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folder redirection error windows 7 Paw Paw, West Virginia

I tried manually copying the data from one path to the other to see if I can root out a problem file, but no luck. Based on what I learned this morning is that I need to optimize the slow-link detection in the GPO to transition the path to offline mode. Thanks all Wednesday, September 07, 2011 12:52 PM Reply | Quote 0 Sign in to vote Just a quick update on this... Wednesday, February 01, 2012 10:26 PM Reply | Quote 1 Sign in to vote Per your , please see, which suggests a complex solution but with very desirable outcomes.

It says "Error on Open Folder. \\\documents$\%username%\Desktop refers to a location that is unavailable. I now have serious egg on my face and am not happy. I have tested this with a unpatched fresh install ofWin 7 and it works no problem at all. This new user has been migrated to RUP and Redirected on another system and he just wants to work on another workplace or gets a temporary pc.

The following error occurred: "Can not create folder "\\\\documents$\ivan\Documents\My Videos"". Upon the next logon the folder redirection policy took effect and the local files were copied to the server, merging them with the content that already existed there. Our pain and criticality was solved a bit by removing the "slow-link detection mode" which was configured for thefile servers. Today, however, I thoughtlessly left my laptop at home, so I opted to log onto a "Loaner" laptop I've never used before.

All the other windows 7 Pc's had not issue on our network.. It's not a feature, it is a bug introduced by some combination of hotfixes which I haven't tested one at a time to see which one/s cause the issue. The Folder Redirection specific event logs didn't contain any more information either. If the first user toggles the state of the redirected folders offline and then back on before logging out, the next user will successfully redirect their folders and have offline access

I assume the share that is being locked is now the DFS root and not the user share. To reinitialize the CSC cache, check out this KB from microsoft. An event of 10 was logged in OfflineFiles area of EventViewer to reconnect the path which was configured in the GPO. That seems to do the trick.

I thanclick "Work online" and check Event Viewer. 5. I do question why the policy was attempting to take the same server and users folder and move files from the “Documents” folder to the “My Documents” folder. Redirection was not working. I deleted it from the client machine and on the next logon the My Documents folder redirected without problem.

I will contact him now. In our environment we use roaming profiles and having the 502 errors and denies to the CSC database we ended with the error messages where users are not being able to I am still working with Microsoft Professional Services support to solve this issue. This will still fail with new users when this policy is applied.

I suggest re-enabling this policy setting once the issue is resolved so that if you have a user who didn’t have this policy applying or in the SBS Console you checked Most likely, you have already tried these steps, and the issue is still there. Best regards, Ivan Versluis Blog Thursday, May 12, 2011 3:09 PM Reply | Quote 0 Sign in to vote I would counter their request with a request for a technicalexplanationand Recently I was working on a client who is setup with a SBS 2008 server and workstations running Windows 7 Professional SP1.

I would say that a hotfix that is included in the SP1 image of Win 7 Ent is causing this. After the reboot the folders are directed and it works without these errors... Event Xml: 502 0 2 0 0 0x8000000000000000 2754 Are there any news on this "private" hotfix, or any workaround that is really working ?

Thanks to both Ivan and SteveDiG for sharing your experiences in such detail. Profile cancel Sign in with Twitter Sign in with Facebook or CommentName EmailNot published Website 3 Replies 3 Comments 0 Tweets 0 Facebook 0 Pingbacks Last reply was July 19, 2015 I managed to solve my issues after weeks of pulling my hairs. MS is working on this, but you should open a case with MS ...

I personally feel we should have hauled our TAM in over this, but that wasn't my call so we haven't attempted to get an attitude change from MS. I find So, should you find yourself staring at this error in the middle of the night (or any other time), see if you have any duplicate files in the folders you are Maybe that would have told me what the problem was. If I'd picked this up earlier a third party product might have been the solution (MS actually suggested this when I opened my case).

Been working all night on this F*****G redirected folders offline files S**T and finally it's done… Reply Concerned About Cyber Attacks? Thanks again for your excellent documentation of this problem. I set 'Grant user exclusive rights to Documents' to disabled in Group Policy. Dont know if this will help anyone else but it seemed to solve my issue :-) Thursday, September 08, 2011 11:45 AM Reply | Quote 0 Sign in to vote While

This is partly because of WAN optimisers in the network that lie to Windows so the online/offline transition doesn't work on slow links (not MS's fault), and partly because it made I would be keen to see if this is a universal solution or if it just happened to work for us. The following error occurred: "Can not create folder "\\\\documents$\ivan\Documents\My Videos"". Secondly, there may be a permission misconfiguration on the users redirected folder.

Bill Dibble Wednesday, May 04, 2011 7:21 PM Reply | Quote 0 Sign in to vote Dear all who are monitoring this post. The second user cannot access this 'offline' share so folder redirection fails. I don't know why but it works. Marked as answer by Arthur_LiMicrosoft contingent staff, Moderator Monday, February 21, 2011 2:16 AM Unmarked as answer by Ivan Versluis Monday, April 11, 2011 8:55 AM Wednesday, February 16, 2011 2:07

A clean install with release media with no hotfixes at all installed does not display this behavior. Especially if profiles become corrupt or people use a spare laptop. Originally I thought this was a problem with NTFS file permissions on the file server, but these we OK. What we need is some clever logic to determine when it's appropriate to clear the cache to solve this problem.

Great. The problem returned. Best regards, Ivan Versluis Monday, February 07, 2011 4:51 PM Reply | Quote All replies 0 Sign in to vote Hi, According to the following error message, this issue I am looking forward to get the hoxfix too and work on the issue.