ftp error 5 Spanishburg West Virginia

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ftp error 5 Spanishburg, West Virginia

Numbers outside this list are proprietary to the Server or Client that you are using. Set your limit with CURLOPT_MAXREDIRS. Also consider curl_multi_strerror. Go Social Bookmarks Delicious Digg Redit StumbleUpon Furl Yahoo Fetch Softworks Fetch Roadshow News Blog Store Fetch 5.7 Roadshow 1.0 Your best friend for file transfer.

Try logging in later. 425 Cannot open data connection. CURLE_SSL_CACERT (60) Peer certificate cannot be authenticated with known CA certificates. Curl couldn't parse the reply sent to the PASS request. 12 FTP weird USER reply. CURLE_AGAIN (81) Socket is not ready for send/recv wait till it's ready and try again.

CURLM_BAD_HANDLE (1) The passed-in handle is not a valid CURLM handle. CURLSHE_INVALID (3) An invalid share object was passed to the function. Compression Disabled. CURLE_HTTP_RETURNED_ERROR (22) This is returned if CURLOPT_FAILONERROR is set TRUE and the HTTP server returns an error code that is >= 400.

If you are using CuteFTP Pro, right-click on the name of the site and then click Properties and make the necessary changes. The connection is actively refused by the server. WinSCP includes the server-side description in its error message, labeled "Error message from server". Verify command sequence. 504 Command not implemented for that parameter.

CURLM_BAD_EASY_HANDLE (2) An easy handle was not good/valid. When determining a course of action, review the entire log; some codes are informational only, others indicate that you have entered the wrong information, and others indicate what the information is Ensure command and parameters were typed correctly. 452 Requested action not taken. CURLE_REMOTE_FILE_EXISTS (73) File already exists and will not be overwritten.

A callback returned "abort" to libcurl. CURLE_ABORTED_BY_CALLBACK (42) Aborted by callback. CURLE_QUOTE_ERROR (21) When sending custom "QUOTE" commands to the remote server, one of the commands returned an error code that was 400 or higher (for FTP) or otherwise indicated unsuccessful completion a request sent by WinSCP to the server).

They were used in an old libcurl version and are currently unused. A memory allocation request failed. 28 Operation timeout. The connection was forcibly closed by the remote host. 10060 Cannot connect to remote server. 10061 Cannot connect to remote server. Fetch About Fetch Download Buy/Upgrade Support Return to Message Board Subscribe to RSS Feed for Fetch Message Board Fetch Message Board Page 1 Error number -1, unable to connect to FTP

Exceeded storage allocation. I'll let you know how I (they) get on. These codes are used by most FTP servers/clients. Some servers use this code instead of 421 when the user limit is reached 532 Need account for storing files.

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CURLE_UPLOAD_FAILED (25) Failed starting the upload. Finally, the STOR command is given and the file uploadbegins. NOTE: The information below is only offered as a courtesy to assist you in telling your Internet Service Provider what the error is so that they can help solve your issue. Example 2: If you believe that your FTP account privileges or permissions are configured incorrectly, contact the technical support department at the remote FTP site or your Web hosting company for

Exceeding a user disk quota. If you have recently changed your connection information, including host, username (email address),or password, you will have to edit your Site in the Site Manager. LDAP bind operation failed. Appreciate the prompt response.

You see this status code after the client sends a user name, regardless of whether the user name that is provided is a valid account on the system. 332 Need account The user should send another command specifying this information. Page type unknown. 552 Requested file action aborted. I'm getting the error: "No program has been associated on your system with this file type."I'm less than novice and won't be touching my code again after this.I've gone to the

Any help is appreciated. And sometimes it means the server is down, but you say you've ruled that out already. (This error also indicates that your client is using a very old version of Fetch Article has been viewed 594K times. permission?) 61 Unrecognized transfer encoding Reference MaterialConfiguration Table and Directive ListError code list for failed FTP and HTTP remote webserver log transfersInteger Field ListRegular Field ListRegular Report List ┬ę2016 Google Privacy

Uploading a file to a full filesystem (HDD). Only a part of the file was trans- fered. 19 FTP couldn't download/access the given file, the RETR (or similar) command failed. 20 FTP write error. CURLE_FTP_WEIRD_227_FORMAT (14) FTP servers return a 227-line as a response to a PASV command. Contact the administrator of the FTP server for the information you need to connect to their server.

an invalid username/password, remote server unreachable, remote log unreadable, etc.), Urchin will log an error code in the runtime output, as viewable in the Task History for the Profile. Wikipedia® is a registered trademark of the Wikimedia Foundation, Inc., a non-profit organization. CURLE_COULDNT_RESOLVE_PROXY (5) Couldn't resolve proxy. Privacy policy About Wikipedia Disclaimers Contact Wikipedia Developers Cookie statement Mobile view FileZilla ForumsWelcome to the official discussion forums for FileZilla Register Login FAQ Search It is

Compression Disabled. For FTP, this occurs while trying to change to the remote directory. Thank you for your feedback! sftp_codes.txt · Last modified: 2016-02-27 by martin Search Documentation This page Donate $9 $19 $49 $99 About donations Recommend Tweet Associations Hosted by SourceForge Webhosting RSS Feed with Project News

A rule of thumb in determining if a reply fits into the 4xx or the 5xx (Permanent Negative) category is that replies are 4xx if the commands can be repeated without Next Comments require login or registration. CURLE_SSL_ENGINE_INITFAILED (66) Initiating the SSL Engine failed. COMMAND:>CWD /pub/yourfile.txt 550 /pub/yourfile.txt: No such file or folder.

Insufficient storage space in system.File unavailable (e.g., file busy). 500 Series Syntax error, command unrecognized and the requested action did not take place. CURLM_INTERNAL_ERROR (4) This can only be returned if libcurl bugs.