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fotoplayer html error Rice, Washington

Option to add the image to package or purchase separately. The mouseover window will also display a resized slide image. Newly added parms: "extracost" and "value" in tags. Color Black and White Sepia Blue music -> Event trigger when music button clicked.

New way to display folder description (mouse over tooltip) How it works: Folder description will be displayed as a tooltip on gallery menu mouseover instead of displaying in a window File name: res/shoppingcart/shoppingcart.xml Tag: Add new parm, priceroundoff="0.25" (your currency basic unit) Example: 0.25 -> will round off $10.27 to $10.25 , $10.54 to $10.50 , $10.99 to $10.75 0.50 Skin includes two seemless tiled images in res/backgroundimages folder. In prior versions, title text width is designed to be same as the image width.

The minimum flash player version required to view the album will be 8 "True" Full Screen album view Option to set tiled background images Supports displaying GIF, PNG and progressive JPGs Highlight the selected menu. If the item is not in jpg format, the actual thumb image will be displayed. 22. You can now customize the target to "_self" so that when the print button is clicked, the user will be redirected to print service site in the same page.

F113 Search images based on user rating. F71 Paypal order button. Can be disabled. Can be disabled manually in config.htt 'topdata' attribute set to NYY F26 Image label.

Image Rating feature is now integrated within FotoPlayer (only for PRO version) 24. Source: tag in photos.xml. F96

Description background. Album load progressbar and slideprogressbar updated 39.

Password protected download!!! F17 Thumbnail background. F18 Image navigation/slideshow start stop buttons. When clicked will display a pop-up message with the file name and a download button. Can be disabled manually in config.htt 'topdata' attribute set to YYN Note: If you set topdata to "NNN" and exifheightper="0" in config.htt, FP will automatically disable the background for the

Click 'Add Item' again to add to cart." /> When the viewer opens the shoppingcart for the slide image with category as NFS, the above text 'NOT FOR SALE' will be

File(rss2html.php/photos.xml) is not within the allowed path(s): (//customers/1/9/6/ in /customers/1/9/6/ on line 130 Warning: file_exists(): open_basedir restriction in effect. List can be customized. Thanks in advance dhina Posts: 5,012 Registered: 12/11/04 Re: fotoplayer-template.html with error socket error: 111, exiting Posted: 30-Dec-2011 12:45 in response to: sandervk Reply HTML version uses RSS2HTML There is a new parameter to set the font Cart email notification script made compatible for Qmail mail server. (Solution for error: "Warning: mail() function.mail: SMTP server response: 451") File name

F114 Folder thumbs image. email.txt How to use: 1. Configure the ecard settings in config.htt 2. Will not be displayed for licensed users.

ecardicon="Send as E-Card"> Change 3: YN" title="Send as E-Card"> For Tree menu :

No custom user filters can be added. Your webserver should support PHP. Set full write access (CHMOD 777) to res/ecard folder. panzoom -> Event trigger when panzoom button clicked.

Setting '0' will disable the frame. Keep the images inside subfolders in the jalbum image input directory. Shopping order in XML format. Download icon changed from floppy disk to down arrow mark. 21.

Option to generate HTML version of the skin. Album HTML version: Option to open sub gallery directly. JAlbum 'Preview' button click will now open the album page with the custom naming convention you provided (prior version will always try to open index.html) 46. Customizable color.

Checkout feature for taking orders from offline album(CD albums sent to the client). The publisher needs to use their own or third party tools for handling credit cards. In V3.0, if some of the images don't have exif info, FotoPlayer will still display the EXIF panel with empty contents. Ability to add extra cost for custom fields In prior versions, custom fields are used just to get more user preference for the selected item.

F39 Customizable menu highlight color F40 Thumbnail tooltips with scrolling text of image label and size. Viewer requires Flash player 9.0.028 version. Customizable. From next time onwards, FP will check if tagslist.txt file exists.

Text File Viewer background color width and height customization. (Text file viewer is used when you publish *.txt files).