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flyff gameguard authentication error Panther, West Virginia

You should turn off those setting.2.Connection to the GameGuard update server is not possible due to external firewalls. Yes No OK OK Cancel X Login or Sign Up Log in with Go to Official Website Forums Flyff Issues / Feedback Search in titles only Search in Issues / Comment Cancel Post Len45 Disciple Join Date: Feb 2011 Posts: 331 #10 30-11-2014, 01:18 AM Originally posted by Yusumi View Post This doesn't work. This download fixes the most common errors.

Also check if you need to get authorized before connecting to the internet.Error 380 - This is indicating that either there is a problem with your internet connection, security software on So what kind of problems we may encounter?1. Que dois-je faire ? CODE: 12150 RESULT: 4 __- Authentication Error.

I have found THE solution to this issue: If you have an Antivirus like Norton, AVG, or things similar... If it's already there remove it and re-add. Avant de lancer Flyff : * Fermez tous les programmes qui sont dans la barre des tâches * Fermez tous les programmes qui sont dans le systray à l'exception de votre immiotto18th May 2015, 02:26 AMcant open that link...

Server: Aibatt Guild: idklol Wiki Edits: Rep Power: 15 03-27-2009, 04:16 PM Looks like you did everything you could possibly do to fix it. Latest files (NOT full client, click here ( for the full client downloads): >>> Insanity Flyff [Most Fixes] - v.3.6 (!G1g2zKwS!-ZbvfCwYDNosvOefqdv1AnJX1fwMtbUR-POiMC12QG8) <<<17-08-2016 Extract the files inside your Insanity Flyff folder and I tried everything. If you still can't login after (maximum) 24 hours, follow the steps below. 2) Open your Insanity Flyff folder and delete Neuz.exe (, Flyff.a (, data.res (, dataSub1.res ( and dataSub2.res

It could be some kind of hardware issue. You can close the connection at any time and you can also disable the cursor. e.g. Try running the game.

It helped. Same problem still remains T_T Last edited by Heartbreaker; 04-12-2014, 10:16 PM. Still no luck for it to work :( ive been trying it for days already T.T Yousername5th April 2014, 10:32 PMYes i followed it correctly, step by step. Afin de pouvoir régler les différents problèmes rapidement, nous vous invitons à nous soumettre les informations dont vous disposez afin de cibler les différentes causes d'incompatibilités.

When you have a proxy server on Open an internet explorer window and in the menu go to [tools] - [internet options] - [connections] - [LAN settings]. Please try again later" and "(Version Mismatch) ERROR: File not found CODE: 0 RESULT: 4" the version of the client i download(the link you give in) its version april 12 Yousername20th Run the Insanity Flyff Patcher to play. But everytime I try to launch the client it goes through the normal prompts.

Didn't fix it? You may also wish to try temporarily disabling any virus scanning, firewall, or security software on your PC.View GameGuard FAQ also.Solution 1.Hit ‘Ctrl+Shift+Esc’ to launch Task Manager. Ajouter gameguard.des à la zone de confiance corrige le problème. - LedWallpaper version 1.7.4 - LVComSX.exe : Processus pouvant causer des erreurs Gameguard. - mIRC : Certaines versions de mIRC sont Error code 340, 350, 361, 380 GameGuard checks for new updates every time it is executed.

Le parefeu Le parefeu (ou firewall en anglais) est la deuxième cause des problèmes que vous pouvez rencontrer avec Gameguard. Just hit me with a PM or a message on this thread. However pinpointing it is gonna be neigh impossible. i also disabled my fire wall it says on patcher: Navigation to the webpage was cancelled.

Tried again, same problem. It is not necessary to follow all the steps below, and therefore, try running the game again if step 1 has been followed and check whether the problem has been solved. TF141 for the German translation. Next add Flyff.exe, Neuz.exe and GameGuard.des to the list.

thats still the name of the client :D Alright, downloading now. >__< Hope it works /ache/sad NoFreeBuffs22nd April 2014, 02:34 PMAlright, downloading now. >__< Hope it works /ache/sad Goodluck /ridicule AkaiMisuto22nd Last edited by Xialia; 18-07-2014, 08:15 PM. The ticket system don't will help me. Si il constate une activité à risque, il interrompra le fonctionnement du jeu.

Pour optimiser le fonctionnement de votre matériel (notamment l'utilisation de la batterie), les constructeurs utilisent certains programmes pour modifier le comportement par défaut de Windows. * Les programmes de diagnostiques systèmes Use Google to find them! - Check what the requirements are to run the programs you have, and make sure you have those requirements. 3) No more lags for now, but Credits spinebro444 for solutions for the 'Cannot connect to the network', Error & Lagg Guide, The operation completed successfully. is the biggest lie ever xD..........

the only issue I've ever had was with AVG causing a runtime fault because of the real-time scan it does in the background. Wait a couple hours, and you can login fine. I'm glad! I just did that and installed it but still same issue.

The time now is 01:33 PM. If a proxy server is on open IE, [Tools] - [Internet options] - [Connections] - [LAN settings]. PM me to acess my desktop with TeamViewer. I recall deleting everything in the GG folder being the solution to this, so I tried it.

I didn't install anything recently that could interfere with it. Some of the informations presented are found on the internet and some are tested by us.What is this Game Guard ?nProtect GameGuard (sometimes called GG) is an anti-cheating software developed by After I logged in, about 10 minutes of playing, the game lagged and I wasn't able to connect anymore. Nothing of this solved my problem, please help.

Same problem T_T Reinstalled (again). Click the link below to get a 50% discount of Bitdefender ONLY for GameGuard customers.

InsanityFlyFF :: Community > General Area > Questions and Answers > Technical & Go and download this file and put it in your flyff installation folder. Yousername11th April 2014, 11:46 AMMy video card is Intel GMA 4500M and OS Microsoft Windows 7.

badly need your help :( thanks in advance AntiMage7th April 2014, 07:03 AMthanks Wik, its very Helpful :D Yousername7th April 2014, 07:56 AMHi again guys. If you do not trust this program, do not use it. Same problem. Heartbreaker Disciple Join Date: Jul 2011 Posts: 50 #9 06-12-2014, 09:02 PM Bump, Please help I really want to play =( Comment Cancel Post English French German Italian Polish Turkish Go

gado8th August 2015, 07:30 AMTry to see whether your Internet explorer is working in offline mode. If anyone has any tips or methods to try please let me know. See if you need an authentification for re-connecting.4.A proxy server is on. please help Syneaste6th January 2015, 10:45 AM what kind of error is this?