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error-prone antonym Arlee, Montana

I wanted to express the idea that participating in programming competitions has forced me into habits and conventions which reduce the incidence of bugs. –Atte Juvonen May 14 at 1:21 add level, smooth collapsed complanate decumbent deflated depressed empty even extended fallen flush horizontal laid low low oblate outstretched pancake planar planate plane procumbent prone prostrate punctured reclining recumbent splay spread out A-Z Complexity Complexity sorts synonyms based on their difficulty. Antonyms for Error-prone: infallible.

Is there a role with more responsibility? So, an adept programmer; a programming adept. And yes, the usual route is to write code which works and is as clean as possible, and then optimize it. I rather explain how I'm good, and then back those claims with facts.

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As the saying goes, it's easier to make a working system beautiful than to make beautiful system work. –frank May 15 at 1:31 I agree with everything you said. I was looking for an expression on the specific thing of "non-error-prone coding style", which sounds silly. Please log in or register to use bookmarks. I was looking for an expression on the specific thing of "non-error-prone coding style". –Atte Juvonen May 14 at 11:01 If you think that producing clean and efficient code

If you have error-prone coding style, it just takes longer to get your program to function reliably. Hide this message.QuoraSign In Thesauruses Antonyms Words English (language)What is the antonym of "error-prone"?UpdateCancelAnswer Wiki3 Answers Robert Charles Lee, 35+ years in editorial & publishing, British speaker, work in American EnglishWritten Can an ATCo refuse to give service to an aircraft based on moral grounds? noun adept ˈadɛpt: one who is very skilled or proficient at something.

Conservatives were prone to call it socialistic or revolutionary. Is it possible to have a planet unsuitable for agriculture? Save your draft before refreshing this page.Submit any pending changes before refreshing this page. We truly appreciate your support.

And yes, people have "coding styles" :) –Atte Juvonen May 13 at 23:57 I assume terms like "high-quality" and "well-written" are not specific enough for your purposes? Synonyms Antonyms Words Word of the Day tubule Synonyms: adit, adjutage, air pipe, ajutage, aqueduct, artery, bridge, canal, canaliculus, catheter... Thank you!by Power Thesaurus © 2016 Error-prone - definition of error-prone by The Free Dictionary Friendly Dictionary, Encyclopedia and Thesaurus - The Free Dictionary 9,247,157,627 visitors served Search / Page share|improve this answer answered May 14 at 4:50 Jonas 30015 Robust - able to withstand or overcome adverse conditions.

You can also log in with FacebookTwitterGoogle+Yahoo +Add current page to bookmarks TheFreeDictionary presents: Write what you mean clearly and correctly. Both lit. In the words of Aristotle, the primitive Roman was prone to the love of women. For example, one might produce clean code, which is easy to read, or one might produce efficient code, which runs fast.

Maybe, but that sounds strange to me. –surlawda May 13 at 23:21 There are many ways how one can be "adept" at coding, which makes it a general expression. Cite This Source 1 2 3 NEXT   11 Synonyms found for prone Word Origin & History prone 1382, "naturally inclined to something, apt, liable," from L. Web. 14 Oct. 2016. . This page may be out of date.

current community blog chat English Language & Usage English Language & Usage Meta your communities Sign up or log in to customize your list. Does chilli get milder with cooking? share|improve this answer answered May 14 at 10:19 frank 1,069111 There are many ways how one can be "adept" at coding, which makes it a general expression. This information should not be considered complete, up to date, and is not intended to be used in place of a visit, consultation, or advice of a legal, medical, or any

Are we missing a good antonym for ERROR-PRONE? in danger accessible in peril laid bare laid open left open liable menaced open prone sensitive subject susceptible threatened unguarded unprotected vulnerable flat adj. Trademarks belong to their respective owners. adj lying down Synonyms for prone adj lying down flatstar horizontalstar levelstar prostratestar recliningstar recumbentstar supinestar decumbentstar procumbentstar face downstar resupinestar Antonyms for prone sitting unlikely straight upright improbably Roget's 21st

There are many cases where a longer solution is clearer and more obviously correct, even though a concise solution would be available. –Atte Juvonen May 14 at 8:46 add a comment| Can a Legendary monster ignore a diviner's Portent and choose to pass the save anyway? Deutsche Bahn - Quer-durchs-Land-Ticket and ICE Is it "eĉ ne" or "ne eĉ"? EXPAND About Terms & Privacy ©2016, LLC.

Cite This Source Pokémon Words More words related to prone apt adj. Not the answer you're looking for? More Tweet Type your word below and click here to search error-prone 1 antonyms found Pronunciation: [ˈɛɹəpɹˈə͡ʊn], [ˈɛɹəpɹˈə‍ʊn], [ˈɛ_ɹ_ə_p_ɹ_ˈəʊ_n] Tweet Loading... antonyms share|improve this question asked May 13 at 22:13 Atte Juvonen 132 You could recast the sentence using adept or proficient--"He is adept at coding." This seems better to

Why does argv include the program name? government Web sites. (Up front: news, trends & analysis)As a result, the management of access control data becomes a difficult, expensive, and error-prone process.NIST's Role Based Access Control research saves industry It's commonplace to spend more time fixing errors from existing code than actually writing new code. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Web. 14 October 2016. Filter | Part of SpeechadjectiveSimilarSoundsSearched Withterms prone robustness

442K words18M synonyms2.3M antonyms AboutFeedbackDonationsExamples of SynonymsLink to UsA-Z IndexTermsPrivacyCan Power Thesaurus be any better? This is a slightly broader term than "non-error-prone", but it's perfect for my context. –Atte Juvonen May 14 at 8:36 Yeah, "robust" is the term I'd usually reach for