gcc error causes a section type conflict Weirton West Virginia

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gcc error causes a section type conflict Weirton, West Virginia

Why then doesn't clang fall foul of the same contradiction? Now for the rest of it. The AVR doesn't use the GCC compiler. Index Nav: [DateIndex] [SubjectIndex] [AuthorIndex] [ThreadIndex] Message Nav: [DatePrev][DateNext] [ThreadPrev][ThreadNext] Other format: [Raw text] Re: "causes a section type conflict" From: Dukextra To: gcc-help at gcc

ewasscher commented Jun 1, 2016 • edited @matthijskooijman on AVR PROGMEM expands to __attribute__((__progmem__)) Makuna commented Jun 1, 2016 • edited The AVR doesn't use the GCC compiler. Google didnt find any solve for this. >> >> I can't find that error message anywhere in the linker. >> >> What version of gcc? etc...) Can you zip up the minimal but complete test project and attach it here so htat we can have a look? "Ziggy really sang, screwed up eyes and screwed down Can Communism become a stable economic strategy?

Is there a role with more responsibility? That output custom section will contain get_data()::data as a local symbol and inline_get_data()::inline_data as a unique global symbol. Use the preprocessor builtin __COUNTER__ to do this, e.g. #define CAT2(x,y) x##y #define CONCAT(x,y) CAT2(x,y) #define QUOT(x) #x #define QUOTE(x) QUOT(x) #define SET_SECT() __attribute__((section(QUOTE(CONCAT(.custom.,__COUNTER__))))) The point of this is just to Why is RN2903 dropping packets - only around 1 in 8 packets is getting through LoRaWAN looks great, but I don't want to pay a subscription.

You can give gcc the option -fno-gnu-unique to instruct the compiler to forget the GNU-specfic unique global symbol binding. Why was the identity of the Half-Blood Prince important to the story? If Dumbledore is the most powerful wizard (allegedly), why would he work at a glorified boarding school? But basically if I have setone function to specified memory section and try to call function withstring parameter.

Mar 27, 2002 Posts: 24310 View posts Location: Lund, Sweden #7 Posted by JohanEkdahl: Tue. It must either have or not have the GROUP attribute, but either way there is no conflict with a section custom of the same name in other_source.o having the opposite status. See http://www.avrfreaks.net/index.p... In the sed command we need *$$ as the eol-marker to escape make-expansion of $. -fno-gnu-unique is passed in the compiler flags to fill-out the clang mimicry.

asked 1 year ago viewed 1445 times active 1 year ago Get the weekly newsletter! But inline_get_data() has been made a weak, neither global nor local symbol (w) and inline_get_data()::inline_data, although it is syntactically block-scope static, has been made a unique global symbol (u). A section custom generated by gcc in source.o is a section in source.o. Log in or register to post comments Top saaadhu Level: Hangaround Joined: Sun.

Seems the workaround is likely to be tightly coupled to the reason for doing this. –Flexo♦ Feb 16 at 20:06 Are the conflicting definitions really in the same source Unsubstantiated more hot questions question feed lang-c about us tour help blog chat data legal privacy policy work here advertising info mobile contact us feedback Technology Life / Arts Culture / He came on so loaded man, well [..] and snow white tan. [Bowie] "Some questions have no answers."[C Baird] "There comes a point where the spoon-feeding has to stop and Feb 16, 2007 Posts: 1050 View posts Location: Israel #11 Posted by slow_rider: Tue.

That's why we can replace the section names custom.a and custom.b with custom, per original, and successfully compile. But basically if I have setone function to specified memory section and try to call function withstring parameter. What version of GNU ld? Not the answer you're looking for?

In it, you'll get: The week's top questions and answers Important community announcements Questions that need answers see an example newsletter By subscribing, you agree to the privacy policy and terms You would make objects const volatile that are changed after load time, e.g. GCC 5.2 also compiles fine if one section name is temporarily changed and manually fixed in the generated assembly. share|improve this answer edited Feb 23 at 0:49 answered Feb 16 at 19:57 Mike Kinghan 14.7k53059 Thanks for this detailed description.

Report post Edit Delete Quote selected text Reply Reply with quote Forum List Topic List New Topic Search Register User List Log In Watch this topic | Disable multi-page view Reply Flow Chart with tikzpicture: particular tipes of arrows Implementation of a generic List Karger's Algorithm question Why would a password requirement prohibit a number in the last character? So what does it matter? private: static const sPBCInitEntry sPBCInitTable[] TSECT_Data_32; . } //.cpp file const sPBCInitEntry PBCInterface::sPBCInitTable[] = { { 0x0000,0x0000 }, // 0x00 { 0x0001,0x0000 }, // 0x01 { 0x01a9,0x0000 }, // 0x02 {

Thanks! Sign up for free to join this conversation on GitHub. This saves it from a section-type conflict but forgoes the linkage armour-plating of gcc's more complicated approach. Log in or register to post comments Top Jump To -AVR Microcontrollers--megaAVR and tinyAVR--AVR XMEGA--AVR UC3-Tools--Arduino--Atmel Studio (AVR-related)--Atmel Software Framework (ASF)--Evaluation and Development Kits--In-System Debuggers and Programmers--Compilers and General Programming-Learning and Settings in IDE Not appliccable Sketch See the "parse" example sketch in the attached library Debug Messages In file included from /home/ewasscher/Arduino/libraries/arduino-dsmr/src/dsmr.h:35:0, from /home/ewasscher/Arduino/arduino-dsmr-read-test/arduino-dsmr-read-test.ino:22: /home/ewasscher/Arduino/libraries/arduino-dsmr/src/dsmr/parser.h:160:31: error: dsmr::INVALID_UNIT causes a section type

The first one the compiler gets to works (of course), as do all other with the same (zero or non-zero) values as the first. I have no control over the function signature,the *data variables are produced by a macro provided by me, and they can appear anywhere. I need to produce a macro, e.g: STORE(x), which can appear in any function body, stores the given x, and returns a handle. –erenon Feb 21 at 14:44 Thanks Jan 2, 2013 - 03:52 PM 12345Total votes: 0 The root cause of your problem is that at least one ordinary (const) object and one volatile const object are in the

Problem The C source: int __attribute__((section(".in_my_data"))) _foo = 1; int __attribute__((section(".in_my_data"))) _bar = 0; The (relevant) GCC compiler output: mcve/main.c:75:45: error: _bar causes a section type conflict The linker script contains That would explain why this works on AVR. What's the alternative? Please show us the exactoutput of the linker.At least on my machine, this error-message can result from the compiler,not the linker.

Modulo % with big number- Infinity error - Javascript Conference presenting: stick to paper material? What version of GNU ld? What build system are you using? (Atmel/AVR Studio? int a = 1; - is assigned to .data.

If you insist on using library, you can at least let it use its own library and then the data can be in the normal places. Shanghai ICP Recordal No.09049794 Skip to content Ignore Learn more Please note that GitHub no longer supports old versions of Firefox. ESP8266 Community Forum member igrr commented Jun 1, 2016 /cc @Makuna igrr added the component: core label Jun 1, 2016 ewasscher referenced this issue in matthijskooijman/arduino-dsmr Jun 1, 2016 Closed Added