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fatal error on creating qt application object Jonben, West Virginia

I'm impressed by the work of WatershedSciences.com company. Now, I see how release and debug versions are created. (###.dll /lid and ###d.dll /lib ) I'm a bit confused…. Server aborting Please consult the The X.Org Foundation support at http://wiki.x.org for help. Configuring Qt for Debugging When configuring Qt for installation, it is possible to ensure that it is built to include debug symbols that can make it easier to track bugs in

any help pls? NMAKE : fatal error U1077: 'cd' : return code '0x2' Stop. Thanks again, you have saved many people lots of time.All the bestReply PankajPosted May 19, 2012 at 3:47 pm | #Hi,I followed your method but I got the following error"Module Machine Under Version select the Qt version you just created.

I thought I had a 64 bit visual studio 2010 but I guess I actually have a 32 bit software installed. I also disabled AV, but with no success. Also, sometimes my build generates the libraries with the version at the end of the file names, are they any different from the ones without them? (i.e QtWebkit4.dll vs QtWebkit.dll) –Siav If I run it again, it will pass this error and have another manifest issue.I even tried to open the VC CMD window in Admin mode, didn't help.link /LIBPATH:"d:\Qt\4.7.4\lib" /LIBPATH:"d:\Qt\4.7.4\lib" /NOLOGO

EvonPosted November 30, 2011 at 2:07 am | #@Ryan: I've noticed that Qt Creator saves its Qt4 settings separate from its installation so that you can share your toolchains between multiple Is there a role with more responsibility? NMAKE : fatal error U1077: ‘cd' : return code ‘0x2' Stop. Integrate just compiled Qt to IDE using menu Qt > Qt Options > Qt Versions > AddUsually compilation takes about 10 hours, but thanks to jom and Intel SSD drive it

I was experiencing similar behavior until I updated my VS2010.Reply AnonymousPosted November 19, 2011 at 10:14 am | #I have a quad. Here are the lines you typically need to add in your main method to translate the texts of your interface. But without SP 1 there are errors during build of Qt 4.7.4Reply Alexis WilkePosted December 14, 2011 at 11:11 am | #If I may, you probably should add a comment in Furthermore, does the 'jailing' work retroactively on applications that I have already installed through ports?

Also install Service Pack 1 for Visual Studio 2010 beforehand - it fixes few bugs related to x64 compilation.July 18 2011: Qt 4.7.3 and Qt 4.8 (beta) has been successfully compiled Running this program in GDB will then work like running GDB on other platforms, and you will be able to trace inside Qt. opera: cannot connect to X server :0 opera: Fatal error on creating Qt application objectAnd Xorg.0.log isX.Org X Server 1.7.6 Release Date: 2010-03-17 X Protocol Version 11, Revision 0 Build Operating I've set the environment variables for QTDIR, QTMAKESPEC and PATH per my installation of Qt (in D:\4.7.3).I've included the output from jom, below.Can someone help?

If Dumbledore is the most powerful wizard (allegedly), why would he work at a glorified boarding school? pl help…!Reply FranzPosted July 28, 2011 at 1:45 am | #The command is ..\jom\jom.exe and assumes that jom.exe is in folder C:\Qt\jom. Access is denied. So, compile Qt in x86.Yes, when you use x64 command prompt Qt is compiled to x64, despite win32-msvc2010 setting.Reply LukePosted October 30, 2011 at 6:59 am | #Yippee!

I want to be able to use the IDE for Qt development. Point the "Plugins" variable to the plugins directory. But I met one issue in my first build:\src\3rdparty\webkit\Source\WebCore\platform\DefaultLocalizationStrategy.cpp, Line 327,in this line there are two strange double quotation, I changed them to
return WEB_UI_STRING("Look Up \"\"", "Look Up However, setting the QTDIR and QMAKESPEC environment variables and then re-running the configure step seemed to resolve the situation and Creator on Windows 8 now happily recognises my 4.8.3 "version" and

Thank you so much for your help and for the binaries that you published. Here is what I have tried so far: Using the executable created in the release folder as I said above. Of note, I was originally having the problem described in Issue 1262, but upgrading from Python 2.7.4 to Python 3.1.4 seems to have resolved that issue. They assume you created a folder for your project (probably a copy of one of the examples), with your sources and a myApp.pro project file.

If I had read the prereqs a little closer I would have gotten it on the first try.However I am still curious about this (from Evon): "Additionally, the 64bit Qt also Compiling from scratch, you're on your own 🙂 It's a pain and takes several hours. Here is an example for a class that represents a 2D coordinate. Unfortunately, running jom's clean happens to also cause the VS2010 compiler to throw LNK4099 warnings because of vc100.pdb being deleted in all of the Qt source libraries.

Interestingly the process fails under Windows 8 at the Jom stage with a message along the lines of "Qt detected Windows 6.2. Documentation contributions included herein are the copyrights of their respective owners. How should I interpret "English is poor" review when I used a language check service before submission? Is it possible to have a planet unsuitable for agriculture?

what to do? You won't have to worry about the 3rd party packages being the wrong version for your build, either.to do this, here are the appropriate addendum for this article (also,I'm directing to Debugging in Mac OS X and Xcode Debugging With/Without Frameworks The basic stuff you need to know about debug libraries and frameworks is found at developer.apple.com in: Apple Technical Note TN2124. You should see this: If you'll notice, the Qt5Package extension created Qt5 Projects templates.

For my compilation I used QMAKESPEC=win32-msvc2010, then configure -debug-and-release -opensource -platform win32-msvc2010. dwarf-2 symbols contain references to source code, so the size of the final debug application should compare favorably to a release build. Read the principles of the library for details. This occurs using both jom and nmake.