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flexnet licensing error code Ovapa, West Virginia

If it is the incorrect file, run through the instructions in the following FAQ to install the newer license: How do I install my node locked license? So once you have resolved this issue, you should re-run the command to check for further errors! The license file has been edited. Windows XP SP2 platforms have a limit on the number of TCP/IP connection attempts per second that can be made, which your application may have exceeded.

On the client, open a terminal and enter the command: armcc --vsn The command tells the compiler to attempt a license check-out. The output will look something like this: c:\>lmutil lmstat -a lmutil - Copyright (c) 1989-2006 Macrovision Europe Ltd. The command is as follows: lmgrd -c /path/to/license.dat -z Replacing "/path/to/license.dat" as appropriate. Re-install the new version of the software. 1 This error typically occurs during upgrades from older version of Lumerical's software.

Contact your publisher for further information. -164 Return count(s) would exceed the maximum for the fulfillment. This often happens when NIS or DNS or the hosts file is incorrect. Workaround: Use IP address (e.g., 123.456.789.123) instead of host name. -15 Cannot connect to license server system. If you have manually changed the port to a different port, please ensure the port is set correctly.

Site Map Installation & Registration Annual Agreements Single Incident Supported Versions Installation & Registration Product Support Single Incident Discussion Forums Documentation Developer Network Bugs & Suggestions Examples Audio Audio & Video Then re-start lmgrd. -114: SIGN= keyword required, but is missing from license certificate This message is displayed when the server attempts to issue an old format license to a more recent Open the Licpath.lic file in notepad and you will see what server the software is trying to pull the license from. All Rights Reserved.

The -z flag causes the server to print all log and diagnostic information to the console. Please see the following Knowledge Article for more information: Do RVDS floating licenses support license queuing/wait for license? -12: Invalid data returned from server system This message is normally only seen Flex error -5: No such feature exists This error means that a license file was found, but did not contain a license (valid or invalid) for the feature you are trying This often happens when NIS or DNS or the hosts file is incorrect.

To fix, download a fresh copy of the license file from your account on the ARM web licensing portaland then follow the instructions in: How do I install my node locked For licenses using the Trusted Storage license model, use the Lumerical Activation Utility (on the computer running the License Manager) to activate your license. You will need to merge the license files, and host them from a single instance of the server software. More information This issue in the following manner: - Connect the USB key to the computer running the license manager. - Ensure the license file has been installed. - Restart the

For information please see: Why am I getting FLEXnet -89 error message? For example, trying to issue an ADS license to RVDS. Refer to the manufacturer's documentation on how to change this limit. -16 Cannot read data from license server system. -17 Cannot write data to license server system. -18 License server system NA FAIL Server Problems FAIL SUCCEED Client or Connection Problems SUCCEED SUCCEED Client Problems Part 2: Connection/Client Problems If the server software (lmgrd) is running correctly, then the next step is

The hostid of this system does not match the hostid specified in the license file. -10 Feature has expired. -11 Invalid date format in license file. -12 Invalid Flex error -1: Cannot find license file This means that the tools are unable to find a license file. For now it is the FLEXnet Licensing error (-XXX,XXX) and the License path lines which are of most interest. The IDL Virtual Machine Sign Up for News & Updates: Stay informed with the latest news, events, technologies and special offers.

For example, RVDS is sold as Professional and Standard editions. Flex error -21: Application version > License version This means that a license of the right type has been found, but it has a lower version number than is required. If you get an error, the required ports might be blocked. The guide makes number a number of assumptions: You are familiar with operating system(s) installed on the server and client machines The operating system(s) being used are on the supported platforms

This usually indicates that you are trying to use an older license with a more recent tool. The first step in the diagnostic is to determine whether the client machine is able to successfully communicate with the server. The application requires a license key in the license certificate. How to do this is covered in the following FAQ: How do I move my license to another machine?

The server has pooled one or more INCREMENT lines into a single pool, and the request was made on an INCREMENT line that has been pooled. -94 Attempt to generate license Alternatively, if lmgrd has previously exited uncleanly it is possible that armlmd did not close down. Install the FlexEnabled application on a physical machine. -191 FEATURE can be checked out from Virtual machine only. Flexible License Manager status on Thu 1/29/2009 12:52 [Detecting lmgrd processes...] License server status: [email protected]_lic_server <- Name of server License file(s) on my_lic_server: C:\\license.dat: <- License file location on server my_lic_server:

Linux). This error message shows that a license file was found, but that the RVI-ME is either not plugged in or is not installed correctly. Check the location of armlmd (armlmd.exe on Windows) and ensure that it is on the search path. However, the tools were unable to open a connection to a FLEX license server on the specified port.

Internal error. However, only one instance of armlmd (the ARM vendor deamon) can be running on the machine. On Windows you can use Task Manager. -9999: INVALID error code Unfortunately this error message is not very informative. Reservations are made in the options file.

Please report to Flexera Software Inc. -183 More than one ethernet hostid not supported in composite hostid definition. Settingthisenvironmentalvariable on a system will override the licpath.lic files and direct all Autodesk software on a system to a specified server For more information please see the links provided below: See: