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The second is MUCH better, but since it is used as a regular expression, and '.' can mean ANY character, a hacker could use [email protected] to get past a valid recipient Works in the same way as text_color. Once you have the file on your desktop, you can use FTP to put the file in a convenient location on your server. This will combat the % hack and other known exploits. -The options for sendmail were moved into the $mailprog variable and -i was added so that single periods on a line

I do not, and get a 404 not found error instead. And when I try the word recipient instead of recipients in the form it gives me that same header error and emails me with no_recipient. Simply place all field names that you want to be mandatory into this field. If a user tries to put a form on another server, that is not, they will receive an error message when someone tries to fill out their form.

Web Hosting Index - web hosting solutions chumpsoft, inc. - online survey software 14-day, 100% moneyback guarantee! [ Contact Us | Pricing | Linking to ] © 2003-2015 Matt's Syntax: To sort alphabetically: To sort by a set field order: Field: print_config Version: 1.5 & Up Description: print_config allows you to specify Version 1.5 of FormMail offers many new ways to code your form to tailor the resulting HTML page and the way the script performs. The config fields that you wish to have printed should be in the value attribute of your input tag separated by commas.

Matt's Script Archive: FormMail: ReadmeView All Readme Files @ MSA Other sites by Matt: - hosted form processor SurveyFactory - hosted survey software CGI Resource Index - 3,000+ By default, no config fields are printed to your email because the important form fields (such as email, subject, etc.) are included in the header of the message. Version 1.7 07/27/01-Added in @recipients to defeat spamming attempts -Added in @valid_ENV to allow administrators to specify what environment variables can be sent. This means, for example, your pages can find out the user's browser by looking at that HTTP parameter.

Syntax:If you wanted a title of 'Feedback Form Results': Field:return_link_url Version:1.3 & Up Description:This field allows you to specify a URL that will appear, as return_link_title, There is no limit as to how many other form fields you can use with this form, except the limits imposed by browsers and your server. An alternative is to use $TEMPLATEURL; this is documented inside fmbadhandler.php. Here's an example of this setting, specifying two possible URLS for your forms: $TARGET_URLS = array( "", ""); $TEMPLATEDIR if you want to use an HTML template for your error handling,

REMOTE_USERIf server supports authentication and script is protected, this is the username they have authenticated as. (This is not usually set.) HTTP_USER_AGENTThe browser the client is using to send the request. Contact Us QUESTION: When I submit my form, I get a file not found (404) error! missing fields). Logical fallacy: X is bad, Y is worse, thus X is not bad Export The $PATH Variable, Line-By-Line Can a Legendary monster ignore a diviner's Portent and choose to pass the

Skip to Main Content Skip to Navigation Questions? Version 1.6 05/02/97 - Sorting of fields by default was fixed to now sort in the order the fields are passed to FormMail from the web browser, which is usually the Syntax: For a background color of White: Field: text_color Version: 1.3 & Up Description: This field works in the same way as bgcolor, except that it will However, it only redirects to "good_url" when there are no errors!

If this is incorrect, form results will not be mailed to you. @referers = ('',''); This array allows you to define the domains that you will allow forms to reside on Field: recipient Description: This form field allows you to specify to whom you wish for your form results to be mailed. Digital Diversity Generate a 6 character string from a 15 character alphabet The 3x3 Hexa Prime Square Puzzle How do I say "Thank you, Captain Obvious?" more hot questions question feed Setting Up the FormMail Script The script does not have to be extensively configured in order to work.

It is set it emails me and says "no_recipients" GRM47 2010-10-20 00:31:27 UTC #3 Hi spence I got rid of the lines you noted now here's my form HTML These are hidden fields that you add to your HTML form. Below is a list of form fields you can use and how to implement them.

When you said to send the data using function pamas I didn't know what that was so I tried it without it. HOWEVER, once you have modified the script for these additional features Interland will not support it. If you view the source of this HTML file you will see the recipient tag, is a hidden tag, it is set to the e-mail address you entered in the administration Syntax: Field: return_link_title Version: 1.3 & Up Description: This is the title that will be used to link the user back to the page you specify

Syntax: For a link color of Red: Field: vlink_color Version: 1.3 & Up Description: Changes the color of visited links on the resulting page. For FormMail version 8.24 and below and FMBadHandler version 1.21 and below, the tag format was slightly different, as follows: , , ... Form Configuration The action of your form needs to point towards this script (obviously), and the method must be POST or GET in capital letters. It's important to remember that on Linux servers which is what your website appears to be running on, that all files and folder names are case-sensitive.

Copy and paste with this HTML code will ensure you get the correct tag inserted into your HTML page. Version1.9204/21/02-Removed cross-site scripting vulerabilities by converting all <, >, & and " into their HTML equivalents when displayed on a web page. This is the recipient field. Is the NHS wrong about passwords?

Of course, you will need to add into your @referers array if a form is on their host! Log In Formmail redirection problem PHP GRM47 2010-10-19 21:50:32 UTC #1 Hi all I've built a form a friend. This can be an HTML page or a CGI or PHP script. Version 1.5 of FormMail offers many new ways to code your form to tailor the resulting HTML page and the way the script performs.

Overview FormMail is a universal WWW form to E-mail gateway. russellr 2010-10-20 02:52:20 UTC #7 Hi, GRM47 said: Hi spence I got rid of the lines you noted now here's my form HTML