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external sas enclosure phy link error Eskdale, West Virginia

The information provided is provided "as is" without warranty of any kind. Rather, localized processing independent of the SAS communication media and ports is utilized to perform the processing of element 200 through 204. Element 200 first reads the link error status registers associated with all links of the SAS expander. Any such scanning or polling of expander links by a SAS initiator uses valuable communication bandwidth on the SAS communication links (i.e., on one or more PHYs in the SAS domain

A port may use a single PHY or, if the port is configured as a wide port, may use multiple PHYs logically grouped to provide higher bandwidth. This sensor is located in box which is connected to port of array controller . If the error persists, you may need to replace thearray accelerator. Run the server setup utility.102-System Board Failure, CMOS Test Failed.

In accordance with features and aspects hereof, SAS expander 104 includes features to detect link level errors on links/PHYs associated with the SAS expander 104 and to notify an associated SAS A SAS expander 104 provides a plurality of links or “PHYS” for exchanging data (“frames”) with links/PHYs of other expanders or SAS devices. By incorporating the link error detection and a link error notification of a SAS initiator device within SAS expander 104, utilization of valuable port bandwidth for overhead purposes of error detection Error Code: XDescription: The controller returned an error from its internal POST.Action: Replace the controller.Controller Restarted with a Signature of ZeroDescription: ADU did not find a valid configuration signature to use

If CapacityExpansion operations are pending, be sure that the original cache module is attached.If all logical drives have been disabled, upgrade the controller or move the drives back to the originalcontroller Page 63 Action: Restore the security override switch setting to the normal position.1502: iLO 4 is disabled. Page 43 Memory found on unpopulated Node. — Processor is required to be installed formemory to be used.Description: The system detects DIMMs, but is unable to use the DIMMs because a Array Accelerator is temporarily disabled.

FIG. 4 is a block diagram of a SAS domain with a master SAS expander embodying features and aspects hereof for SAS expander link error self monitoring. What is the difference between "Since Factory" and "Since Reset'?If "Since Factory" means brand new unit, does it mean that the HDD is already defective since brand new?Thank you. This message is displayed if a drive is replaced in a fault-tolerantlogical volume.Action: If the replacement was intentional, allow the drive to rebuild. Where prior known techniques required the SAS initiator device to utilize a valuable communication bandwidth to periodically scan or poll such link error status registers, the processing of element 200 utilizes

Such communications exchanged within the SAS domain fabric 402 provide the benefits discussed above in that valuable communication bandwidth associated with port 450 between the SAS initiator 102 and the SAS Your cache administrator is webmaster. Please ask the forum!If you feel this was helpful please click the KUDOS! Login Login Log in to your account with Facebook Twitter or Forgot password?

Typically, in SAS terminology, such a link is referred to as a PHY. The systemwill continue to operate.Action: Confirm that the license agreement in use supports all of the installed processors. Thus, the method of FIG. 3 provides for rapid detection of SAS expander link errors with reduced overhead consumption of valuable bandwidth between the SAS initiator and the SAS expander. For example, link error handler 112 may disable further operation of the failed link and/or the logical port associated with the failed link/PHY.

Common SCSI compatible peripheral devices may include: disk drives, tape drives, CD drives (“CD-ROM”, “CD-RW”, etc), DVD drives, printers and scanners. Page 32 Controller State: The array controller is operating without a memory board and hasa bad volume position……Any configuration command (e.g. This drive can be found in box 1 which is connected to port 1I of the array controller P410i [Embedded].The failure reason received from the HP Smart Array firmware is: MARK_BAD_FAILED.The Don’t have an account?

Release Date: 2014-09-25 Last Updated: 2014-09-25 DESCRIPTION On the HP ProLiant Gen9 servers listed under Platforms Affected configured with HP Smart Array P44x/P840 Controllers or HP H24x Smart Host Bus Adapters Page 55 210-Memory Board Power Fault on board XAudible Beeps: 1 long, 1 shortPossible Cause: A problem exists with a memory board powering up properly.Action: Exchange DIMMs and retest. When a link level error is so detected the SAS expander may initiate actions and/or report the error to a SAS initiator to thereby reduce the potential for lost data integrity. Page 104 1 - Amber2 - Green3 - GreenInterpretationFlashing 2 HzFlashing 2 HzOnThe capacitor has been charging for 10 minutes, buthas not reached sufficient charge to perform a fullbackup.OnOnOffThe current backup

Page 21 RIS Copies Between Drives Do Not MatchDescription: The drives on this controller contain copies of the RIS that do not match. SCSI has evolved from exclusively parallel interfaces to include both parallel and serial interfaces. “SCSI” is now generally understood as referring either to the communication transport media (parallel bus structures and The master SAS expander 404 may then notify SAS initiator device 102 as discussed above with respect to FIG. 3. A method for detecting link level errors for links in a serial attached SCSI (SAS) expander, the method comprising: periodically reading error status registers within said SAS expander and associated with

Such a message may be formatted, for example, as an SMP/SSP message exchange between the SAS initiator and the SAS expander in accordance with SAS standards. Another feature hereof provides, in a SAS domain including a SAS initiator, apparatus comprising: a SAS expander having multiple PHYs associated therewith and at least one of said multiple PHYs coupled In addition, where a SAS expander 104 is further enhanced to act in the role of a SAS initiator and where the SAS initiator device may act in the role of Replace the memory board if problem persists.

Page 75 ****I/O modules are not cabled for good fault toleranceRedundant I/O paths exist due to direct loopback of controller portsRedundant I/O module supported and unsupported storage boxes are cabled together.Refer Some information may notapply to the server you are troubleshooting. SEARCH TIP : For hints on locating similar documents on HP.com, refer to the Search Tips document . Data in array accelerator has been lost.Action:1.Verify the integrity of the data stored on the drive.

Another aspect hereof further provides for initiating an action within the SAS expander to preclude further loss of data integrity on the failed SAS link following detection of said link error. It sound like the HDD failure.I want to confirm whether our findings is correct. This guide, Volume II: ErrorMessages, provides a list of error messages and information to assist with interpreting and resolving errormessages on ProLiant servers and server blades.