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fortigate certificate error Reedsville, West Virginia

Nikolaï SALIEVITCH Thanks for your answer but what's not very clear is the certificate Type. And if it requires a web filter license ? I've got a question about the certificat type: you specified an IP host based for the SSL inspection and that's normal as the fortigate is the default Gateway (generally) in the Tom Net Hi Victoria, Great article!

Make sure you select the "Subordinate Certificate Authority" template. Message from Chrome: The certificate chain for this website contains at least one certificate that was signed using a deprecated signature algorithm based on SHA-1 The private CA certificate used for How do you get around this? The Import Wizard appears.

Test real-world SSL inspection performance yourself – Use the flexibility of FortiGate’s security policy to gradually deploy SSL inspection, rather than enabling it all at once. Select the webfilter to use https-url-scan to only look at the URL, not to use deep scanning 2. For a site available to the public you would have to get the cooperation of everyone that was going to go to your site. If your users will be using these applications, you must install the certificate into the certificate store for your OS.

Firefox (on Windows or Mac OS) Firefox has its own certificate store. The images for the diagram are available on the Visual Resources and LInks page: James Otieno Great Stuff, helps me with my technical write ups. Typically used on inbound policies to protect servers available externally through Virtual IPs Since this is typically deployed “outside-in” (clients on the Internet accessing server(s) on the internal side of the After submitting, the signed certificate is ready to download from your DC (certnew.cer) and import back into the Fortigate: Verify that the certificate imported successfully and you can view it under

Fortigate certificate, certificate error, Fortigate, Fortinet, https, https inspection, Webfilter ← Time based Policy-map for trafficpolicing Using Logrotate in Vyatta to managelogs → 9 responses to “Fortigate HTTPS inspection Certificate errorfixes” This certificate will then be installed on the FortiGate for use with SSL inspection. you read the mind of reader and put everything in just 2 pages. If you send SSL encrypted traffic to a web site at "" behind a FortiGate, the browser is expecting to see "" as the name of the site in the certificate.

When you enable ssl inspection (default) certificate-inspection it will just give you a blank screen , and not redirect you to a https web page. Firefox doesn't use the Windows Certificate store so the AD root certificate needs to be installed in Firefox… IE and Chrome do use the Windows certificate store so if the computer There are two ways to fix this: All users must import the FortiGate’s default certificate into their client applications as a trusted certificate. pg Hi, have you gotten this to work in a real world setting?

Reply JL November 20, 2014 at 2:56 pm cjcott01, Thanks for your post!! The certificate has to be imported into the browser of anyone accessing the site. I am looking into this.   Share this:TwitterFacebookGoogleLike this:Like Loading... This way the Fortigate sees all traffic that comes in the session even if it was encrypted. 2.

ExpandTrustand selectAlways Trust. 5. In a corporate environment this can be done by the IT department before the computer is deployed to the user. Firefox (on Windows or Mac OS) Firefox has its own certificate store. As of Patch 7 this is a CLI command.

Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. Can we configure the Fortigate unit in a way that the certificates issued by the Fortigate CA certificate have at least SHA-2 and RSA2048 values? but it would not cover tertiary domains such as subsite.site1. Is there a baseline list anywhere I can reference?

Thank you, Regards, François Victoria Martin Hello François, Because the SSL inspection profile uses the FortiGuard web categories, you will need a web filter license in order to use them. Currently, is not included. The Fortigate Web filter is amazing! This is the same process used in “man-in-the-middle” attacks, which is why a user’s device may show a security certificate warning.

However, there are risks associated with its use, since encrypted traffic can be used to get around your normal defenses. Victoria Martin Hi Lorenzo, You can find information about SSL Inspection on page 1139 of the Handbook for FortiOS 4.0 MR3, which is located at Go to Personaland import the certificate. which I want to inspect, the Fortigate unit issues website certificate * with RSA1024 and SHA-1 values.

My idea is simply to apply IPS check for HTTPS traffic (SSL inspection mandatory) but bypass IPS check when traffic destination is ebanking portals for instance ? For example in this KB article it mentions to not use wildcard FQDN's as they are just a DNS lookup, and not a URL match. Victoria Martin Hello Thomas, I believe that the 40C does support SSL Inspection; however, it may only be accessible using the CLI. She graduated with a Bachelor's degree from Mount Allison University, after which she attended Humber College's book publishing program, followed by the more practical technical writing program at Algonquin College.

Hope that helps! On the Content tab, select Certificates. This certificate is also used in the default deep-inspection profile. The answer lies below friends.

In that case, which trusted CA has signed? (Is this maybe a solution of thousands of dollars?) Greetings. If you view the website’s certificate information, the Issued By section should contain the information of your custom certificate, indicating that the traffic is subject to deep inspection. To avoid errors in Firefox, then the certificate must be installed in this store, rather than in the OS. However when for SSL VPN you'll likely want to purchase a signed certificate from a CA to prevent users from getting the invalid certificate message when logging in.

Watch the video 1. We are trying to use SSL inspection for inbound connections to our web servers, but users are seeing the cert warnings. I am therefore unable to add the cert into the policy. If "DigiCert Global Root CA" is NOT loaded to the FortiGate: => The traffic will fail with an error message "The Connection is Untrusted" 2.

Actually, I do have an open ticket with the support but unfortunately, the representative cannot reproduce the scenario in his end. Instead of encouraging this practice, you can use the examples below to prevent certificate warnings from appearing:Using the default FortiGate certificate or using a self-signedcertificate. set the Fortigate to not respond with a replacement message. But is it required ?

Edit thedeep-inspection profile. More detail is available in the FortiOS Handbook. Installing the certificate onthe user’sbrowser Internet Explorer: Go to Tools > Internet Options. However, some of the users complain of slowness in accessing some sites (not all), when we isolated all possible causes, only thing we found out is that they have duplicate(more than

Bjørn Tore We have a wildcard CA certificate for our domain. Select Install Certificate to launch the Certificate Import Wizard. When prompted, enter a pass phrase for encrypting the private key. In most cases Administrators don’t care about these warnings as the connection is still secure and there is no need to purchase a signed certificate.