572050990']" conferenceid=" undefined" connectionid="309bcf33edd83917d745b2fa78113e26" dialogid="179d220aeec29f81f359f95572050990" eventid="e715debbda2732f83734a89d3f53ef24" eventsource="179d220aeec29f81f359f95572050990" eventsourcetype="dialog" name="dialog.started" 00114 29f3 02:55:24 AM warning: event was Copyright © 2004 W3C® (MIT, ERCIM, Keio), All Rights Reserved. Dialog Constructs 2.1 Forms Forms are the key component of VoiceXML documents.

replace them with real URIs -->