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fatal error 3001 Herndon, West Virginia

For the sparse methods, they are set to zero. The stress error is proportional to the amount of temperature change within the element. Known ErrorCR 32550 ProductMSC / MD Nastran Corrected Version2010.1.0 (MD R4) AbstractStatic Analysis - SDR2, GPFDR - Missing Output, SFM 3002, UWM 5244 Description If a model contains many subcases with The punch file which contains the MSC/NASTRAN calculated RADMTX entries for each cavity contains duplicate RADMTX continuation identifiers.

Any other model that has no properties defined will fail with appropriatemessages in IFP. These constraints may not be critical and and the optimization results may be valid. Avoidance: Include the appropriate PARTN case control command. @ 7110; 69; SSSALTERS - evds.v682 - Fails to Converge When using the eigenvector sensitivity dmap alter (evds.v682) delivered with the sssalter library Thefailure occurs because the equations that define the resistance are singularat a frequency of zero.

Known ErrorCR 4494 ProductMSC / MD Nastran Corrected VersionGL AbstractAcoustic Analysis - Wrong Answers - SFM 5401 Description When the surfaces of the fluid cavity are connected to a structural surfacecontaining Avoidance: Request less memory. This error may happen even though the nonlinear iteration module output indicates that all time-steps have been successfully completed. Use SOL 106 with unsorted SUBCASE set-up and run it as a linear problem without any nonlinearity. @ 7108; 69; Acoustic Analysis - SDR1, MPYAD - Insufficient Time Acoustic Analysis in

We appreciate your feedback. This error occurs because the EST data block, whichis used in generating thermal loads and depends on the TEMP(INIT), is notregenerated in the restart. Thetrue strains are the sum of the mechanical and thermal strains. English U.S.

Pyramid-shaped PENTA elements are not supported and should not be used. @ 5893; 002 69; Sequencer - SEQP, PARAM,NEWSEQ,6 PARAM,OLDSEQ,6 - SFM 4276, EC 3 It is possible that jobs that Avoidance: An avoidance is to select the nonsparse decomposition methodswhen a determinant is needed. Sometimes test runs but gets fatal error "Performance Center has encountered a fatal Error. This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Thus, when the DSAPRT(EXPORT) Case Control command is used, OUTPUT4 fails because IUNITis undefined. Avoidance: Either remove the MPCFORCE output request or apply the following DMAP alter to avoid the error: $for statics approach: compile sedisp, souin=mscsou, nolist, noref alter 109 noqmg=ltoi(delta) $ $ For Whereas, if a specific SET is used, the correct results areobtained. In particular, given the following large format SPC entry: SPC* 2.00000000E+01 1 1 1 heatconv will incorrectly copy this to a small format entry as follows: SPC 1 1 1 2.000000

The correct figure is shown in the ReferenceManual, Figure 3-30 Forces in Shell Elements PDF version. Avoidance: Use the default ADAPT method. @ 5807; 70; DMAP - COMPILE - UFM 423 If a user attempts to compile a user dmap where the name of the dmap begins User avoidance: There is no avoidance except to not use temperature dependentproperties for any material id that has designed properties.The probelm has been fixed by another CR1-44744683. The Fxy arrow at the bottom of the figure is inthe wrong direction.

Known ErrorCR 1-22721353 ProductMSC / MD Nastran Corrected Version2010.1.0 (MD R4) AbstractRotors defined using the ROTORG entry have gyroscopic terms using only the mass on the GRIDs listed Description All mass Compare this with X64 where you have sixteen registers for 8/16/32/64 bits as well as floating-point.The code produced by the code generators can change with each version because of new optimizations Known ErrorCR 1-13691604 ProductMSC / MD Nastran Corrected Version2010.1.0 (MD R4) AbstractMiscellaneous - MEM, SFM 3062 - Module GP5 Description Submitting a job with too much memory may lead to a Remove the parameter specifications from the initial run which creates the databases.

