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fvwm error log Tonasket, Washington

Some applications don’t use the icon I defined for them. What’s the difference between the Focus and FlipFocus commands? Normal UNIX rules apply. Is there some kind of auto arrange function?

When I Maximize an application, sometimes I get gaps around the edges, and other times I don’t. Note: When the shutdown event arrives, FvwmEvent may be killed before it can trigger the associated action. Just add an entry to some menu that starts it: AddToMenu main_menu + "FvwmConsole" Module FvwmConsole Using FvwmCommand is a bit more tricky. This command creates a lot of extra network traffic, depending on your CPU, network connection, the number of Key, Mouse or PointerKey commands in your configuration file and the number of

View entire thread SourceForge About Site Status @sfnet_ops Powered by Apache Allura™ Find and Develop Software Create a Project Software Directory Top Downloaded Projects Community Blog @sourceforge Resources Help Site Documentation Use the StartsOnDesk or StartsOnPage style in your config: Style Firefox* StartsOnPage 0 1 or Style Firefox* StartsOnDesk 1 Any window with a title that begins with ‘Firefox’ will be placed The application won’t allow it. Please read the man page.

The hostname can also be an environment variable such as $HOSTDISPLAY. *FvwmEvent: RplayPriority 0 Specifies what priority will be assigned to the rplay sounds when they are played. *FvwmEvent: RplayVolume 127 The suffix .bg.* is removed. Finally you have to quit with /usr/dt/bin/dtaction ExitSession Now you can happily use CDE programs and fvwm. Look up the documentation for your X server.

See question 3.23 to learn how to define a transparent colorset (you may reuse the same transparent colorset or define separate colorsets for different modules). The default delay is 0 which disables the Event delay. *FvwmEvent: StartDelay delay Specifies that an event-action will only be executed if it occurs at least delay seconds after the startup Why is that? Thanks Klaus -- ------------------------------------------ | Klaus Zeitler Lucent Technologies | | Email: kzeitler_at_lucent.com | ------------------------------------------ --- Love cannot be much younger than the lust for murder. -- Sigmund Freud -- Visit

First set your home session in Dtwm. How to define transparent modules? All Rights Reserved. Please don't fill out this field.

For instance: *button-alias: (Id A, Title "My Button", Action (Mouse 1) \ `Exec exec xcalc`) Development, known problems & bug reports Why do NumLock, CapsLock and ScrollLock interfere with ClickToFocus and/or What’s going on? The source code and releases can all be found on GitHub: http://github.com/fvwmorg Versions older than 2.6.x are no longer supported. The simplest technique is to use the prefix key to invoke a menu and then use the menu hot keys as the second key in the binding.

You can redirect standard error to a file when fvwm is started: “fvwm 2> fvwm-errors”. No command line invocation is possible. What’s going on? Moving the mouse/focus/page with the keyboard.

Older hardware uses something called 8 bit color. Fvwm now supports ~/.fvwm search directory by default. A simpler style can be used with the following: Key Tab A M WindowList Root c c CurrentDesk, NoGeometry This will just list the windows on the current desk (titles only). Firefox)?

where is the screen number. I like transparency. There does not seem to be any information regarding this question in the fvwm man page. -- Peter Next Message by Thread: Re: FVWM: how to set a file for fvwm Most people try and do this: Style * !Title, BorderWidth 0 This doesn’t always work because many forget about a window having having handles – which sit on the border.

The same program works just fine under MWM or OLWM. Otherwise, if we didn’t do it (because the window in question was in any other layer), the window is put in layer 6. Installation I want to use fvwm, but I don’t have root access on my machine. If you are not sure whether you use “fvwm-root -r” or similar utility to set the root background, do not use RootTransparent option, use Transparent option without tinting, and set the

However this is probably part > > of the problem i'm writing about now. > > Yes, I remember. It is similar in effect to setting both --mask and --xmask to 0, but the events are actually received by the module, they are just not printed. errors) of fvwm?A: Errors are reported to the standard error file. Why won’t the StartIconic style work with some applications?

That usually is an empty session, though you could have the CDE session manager remember what your desktop was like instead of FvwmSaveDesk etc.. Although I use the WindowListSkip style for my modules they still show up in FvwmIconMan, FvwmWinList etc.