eval-corr decimal data error Bretz West Virginia

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eval-corr decimal data error Bretz, West Virginia

So, the subfield DS_HRESD01.D1CHGAMT is recognized as anegative value;While I was originally going to describe the effect for thepresentation by debug as "disturbing" [the term /interesting/ is far toocomplacent sounding toward The two op codes are XML-SAX and XML-INTO. The default value for the input member is *FIRST, but you can change that to a specific member name if you wish. Send me notifications when members answer or reply to this question.

There was an error processing your information. Before compiling this member you will need to change the last DCL (Declare CL Variable) statement to contain the name of the library where your REXX source resides. When used in free-format calcs, it accepts the H, M, and R operation extenders. (There's not enough room for an extender in the 10-character op code field of fixed-format calculations. CRPence 2013-05-14 15:24:11 UTC PermalinkRaw Message Post by Hiebert, ChrisPost by CRPencePost by Florin Todorif DS_HRESD01.D1CHGAMT < 0;DS_DETD01 *= (-1);endif;and it worked.

To consider numeric values properly you must think in terms of the hexadecimal (hex) representation of the field. The remaining parameters identify whether output is added to the output file or if it replaces it, and whether you want to create an error report. Please enter an answer. DEBUG(*DUMP) enables the DUMP op code in the module.

The zone portion for the sign digit would *not* be forced tox'F' from x'B' by the MI numeric algorithms because that is a valid signdigit to denote /negative/ and thus it As Barbara suggested, "just define DS_HRESD01.D1CHGAMT ascharacter, so EVAL-CORR will skip it, and then handle it separately asChris suggested." Using the %dec(char_variable:12:0)*.01 seems quitesensible, to effect a cast from an effective But, when you can actually do a move operation and it doesn’t throw any error, and you have %char built in functions and all to covert numeric to character, why should This is where the FIXDECDTA command comes in.

A value greater than one indicates the number of characters that will be removed from each field name before the first parameter is prepended. If either of these conditions occurs you will receive the generic error message CPD0150 (Requirements between parameters not satisfied.). That is not so. "bbbbbb-79349" is recognized as 79349 when assigned to a packed field. :-) I actually knew that not to be so... By submitting you agree to receive email from TechTarget and its partners.

The programs do not perform any operation that can fail from a decimal data error. Identifying Errors How do we identify invalid data? We'll email you when relevant content is added and updated. Pleasetell me that is not so!As requested, "That is not so." :-)'bbbbbb-79349' would be handled the same as '000000079349', so itwould not compare less than 0.<>The reference I'd cite: "If you

PREFIX has two parameters. The ID number field has been increased in size from five to seven digits The Name field is no longer null-capable The Sex field has been changed from character to packed I realize that most people write perfect code that works right the first time, but klutzes like me, who need all the help we can get, really do need WDSc and Privacy Reply Processing your reply...

And if you happened to have the '+' character, x'4e', you would get decimal data error on the eval-corr. I see only RPG example but not the corresponding javascript. The zoned portion of the other bytes will be forced to'F'. I have a query wrt the below code:I am trying a simple code:PAR 1 Program:C CALL 'PAR2'

All Rights Reserved. The physical length of the stored data is: (scale of field + 1) / 2. I am assuming you have other subfields in the datastructures, otherwise, there is no real need for eval-corr; eval will do.I'm surprised that the data in f_in210txt has the numeric value Processing the Data Now you can receive data from an outside source and verify that it contains valid numeric data.

Forthe given scenario, it is obvious that the effects described in thatquoted doc was not put into effect for the zoned decimal variable.Although there was an assignment of the DS to DEBUG(*INPUT) tells the compiler to retain unused input fields (the ones flagged with error 7031 in the compilation listing) in the program object. If the effect of the proper comparison is due to thevalue being copied into a packed decimal intermediate that is then usedfor the actual comparison, or that the value was /corrected/ Like any other EVAL,there is the option to :X to get the actual code points of the bytesthat make up the data in the variable.Post by Hiebert, ChrisMy suggestion assumes the

I am assuming you have other subfields in the data structures, otherwise, there is no real need for eval-corr; eval will do. The data is invalid if it contains values such as ABCDE or 123A6. That should cause overflow rather than a decimal data error. Expression Modified AANAME PREFIX('BB') BBAANAME PREFIX('BB':0) BBAANAME PREFIX('BB':2) BBNAME PREFIX('BB':1) BBANAME PREFIX('':2) NAME The documentation Barbara Morris gave me suggested that EVAL-CORR might be of interest to shops where all fields

Whatever is the /home-grown/ version of /editing/ being usedby the debugger, seems both to ignore the convention and to produceinconsistent results as compared to almost everything else that does usethe MI My first guess is that there is some difference in your definitions causing the problem, but without the code, it is impossible to say.Brian MayIBM i Modernization SpecialistProfound Logic Softwarehttp://www.profoundlogic.com937-439-7925 Phone877-224-7768 The errors always have the same cause: Memory has bytes that the program defines as decimal data, but the bytes don't contain decimal data values. The two new BIF's are %XML and %HANDLER.

When the program attempts an arithmetic operation, the operation fails. -- Tom 125,585 pointsBadges: report ToddN2000 Feb 6, 2013 5:11 PM GMT Another reason is your arithmetic operation may produce It's Not Rocket Science Those of you who were hoping for RPG support for complex numbers or matrix multiplication are out of luck. These examples show how field AANAME might be modified. So if you can wait a few days you'll be able to see a much better approach to loading up the tree data on the back-end (along with corresponding front-end code).