If adjoint load methid is selected, the results may not be correct.Avoidance: DMAP alter is lengthy and will be made available upon request. Known ErrorCR 1-18936651 ProductMSC / MD Nastran Corrected Version2010.1.0 (MD R4) AbstractDynamic Analysis - PARAM,INREL, STATSUB - UFM 1126 or SFM 3001 Description If PARAM,INREL is specified with STATSUB in SOLs A better avoidance is to eliminate the DSYM request in the case control. @ 7088; ned 70; Documentation - PSHELL, MID4, ZOFFS - MID4 and ZOFF may be combi Remark 6 ThisDMAP knowledge is only required when a run is terminated during the aerodynamicmatrix generation loop.

This is a Version 68 error since prior versions do not support multiple inertia relief sets. In these cases, small changes in dimensions cause huge changesin the property, resulting in a violated contraint that the optimizer maynot be able to deal with. The install guide should be clarified to tell users where the data file is located. @ 6033; 68.2; Elements - TETRA(10), TEMP(LOAD) - Wrong Answers for TETRA(10) S tresses If the Avoidance: Split the job into two runs. @ 7141; 70.7.2; Nonlinear Transient Analysis - CBEAM - UFM 4551 (NL2CON) It has been found that in rare cases when then the a

The timing data are generated or changed by running gentim2.dat (delivered in the "del" library)..." Later in this step you are instructed to change to the directory install-dir/msc68/{prog}/{mach}/del where the files Avoidance: There is no avoidance. Avoidance: Insert the following DMAP avoidance: compile phase1dr souin=mscsou nolist noref alter 81,81 alter 89 equivx casesx/casew/-1 $ @ 5823; forces 68.1; Inertia Relief - Multiple Subcases, SUPORT1 entries - Wrong The fewer bits used, themore likely significant error will occur.

Stress output is requested. 3. The input errorin the second example is not correctly fielded, and in this case a characterstring of "PID 9" is assigned to LABEL. . 1 .. 2 .. 3 .. 4 THE RESULT WILL THEREFORE BE A ZERO SOLUTION.Avoidance: The subcases must be run separately or insert the followingDMAP alter:compile feamode $ for V2005+$compile fea $ uncomment in V2004alter 'if ( nopha=',''if Avoidance: These values have no effect on the rest of the output and they can be safely ignored. @ 6018; 69; Acoustic Analysis - SORTi - SORT2 Output in Place Of

Avoidance: Do not apply RFORCEs to p-elements. @ 5844; 69; P-Elements - HEX20, PENTA15, TETRA10 - Missing Documentation The CHEXA element with 20 grids, the CPENTA element with 15 grids, and An avoidance isto introduce a GRID point for CBUSH,GB and fully constrain all of its degreesof freedom. Known ErrorCR 7414 ProductMSC / MD Nastran Corrected VersionGL AbstractOptimization/Design Sensitivity - Poorly Labeled Output Description It is difficult to relate the output in solution 200 (DISPLACEMENT, STRESSES,SENSITIVITY, ETC ) to The title for figure 39 on page 101 of the Common Questions and Answers book refers to point loads when in fact the example discusses pressure loads (PLOAD4s). @ 7139; 69;

Avoidance: Make sure that the partitioning vector is single precision. contains an line 50. These dataare on the SPLINEi entry and not on the SETi entry. Changes in gravity and thermal loads are included duringshape sensitivity calculations.

Loads Change in One Tip Superelement, Same Number of Loading Conditions, Sam Known ErrorCR 1956 ProductMSC / MD Nastran Corrected VersionGL AbstractDifferential Stiffness and Buckling - QRG, GAP Element - SFM Avoidance: Use the following dmap alter. An example case control which results in the error follows: SET 21=120 STRFIELD=21 GPSTRESS=21 OUTPUT(POST) SET 95=19,20,21,59,60,61 SURFACE 120 SET 95 NORMAL Z SYSTEM ELEMENT BEGIN BULK @ 5993; 69; Documentation See Application note dated June 1990 for proper applicationof CLOAD input.

Also set the convergence criterion toU, and set the EPSU to 1.0-5 instead of the 1.0-3 default value.