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gaussian09 error in internal coordinate system Viewtown, Virginia

All rights reserved.About us · Contact us · Careers · Developers · News · Help Center · Privacy · Terms · Copyright | Advertising · Recruiting We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on ResearchGate. Job cpu time: 0 days 0 hours 0 minutes 0.6 seconds. thank you joaquinbarroso | December 20, 2011 at 10:57 PM Hello again Vijay Can you use gaussview? In the above example, it is a variable which defines atom #15.

Error termination via Lnk1e in /disc30/g98/l101.exe. File lengths (MBytes): RWF= 6 Int= 0 D2E= 0 Chk= 12 Scr= 1 Explanation of Error You are reading in a general basis set, but the atom specified (in the above A25 A(10,13,12) 108.5343 estimate D2E/DX2 ! ! A18 A(9,3,13) 107.37 estimate D2E/DX2 ! !

Removes 5 if present. atoms=3 C 18-30notatoms=H Adds all C & non-H among atoms 3, 18-30. atoms=C Nnotatoms=5 Adds all C and N atoms except atom 5. atoms=1-5notatoms=Hatoms=8-10 Adds non-hydrogens among eigenvalues -- 0.12880 0.13146 0.13690 0.13790 0.14300 Beta virt. I want to compute the vibronic spectra of some dyes. Cartesian Requests that the optimization be performed in Cartesian coordinates, using the Berny algorithm.

eigenvalues -- 3.20422 3.27781 3.32146 3.50262 3.55763 Alpha virt. If no action code is included, the default action is to add the specified coordinate. Min and max only apply to coordinate specifications containing wildcards. Lebedev-Laikov grids with approx. 5.0 points / Ang**2.

R3 R(1,5) 1.0908 estimate D2E/DX2 ! ! File lengths (MBytes): RWF= 634 Int= 0 D2E= 0 Chk= 10 Scr= 1 Explanation of Error This can be an input error. In addition, for optimizations to transition states, some knowledge of the curvature around the saddle point is essential, and the default approximate Hessian must always be improved. It is not performed by default for later points of geometry optimizations, numerical frequencies, etc., when the geometry has been generated during the job.

In this case, the entire route section will consist of the Opt keyword and the same options to it as specified for the original job (along with Restart). Izmaylov, J. ZMConnectivity Read connectivity using the atom numbering specified in the Z-matrix (including dummy atoms). Each subsequent step of the optimization is delimited by lines like these: GradGradGradGradGradGradGradGradGradGradGradGradGradGradGradGradGrad Berny optimization.

The numbers in parentheses refer to the atoms within the molecule specification. If no action code is included, the default action is to add the specified coordinate. The resulting second-derivatives are not as good as those determined by a frequency calculation but are fine for starting an optimization. Error in internal coordinate system.

CAngle Requests printing of interatomic angles using distance cutoffs to determine “bonded atoms”. This option can lead to faster convergence but is quite dangerous. So, you have to generate both densities first and then you have to substract one from the other according to the equations found here I hope this helps. Here are some examples: atoms=3-6,17notatoms=5 Adds atoms 3, 4, 6 and 17 to the atom list.

F Freeze the coordinate in the optimization. Only one of CAngle, Angle, and NoAngle may be specified. Normally the update is done using an iterated BFGS for minima and an iterated Bofill for transition states in redundant internal coordinates, and using a modification of the original Schlegel update Please refer to the Gaussian page for more details.

R2 R(3,1) 1.4233 1.4047 1.4426 -DE/DX = -0. ! ! Fixing the Error The value for%MEM should be at least 1GB less than the value specified in the job submission script. This software is provided under written license and may be used, copied, transmitted, or stored only in accord with that written license. ModeAB= 4 MOrb= 58 LenV= 6168992221 LASXX= 2811761526 LTotXX= 2811761526 LenRXX= 5642084038 LTotAB= 2830322512 MaxLAS= 2944453056 LenRXY= 0 NonZer= 8453845564 LenScr= 16973996032 LnRSAI= 2944453056 LnScr1= 5912000000 LExtra= 866684027 Total= 32339217153 MaxDsk=536870912000

See Appendix C for details and examples of Z-matrix molecule specifications. The problem is getting the band structure of the solid which could be obtained as a result of a (very demanding) DFT calculation in which the MOs would get so packed eigenvalues -- 4.14599 4.19865 4.95324 4.99528 5.01679 Alpha virt. File lengths (MBytes): RWF= 58 Int= 0 D2E= 0 Chk= 19 Scr= 1 Explanation of Error During the optimization process, either the standard orientation or the point group of the molecule

fd = 3 Erroneous write. Occasionally, the angle between the two oxygens and the hydrogen is about 180 degrees. It is based on the Gaussian(R) 03 system (copyright 2003, Gaussian, Inc.), the Gaussian(R) 98 system (copyright 1998, Gaussian, Inc.), the Gaussian(R) 94 system (copyright 1995, Gaussian, Inc.), the Gaussian 92(TM) No partial optimization or freezing of variables can be done with purely Cartesian optimizations; the mixed optimization format with all atoms specified via Cartesian lines in the Z-matrix can be used

MaxMicroiterations=N Allow up to N microiterations. Nakai, T. The z-matrix variable section is ignored, but it may be attempted to be interpreted as basis set information. Dimitris K.

The action then specified by the action code is taken only if the value of the coordinate is in the min–max range (or below maximum value if min is not given). Increment the coordinate by stepsize a total of nsteps times, performing an optimization from each resulting starting geometry. Somes report opt=loose, cartesian, then it works. Fixing the Error Be very careful with iop, or remove altogether.

L. But for angle value larger than 175, it can only run one step (a full SCF relaxation).   The program ends with the following error:    GradGradGradGradGradGradGradGradGradGradGradGradGradGradGradGradGradGrad Berny optimization. NTrRot=   421 NTRed=   574 NAtoms=    I'm betting on them to win the World Series, despite the fact I was secretly rooting for the Tigers. Minmin Reply joaquinbarroso | December 20, 2011 at 9:33 PM Hi Minmin!

NoFreeze Activates (unfreezes) all variables, in other words freeze nothing and optimize all atoms. Zaouris University College London Anyone help with a solution to a Gaussian calculation error? Note that the atoms must be specified in the same order within the three structures. L.

Fixing the initial geometry may fix the problem. Barroso, In a reponse to someone trying to visualize a hypersurface of a scan you suggest using "Origin, GNUplot or in the worst case scenario with MS Excel". Heyd, E. Step=Original recovers the initial starting geometry.

Note that this adds only the bond between these two atoms The associated angles and dihedral angles could be added as well using the B action code: 3 8 B Displaying This is the default for optimizations using those methods and also for semi-empirical methods.