ethernet oam link-monitor high-threshold action error-disable-interface Blakely Island Washington

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ethernet oam link-monitor high-threshold action error-disable-interface Blakely Island, Washington

From a user's perspective, an interface in loopback mode is in a link-up state. All the components that perform active RSP to standby RSP updates using messages require ISSU support. Router# show ethernet oam summary Symbols: * - Master Loopback State, # - Slave Loopback State Capability codes: L - Link Monitor, R - Remote Loopback U - Unidirection, V - Step5 exit Example: Router(config-if)# exit Returns the CLI to global configuration mode.

Step6 Return to your originating procedure (NTP). In passive mode, a device cannot inititate discovery, inquire about variables, or set loopback mode. You can toggle between Ethernet OAM modes without disabling OAM. When link monitoring is enabled, the interface sends event OAM protocol data units (PDUs) when errors occur and interprets event OAM PDUs from the remote peer.

The Ethernet OAM module, implemented within the control plane, handles the OAM client as well as control block functionality of the OAM sublayer. Timeout Sets a master loopback timeout setting. Hence, the calculation to determine the remote low and high threshold is (configured threshold * frame window in received Bridge Protocol Data Unit (BPDU))/1000000. They are intercepted by the MAC sublayer and cannot propagate beyond a single hop within an Ethernet network.

Step13 source template template-name Example: Router(config-if)# source template oam-temp Applies to the interface the options configured in the template. Enter your password if prompted.   Step 2 configure terminal Example: Device# configure terminal   Enters global configuration mode.   Step 3 interface type number Example: Device(config)# interface gigabitethernet 3/8 Device(config)# interface gigabitethernet For more information, use the question mark (?) online help function. Command Modes Ethernet OAM configuration (config-eoam) Interface Ethernet OAM configuration (config-if-eoam) Command History Release Modification Release 5.0.0 This command was introduced.

Step4 In the Configuration area, expand the appropriate slot and select the port where you want to enable the Ethernet link OAM. Step5 From the EFM State drop-down list, choose Enabled to enable Ethernet link OAM on the selected port. You can configure the OAM application to influence the operational state of the link, when a link quality threshold is exceeded or a critical event PDU is received from the peer, Since IEEE 802.3ah OAM does not provide a guaranteed delivery of any OAM PDU, the event notification OAM PDU may be sent multiple times to reduce the probability of a lost

Step3 interface type number Example: Router(config)# interface gigabitethernet 3/8 Specifies an interface and places the CLI in interface configuration mode. A system-wide implementation is not required; OAM can be deployed for part of a system; that is, on particular interfaces. Four types of OAM messages are supported: Information OAM PDU--A variable-length OAM PDU that is used for discovery. Note The example indicates an 8-port 10-Gigabit Ethernet interface in modular services card slot 1.

Specify the frequency, in milliseconds, at which OAM PDUs are sent to the peer to keep the OAM association alive.host1(config-if)#ethernet oam lfm pdu-transmit-interval 200In this example, the local interface is configured If the user group assignment is preventing you from using a command, contact your AAA administrator for assistance. For more information about the syntax for the router, use the question mark (?) online help function. None Error Block Error Disable Critical Event Sends the critical event notification when an unspecified critical event has occurred.

Link monitoring can be effective only if both the local client and remote peer agree to support it. Error Frame (error frames per second)--The number of frame errors detected during a specified period exceeded a threshold. DLP-J321 Enable or Disable Link Monitoring Support on an Interface Using Cisco IOS Commands DLP-J315 Enable or Disable Link Monitoring Support on an Interface Using CTC DLP-J322 Enable or Disable Link Step5 no ethernet oam link-monitor on Example: Router(config-if)# no ethernet oam link-monitor on Stops link monitoring operations.

Router(config-if)#mtu bytes Configures the maximum packet size for an interface. Step3 interface type number Example: Router(config)# interface TenGigabitEthernet4/1 Specifies the interface to configure and enters interface configuration mode. Discovery Discovery is the first phase of Ethernet OAM and it identifies the devices in the network and their OAM capabilities. If the user group assignment is preventing you from using a command, contact your AAA administrator for assistance.

However, all loopback messages continue to be sent. Session Timer (Optional) Specifies the amount of time, in seconds, after which a device declares its OAM peer to be nonoperational and resets its state machine. Similarly, the multiplexer passes loopback frames from the p-parser to the same subordinate sublayer when the interface is in OAM remote loopback mode. Link fault applies only when the physical sublayer is capable of independently transmitting and receiving signals.

The multiplexer passes through frames generated by the MAC client untouched. DLP-J314 Enable or Disable Ethernet Link OAM on a Port Using CTC Purpose This procedure enables or disables Ethernet link OAM on a port using CTC. If the failed port is the last port in the EtherChannel, the port is moved into error-disable state and continues to pass traffic regardless of the types of errors received. ethernet oam link-monitor high-threshold action Configures a specific action to occur when a high threshold for an error is exceeded on an Ethernet OAM interface.

Understanding IEEE CFM Benefits of IEEE CFM Understanding IEEE CFM IEEE CFM is an end-to-end per-service Ethernet layer OAM protocol that supports provider edge-to-provider edge (PE-to-PE) and customer edge-to-customer edge (CE-to-CE) ethernet oam link-monitor frame-period {threshold {high {none | high-frames} | low low-frames} | window frames} 10. RP/0/RP0/CPU0:router# configure RP/0/RP0/CPU0:router(config)# ethernet oam profile Profile_1 RP/0/RP0/CPU0:router(config-eoam)# action high-threshold error-disable-interface The following example shows how to configure that no action is taken when a high threshold is exceeded. Sending 5 CFM Loopbacks, timeout is 2 seconds - Domain foo (level 2), Service foo Source: MEP ID 1, interface GigabitEthernet0/0/0/0 Target: 0001.0002.0003 (MEP ID 16): Running (5s) ...