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freebasic error 135 Sandyville, West Virginia

as lower bound 231 FOR/NEXT variable name mismatch 232 Selected option requires an SSE FPU mode 233 Expected relational operator ( =, >, <, <>, <=, >= ) 234 Unsupported statement The compiler signals the lines where the errors have been found, so the correction can be done quickly. Compiler Error Messages During the program compilation three types of errors can arise: Compiler Warnings: The warnings don't stop the compilation, just alert the user some non-recommended and Sometimes one of these operations is coded deliberately to achieve a result, in this case the warnings can be disabled by setting the -w 1 option at the command line. 1

If an IDE or a make utility are been used, additional errors can arise. These errors are outside the scope of this help. Знаете ли Вы, что релятивизм (СТО и ОТО) не является истинной наукой? - Истинная наука обязательно опирается на причинность и законы природы, END EXTERN blocks don't open new scopes 210 Only member functions can be static 211 Invalid initializer 212 Objects with default [con|de]structors or methods are only allowed in the module level In a few cases the place pointed at by the error messages is not where the errors can be found, it's the place where the compiler has given up in waiting