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fltk-utf8 1.1.6 error int Palouse, Washington

If you wish to speed this up, remember that anything less than 0x80 is written as a single byte. FL_EXPORT const char *fl_utf8back (const char *p, const char *start, const char *end) FL_EXPORT intfl_utf8bytes (unsigned ucs) Return the number of bytes needed to encode the given UCS4 character in Treating errors this way allows this to decode almost any ISO-8859-1 or CP1252 text that has been mistakenly placed where UTF-8 is expected, and has proven very useful. UTF-8 The Unicode standard defines various UCS Transformation Formats.

This is legal UTF-8, but also indicates plain ASCII. unsigned fl_utf8fromwc ( char * dst, unsigned dstlen, const wchar_t * src, unsigned srclen ) Turn "wide characters" as returned by some system calls (especially on Windows) into UTF-8. ISO 10646 The International Organisation for Standardization (ISO) had also been trying to develop a single unified character set. Returns 4 if there are characters in the 0x10000 to 0x10ffff range.

if STRICT_RFC3629 is set to 1 (not the default!) then UTF-8 sequences that correspond to illegal UCS values are treated as errors. My problem is in this version of FLTK utf8.cxx is not working for Linux but it is working for Windows(XP) beautifully ,I guess this is some bug... It returns 0 if there are any illegal UTF-8 sequences; 1 if src contains plain ASCII or if len is zero; or 2, 3 or 4 to indicate the range of ASCII or ISO-8859-1) into UTF-8.

Link: http://www.fltk.org/str.php?L1738 Version: 1.1.6// // // UTF-8 test program for the Fast Light Tool Kit (FLTK). // // Copyright 1998-2003 by Bill Spitzak and others. // // This library is free Definition: fl_utf8.cxx:194 fl_utf8bytesFL_EXPORT int fl_utf8bytes(unsigned ucs)Return the number of bytes needed to encode the given UCS4 character in UTF8. Is there a way to make the Icelandic text appear in the label of Fl_box. Definition: fl_utf8.cxx:246 fl_utf8localeFL_EXPORT int fl_utf8locale()Definition: fl_utf.c:745 fl_wcwidth_FL_EXPORT int fl_wcwidth_(unsigned int ucs)wrapper to adapt Markus Kuhn's implementation of wcwidth() for FLTK Definition: fl_utf.c:957 fl_utf8towcFL_EXPORT unsigned fl_utf8towc(const char *src, unsigned srclen, wchar_t *dst,

Do not use this to scan strings, use fl_utf8decode() instead. Parameters s1,s2the utf8 strings to compare nthe maximum number of utf8 characters to compare Returns0 if the strings are equal >0 if s1 is greater than s2 <0 if s1 is Definition: fl_utf.c:974 fl_utf8lenFL_EXPORT int fl_utf8len(char c)return the byte length of the UTF-8 sequence with first byte c, or -1 if c is not valid...Definition: fl_utf8.cxx:114 fl_utf8to_mbFL_EXPORT unsigned fl_utf8to_mb(const char *src, unsigned int fl_utf8encode ( unsigned ucs, char * buf ) Write the UTF-8 encoding of ucs into buf and return the number of bytes written.

Todo:explain what non-spacing means. Is there anybody that knows how to do this ? Unicode characters in the 7-bit ASCII range map to the same value and are represented as a single byte, making the transformation to Unicode quick and easy. as a 68 request to terminate the program. 69 - Fluid no longer closes the code window when hitting ESC (STR #2997). 70 - Improved Fl_Widget::when() handling in Fl_Tabs (STR #2939).

This is not the same behaviour as fl_wcwidth_(unsigned int ucs) . fl_utf8toa() converts a string containing UTF-8 characters into single byte characters. About Freecode Privacy Cookies/Opt Out Terms Advertise © 2015 Slashdot Media. Please see the individual function description for further details about error handling and return values.

fl_xid() no longer causes Win32 applications to crash. 1.1.5 19 Oct 2004 22:24 Release Notes: This is primarily a bugfix release, including documentation updates, fixes for 64-bit platforms, FLUID, several widgets, explain the fl_utf8_... The international standard ISO 10646 defines the Universal Character Set (UCS) which contains the characters required for almost all known languages. end is the end of the string and is assumed to be a break between characters.

It fixes a problem where Fl_Double_Window produced an error on resize with X11 FLUID didn't display menu items using images properly, an issue where FLUID didn't handle default function parameters properly, The [OksiD] fl_utf8len() function assumes that the byte it is passed is the first byte in a UTF-8 sequence, and returns the length of the sequence. Definition: fl_utf8.cxx:221 fl_utf2mbcsFL_EXPORT char * fl_utf2mbcs(const char *src)converts UTF8 to a local multi-byte character string. UCS-4 uses four bytes, which lets it handle higher characters, but this is even more wasteful for ASCII or Latin1.

Unicode characters in the range 0x10000 to 0x10ffff are converted to "surrogate pairs" which take two words each (this is called UTF-16 encoding). There is the great Oksid port of 1.1.6, but his site is completely empty right now, not sure why, so all links on google for 'fltk utf8' are busted. int fl_utf_nb_char(const unsigned char *buf, int len) OksiD Returns the number of UTF-8 characters in the first len bytes of buf. dstlen specifies the maximum number of bytes to copy, including the null terminator.

fl_utf8encode() writes the UTF-8 encoding of ucs into buf and returns the number of bytes in the sequence. Contact Us - GIDForums™ - Archive - Top vBulletin, Copyright © 2000 - 2016, Jelsoft Enterprises Ltd. "Fossies" - the Fresh Open Source Software Archive Member "fltk-1.3.3/CHANGES" (3 Nov 2014, Trailing bytes in a UTF-8 sequence will return -1. This is the final release of the 1.1.x development tree. 1.1.7 18 Jan 2006 06:09 Release Notes: This release fixes many bugs, adds some new example programs, and adds many new

I have a copy of his modified version of 1.1.6, so for the time being, I've posted it here until his site is working again: http://seriss.com/people/erco/fltk/fltk-utf8_1.1.6-1.tar.gz I've used his modified version fd calculation, if USE_POLL is enabled (STR #2324) 383 - Fixed clipping for offscreen rendering (OSX, STR #2330) 384 - Fixed possibility of wrong flags() in Fl_Window::iconlabel() 385 (STR #2161) 386 See the GNU // Library General Public License for more details. // // You should have received a copy of the GNU Library General Public // License along with this library; This function can be used to scan faulty UTF8 sequence, albeit ignoring invalid codes.

Can you help me on this, please ?