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filemaker fms error wpe1 Macfarlan, West Virginia

Something like the "ip helper address" for forwarding dhcp requests to an dhcp server on an other subnet/vlan. i don't know too much about firewalls but boy am i learning fast. Since there appears to be no way to change this port in either FMS or SmarterStat, we have to go to either disable the web stats or move to the expense Can you recommend a resource where I can learn how to open the firewall ports?

But they are shown through the "Activity Monitor". The current machine configuration has been running fine for many, many months. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites Steven H. I don't *think* any of those issues apply!

Is there a way to force the server to wait for the calculations to complete before continuing with the next script step?

0 0 08/27/14--16:45: Server-side scheduled import not working Turns out it's a Windows thing, and I don't know if there's a Mac equivalent? Per Eric Jacobson, FileMaker 9 uses Bonjour (ie. For more information, see Help and Support Center at

FileMaker database file could not be opened. The Gory Details Without further ado, here are all the relevant parts, complete with firewally port information. then you make the form interact w the server somehow thanks for reading this...and are very kind...

0 0 08/25/14--09:31: Recommendations for a large scale project Contact us about For more information, see Help and Support Center at

Related to a solution I am building I want to send a call to the web something like So the returned XML (pic) is what I want to extract the The error message has since gone away (at least I have not seen this for a few days). Rick Davis 10-26-2010 Shouldn't the ports under web data read 16004 - 16007 instead of 16004 - 1607 Notice the missing 0. Disable all options of FileMaker web publishing.

Re: FMServer ERROR wpe1 FileMaker Server on TSNanner Mar 2, 2009 10:35 AM (in response to hounddogco) Hello hounddogco,The server name does not have to be less than Thanks Peter  

0 0 07/26/14--07:19: FM Server 13 Installation Issue (3 Comments) Contact us about this article Forum post by Praetorian Your post I'm setting a new OSX Sever Back to the top Trackback URL 29 Comments Alex Babkov 7-27-2007 Hmmm. But it does access the IWP database.

When you connect to the server, the program you're connecting with knows which port to use, so it winds up talking to the right service on the other end. Then, when you're done, scroll back up here and carry on with the article. Geoff Coffey 7-28-2007 @marcus: thanks Good to hear from you… it's been a long time. However, once I put the file up on FileMaker Server 13v4, users cannot perform a find on any field in that table.  Yet in the local file (non-hosted) finds work fine

I'd still like to know about this IIS thing. >_______________________________________________ >FMPexperts mailing list >[hidden email] > FMPexperts mailing list [hidden email] Beverly Voth-3 Reply | Threaded Open this post in I do not believe there should be any issue with naming your FileMaker Server the same name as the DNS entry for the same machine.Please let me know if the issue Please type your message and try again. 5 Replies Latest reply on May 29, 2010 9:05 AM by geekeroo FMServer ERROR wpe1 FileMaker Server on hounddogco Feb 10, 2009 He'll skip right to the details below and get things working in no time flat.

However below steps can be tried. We'd like to provide a simple webpage for customers to enter in their order number and receive status/tracking info for it. I can see, in your case, how this info might be useful though. And good luck configuring.

we are asking the campus security folks to open 5003 to see if this clears it up. Or is that a how long is a piece of string question?! Excellent explanation and diagram. -John Philippe Lazzaroni 8-14-2007 Excellent article and amazing graph. I just gave the server the same name as its dns name (which, character length wise, translates to myservr.fms.myserv.fms).

About Me Raj Kumar View my complete profile I am a software professional who takes blogging as a hobby. I will describe the 2 problems I encountered, maybe somebody has a solution for the 2nd problem. 1. The real issue is that I have a script that loops through a bunch of records and it seems to be failing whenever it is run server side. This does not require the ability to make any changes on the customer's part, just informational only.

Be sure to click "Save" in the lower right hand corner of the admin consolePlease let me know the results, and if the error happens again.TSNannerFileMaker, Inc. Post back some more details and someone may be able to help. If I turn web publishing ON, the notifications stop. Do you mind if I translate it in French ?

Above warning message is related to FileMaker Web Publishing Engine (WPE). Event log reports "428: ERROR: read_msg errno 10054 (An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host.)" Still looking for an explanation. I'm hoping if I explain our needs the community can point me in the right direction to find a solution! You have one network firewall running between the server computer(s) and the client computer(s).