firebird egr error codes Maxwelton West Virginia

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firebird egr error codes Maxwelton, West Virginia

Replace pressure sensor. ScannerDanner 126,883 views 14:43 How An EGR Valve Works - Duration: 6:20. When cold, the sensor is 'biased' by the ECM to about 450 millivolts. Code 73- Pressure control solenoid. (1994-95).

Code 45- Rich exhaust indicated. EGR systems are used to reduce the combustion temperature, thus reducing NOx formation. Doing this will reset the ECM back to factory settings, and the driving parameters will have to be relearned (the car will do this itself).*Starting the car with terminals A&B jumped Check wiring and connections for opens or shorts.

CODE 14 Trouble Code 14 indicates that the Coolant Temperature Sensor (CTS) is reporting abnormally high readings. Keep on reading for more information.The ECM is constantly monitoring engine conditions. The EGR OBD-II monitor deploys a set of test criteria that are usually run during at least two different driving conditions—steady speed freeway driving and steady speed city driving. Check wiring and connections back to ecm.

Low temperature indicated. Code 15 will set if: - temperature reported is < -37.30 deg F (-38.5 deg C) Typical causes may include: 1.Open circuit in CTS-ECM harness2.Defective Coolant Temperature Sensor3.Open sensor ground circuit4.Defective Code 24- Vehicle Speed Sensor. About Your CarQuestionsProblemsRecallsReviewsCar Care AdviceGet an EstimateGet an EstimateGet a car repair estimate:Step 1 - MakeStep 2 - YearStep 3 - Model - or - pick from a list (enter your

Verify engine is not overheating, and correct any cooling system related problems first. Check for proper vacuum from source to valve. Code 15- Coolant sensor circuit-low temperature indicated. I seem to find a lot more people getting code 0401 for restrictive air flow which generally means a build up of carbon.

Test the Digital EGR Pressure Feedback Sensor (DPFE) with a data streaming scan tool to verify that the voltage or lift percentage changes according to spec. Possible TCC problem. Code 43- Knock sensor circuit. Check all vacuum hoses.

Code 12 is used on most systems when in the Diagnostic mode (ALDL Terminal B grounded, key-on/engine-off) to signal the beginning or end of a so-called 'diagnostic sequence', when the ECM Replace sensor after verifying wiring and connections are okay. This can damage the ECM and/or the drivetrain if the car is ran/driven like this. *More about code 12 can be read further on in this writeup. TCC stuck on, check the wiring and connections.

Check solenoid for proper resistance, should read between 20-40 ohms at 20C (68F). When all stored codes are finished, the ECM will again flash code 12 to indicate the end of the diagnostic sequence. Loading... Code 33- MAP sensor signal voltage high.

Check pigtail connector from distributor to main harness for any opens or shorts. indicated 65 Right bank O2 sensor rich indicated 24 VSS fault, no pulse indicated 66 A/C pressure sensor low pressure 25 IAT sensor high temp. Code 72- VSS signal circuit error. Raise the RPM to 3000 and check manifold vacuum.

Wipe clean with paper (not cloth) towel to remove material and reinstall. TCC solenoid pressure port possibly clogged causing TCC to stay locked up, meaning pan will have to be pulled to correct. Check solenoid for proper resistance, should read between 20-40 ohms at 20C (68F). Repair as necessary.

Then open the EGR valve to its maximum—the manifold vacuum should drop by at least 3" of mercury. Check pigtail harness from distributor for shorts or opens. Check wiring connections, especially the pigtail connector from the optispark to main wiring harness. It is part of the vehicle emmissions system, and is used to reduce combustion temperature and pressure to control Oxides of Nitrogen.

All information on this site is copyright protected. Add to Want to watch this again later? Rating is available when the video has been rented. You will see the SES (Service Engine Soon) light flash out a code.

Transmission slipping due to excessive heat or low fluid level. Check the wiring and connections to the sensor. Check VSS and circuit for opens or grounds. Rather, the EGR Valve Position Sensor is telling the PCM that there isn't the correct amount of EGR to flow back into the combustion process to sufficiently cool the peak firing

Check the voltage at the DPFE sensor both at idle and when the EGR is open Replace the DPFE sensor Related EGR codes: P0400, P0401, P0403, P0404, P0405, P0406, P0407, P0408, Loading... There may also be other symptoms. Code 41- Ignition control circuit.

Make sure to have a pen & paper handy to write them down. Schrodingers Box 157,518 views 24:57 How to test an electronic EGR valve (GM P1406 case study) - Duration: 22:30. Symptoms Check Engine Light will illuminate In many cases, there may be performance problems, such as pinging on acceleration, when the engine is under load or when driving the vehicle at Code 69- A/C relay circuit fault.

This fault should happen only when vehicle is moving. Check for overheated condition first, low fluid level, faulty TCC lock up or excessive low gear operation. Check for clogged filter and replace f necessary. Check ecm for open or short to ground.

Code 80- Transmission component harness failure. Replace sensor. Code 91- Skip shift lamp defective.