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freenas config.xml parser error Scarbro, West Virginia

mherger2007-07-02, 15:02> Everything is working well exept the internet radio, i'm unable to > connect with freenas but it working fine with my server running on > UBUNTU. If you are concerned about the safety of the following instructions, MAKE A BACKUP FIRST! That's a thing I'll have to check. I have DHCP running on the router with a pool of 50 available addresses.

I am running FreeNAS 9.3 stable. The only problem i have is that i want the time and date in french on the squeezebox but it show only in english even if the slimserver is set to that's rather strange. The problem seems to have been a bad compactflash card.

Now I need to build Open Zwave without issues otherwise I cannot use my Zwave usb stick and devices. You'll have to be patient. Exactly the same error and nobody ever answered the query. I only had to put the # in CMakeLists.txt as suggested earlier by Irimi.

So, to update the ports tree while still allowing the FreeNAS patches to be applied, the above patch to the build script does the following: 1) Download a current, up-to-date ports I have a wireless Squeeze box in our lounge and the server in my workshop, Just by hitting "on" on the Squeezebox remote, the Freenas server grinds into life and after These are corrupted and wont play on my PC. dpodolak, Jan 15, 2012 #7 bryanburke Newbie Joined: Nov 11, 2011 Messages: 11 Thanks Received: 0 Trophy Points: 4 FreeBSD, and therefore FreeNAS, needs to have the IO APIC exposed to

But FreeNAS is optimized to run in a 20MB image - don't expect it to come with compilers installed ;-). > Would it be major work to include the modules needed Resolution Update this element: as follows: Note the "rep" tag after the "viewcvsname" tag. The download ended ok but i did not notice that the size of the file was a lot smaller than it should be. If I instigate a search for new files from the server settings page it refreshes to display the searching message.

I thing i will go back to ubuntu soon... Was curious if any of the FreeNAS users here had this problem. The Slimserver folders and > files all seem to be present and Slimserver is Enabled. If you mean browsing to the share then yes I have done that from a windows pc and I can see all 28Gb worth of flac files.

mherger2007-02-27, 23:29$ /bin/sh /mnt/Gamak1/slimnas/ awk: not found tar: Error opening archive: Failed to open 'slimnas.tgz': No such file or directory Sorry... Please try what I've asked the others to do in this situation. Done some experimenting with devfs, but it doesn't work at startup of the jail, only after manually launching "/etc/rc.d/devfs start".Finally I ended up creating 2 cron jobs in the FreeNAS host Forum rules • Set-Up Guide • FAQs • Forum Rules Post Reply Print view 29 posts • Page 1 of 1 Helpmeh Starter Posts: 23 Joined: 11 Jun 2014 14:18 Status:

Or I have to import it (before formating) on a VM and then reinject config.xml ?It's a little bit confused sorry NO, it's NOT possible to import any OS ( ZFS, The version of the installed packages in the jail are: apr- boost-all-1.55.0 boost-docs-1.55.0 boost-jam-1.55.0 boost-libs-1.55.0_4 boost-python-libs-1.55.0 ca_root_nss-3.18 cmake-3.1.3 cmake-modules-3.1.3 curl-7.41.0 cvsps-2.1_1 db5-5.3.28_2 expat-2.1.0_2 gdbm-1.11_2 gettext-0.19.4 gettext-runtime-0.19.4 gettext-tools-0.19.4 git-2.3.5 gmake-4.1_1 icu-53.1 indexinfo-0.2.3 Somebody's currently working on porting 1.1.4 to FreeBSD, but he's not quite there yet. In this case, domoticz have bundled OZW with their app, so you need to work with them on the fixes.

Discussion in 'Installation' started by bryanburke, Jan 13, 2012. On the way I discovered a minor bug in 0684b Freenas GUI. (The NFS setup page does not display + button to set up network.) There is a documented fix on If so how do I change the mDNS.conf file? cheers Patrick tommypeters2007-02-12, 05:33Hello Michael, As far as I can tell, when FreeNAS is installed to local disk it creates two partitions, one for the OS and one for the data.

But the nusic is unlistenable, it is all chopped up, seems to be fast forwarding and cuts out. These are the file sizes on the FreeNAS Drive: - slimnas.tgz 17,061,084 bytes - 833 bytes - 15,760,025 bytes I get: Status -> "Failed SlimServer is not available. ...." Please refresh this page to check the status again." I have tried reinstalling 4 times now. Please help today!Produce and hosting N4F does cost money, please consider a small donation to our project so that we can stay offering you the best.We really do need your support!We

However, scan just will not run. After reinstalling SS I can now scan the flac folder but the flacs appear to be corrupted too. Inside the share are subfolders based on genres/genre/artist/album. First of all do the refresh I mentioned in my last posting, without restarting the server.

I've updated the guide and the patch for FreeNAS 8.0.3. It appears my previous upgrade of FreeNAS was corrupt. Now that this is working, but after more testing, the Infrant NAS I have can finally be relegated to file serving duties (it is what it was designed to do) and Code: uname -a Click to expand...

The music folder is accepted as /mnt/flac/Music, however nothing is found in a scan. When you start with -wwwbind [your ip address] then it DOES listen on ipv4. Thanks Top wmn79 Posts: 60 Joined: Monday 13 April 2015 23:19 Target OS: NAS (Synology & others) Domoticz version: 3.5033 Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands Contact: Contact wmn79 Send private message Re: This is not the only problem -- trying to rebuild FreeNAS again you'll got other errors: from cairo, pango and so on.