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garmin vista altitude error Vernon Hill, Virginia

And what really anoys me, is that the GPS altitude is indicated on the satelite submenu, but it is not an option in the different fields available on the maps submenu, and oh, if you want a pic to show with your comment, go get a gravatar! Also, unfortunately, there's no way to get this displayed in a data field on the other pages. — comment by Scott on May 29th, 2010 at 11:11am JST (6 years, 5 On the ground it assumes you should be within 1000 feet of where the altimeter says you are and if the GPS altitude shows a bigger difference than that the unit

The master station divides the country into a grid and then builds correction information on a per grid location basis from the data received from each reporting station. It is quicker to use , if I am turning my GPS on/off to save batteries etc. The time scale of the automatic calibration is 20 minutes, so the weather would have to change significantly within that time for the errors to become appreciable. — comment by Tim See also our attractive bundels.

The review said the barometric calibration can take an hour! The 60csx manual says this unit will self calibrate the barometric altimeter each time you turn it on. Is there no way to turn off the barometric altimeter (like with the compass)? 4. Built in Search for: Cities/Exits/Addresses/Intersections.

GPS V How about a game of breakout? I thought this was cool, because accurate altitude readings are important to me. This is in addition to the altitude calculation that is performed as part of the GPS solution and can provide more accuracy. Toggle navigation GPS Review Forums Categories Discussions Sign In Home › Garmin Support › Garmin Handheld GPS and Wearable GPS Forum This site uses cookies to offer you a better browsing

The 62s really falls apart when moving fast. Since I turn the unit on and off allot to save batteries this makes it nearly useless. . GPS does measure the actual altitude, but the value it gives can change dramatically in just a few minutes, even if you are in fact standing still, depending on satellite positions We have to count on the fact that the barometric pressure doesn't usually change very rapidly.

To get the most accurate waypoint reading, it seems you use this "averaging" function where the altitude is selected using the GPS alitmeter, not the barometer altimeter. All these barometer problems have been corrected in the GPSmap 76S which you can read about (HERE). Only low flying aircraft (below 18,000 feet) change altimeter settings every hour or so, and if you're traveling fast, more often than that. moving the antenna).

Find out more about how to manage cookies, or dismiss this message and continue to use cookies. Raw Data While not documented, the G-12 family and some other Garmin models can be coerced into sending raw pseudo range data. From Garmin: "Using the autocalibration feature on the device, the accuracy is +/- 50-125ft (same as GPS elevation). The 60CS definitely doesn't have this "feature", and it may not have gotten into the HCx models either.

Calculator The etrex line also includes a calculator on the accessories page. Login or register to post comments Thu, 02/25/2016 - 1:46pm zeaflal 3 years A topo map “should” be close A topo map “should” be reasonably close but not perfect. I suspect the government paid to have the feature added and in return purchased them by the thousands. They cheat by making assumptions about what reasonable motion (changes in position from one GPS solution to the next in 3 dimensions) over time is going to be.

If it isn't, then for the enxt 15 minutes your absolute altitude will be out by a fixed amount but your CHANGES of altitude will be very good. An error of only 100' is serious! If you need to calibrate the unit for vehicle use you will need to drive the car in a circle twice. The review said the barometric calibration can take an hour!

On other units the data is available as a selection option from the main menu. But as the name implies (Bad Water Basin), you don't want to drink it! --Striving to make the NYC Metro area project the best. All the features except the compass and barometric altimeter. This include the etrex: Venture, Legend, and Vista models, the 76 family, and the GPS-V.

New units seem to be now unavailable. Please read our terms and conditions. If I have a topo map loaded my location will show the elevation however. However, the auto calibration mode filters with a significant emphasis on the GPS altitude.

But what if you can't walk or drive the route because of terrain problems? It is important to know that the atmospheric pressure means must be calibrated frequently. The unit will need to be on for about an hour before this seems to work properly, however once calibrated is can be a help in accurate weather prediction. But it will vary slowly over time in altitude reading if QNH (sea level) pressure drifts.

Moral of the story: never use an auto GPS in an aircraft. But after several hours, again depending on weather, your barometer can drift requiring manual calibration. Reported elevation was something like -180 feet. Is there a way?

Driving through the hills, I sometime use the increment/decrement of the displayed altitude to compare with my senses of if I am going uphill or downhill. Another source for this kind of processing is: Gringo. In the end it is basically as good as the barometer units. To table of contents Options: 4.0GB micro SDHC memory card including µSD to SD adapter CHF9 | EUR8 [Pictureanddetails] USB cable for data exchange and power supply(One such cable is included)

Now the GPS-V and GPSmap 76(S) have WAAS capability. I love my Garmin GPS unit, but the altitude part is an unfortunate stain. Relative changes we can measure pretty well. So the best thing is only to use auto-calibration if you have no better information.

However, the power of a combined unit is the ability to automatically switch the source of information as suitable for the circumstances. No maps from any other vendor besides Garmin can be loaded INTO any Garmin GPS. (Same with other consumer GPS vendors.) No Scanned Map from any third party source can be Each WAAS/EGNOS/MSAS satellite will have its own unique PRN code assigned from the list of 19.) Sample plots of WAAS accuracy with the VISTA are shown (HERE). One source of a program is: Async Logger which can collect the data and convert it to survey industry standard RINEX2 (Receiver independent exchange) format.

I find I can predict when I'm coming to the peak of a mountain very accurately using the barometric altimeter. Back to top of the page up there ^ #4 Neo_Geo Geocacher Group: Members Posts: 3276 Joined: 06-June 03 Posted 01 August 2006 - 07:47 AM One of the main Above 18,000, you set the altimeter to 29.92, standard sea level pressure, so that everybody's altimeters are "on the same page." When you descend, you set in the current altimeter at Or when you get home delete the erroneous tracking points.