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ftplib error Sweet Briar, Virginia

command should be an appropriate RETR command (see retrbinary()) or a command such as LIST, NLST or MLSD (usually just the string 'LIST'). LIST Score: 10 def _start_connection(self): # Check if connection is still alive and if not, drop it. Putting pin(s) back into chain Best way to create "interruptable" executable De kio “saluton” estas la rekta objekto? imho, the culprit is the server since it shouldn't return that kind of response which clashes with the RFC-959 standard specification.

Score: 5 def getTomsData(year): dloaddir = '/tmp/toms/%s' % str(year) #We should have 1 to n datasources now for the given year dsList = DatasourceResolver().resolve(year) #Sanity check to make sure our download If the server does not recognize the REST command, an error_reply exception will be raised. Working with Directories Like any good FTP client, the ftplib library supports file deletion, renaming, moving, and even directory creation and deletion. Dec 7 '07 #1 Post Reply Share this Question 1 Reply P: n/a Giampaolo Rodola' On 7 Dic, 10:42, loial

About Us The Coding Forums is a place to seek help and ask questions relating to coding and programming languages. Bakes Guest I am using ftplib for a project, using a try/except loop. This is the "polite" way to close a connection, but it may raise an exception if the server responds with an error to the QUIT command. As far as the ftplib module goes, it has an attribute named 'all_errors.' It's a tuple that contains all of the Exception types that ftplib.FTP methods will throw.

They are extracted from open source Python projects. You might want to automate the one-time transfer of many files or automatically mirror an entire section of an FTP server. class ftplib.FTP_TLS([host[, user[, passwd[, acct[, keyfile[, certfile[, context[, timeout]]]]]]]])¶ A FTP subclass which adds TLS support to FTP as described in RFC 4217. FTP.retrlines(command[, callback])¶ Retrieve a file or directory listing in ASCII transfer mode.

The Python Software Foundation is a non-profit corporation. New in version 2.7. Return nothing if a response code corresponding to success (codes in the range 200-299) is received. begin with a digit in the range 1-5.

Be sure to check back for more updates, and to learn more about our affordable cloud hosting solutions. . . Convert mp4 to mp3 Using Shell Script Word with the largest number of different phonetic vowel sounds In the United States is racial, ethnic, or national preference an acceptable hiring practice Changed in version 2.6: timeout was added. If the expected size could not be computed, None will be returned as the expected size.

It has a list of its own errors (ftplib.error_reply, for instance, when an unexpected error is received from the server), and it also raises the standard socket.error and IOError. You are previewing Python Cookbook. Bear in mind that most FTP file servers require that a directory be empty (even of hidden files) before it can be deleted. The default, 0, produces no debugging output.

How can I handle this cleanly? Why does the state remain unchanged in the small-step operational semantics of a while loop? It is also possible to recursively "walk" through a directory, to go into all of the subdirectories and download (or print) all of the files you come across. You'd also need to update f.login() to include your username and password as well, most likely.

Your votes will be used in our system to extract more high-quality examples. Score: 10 def get_file(self, remote_file, local_dir, local_filename=''): """ Fetches a file from the remote server. Sign up now! This implies a call to the close() method which renders the FTP instance useless for subsequent calls (see below).

List of Contributors A B C D F G H J K L M N P Q R S T U V W Y Z Index Colophon Being an FTP ClientCredit: So ftplib.all_errors worked but it was empty? –dav1d Jan 13 '13 at 13:05 @dav1d: yes;(check my second edit); not always but most of times it has a empty tuple! Score: 8 def ftp_open(self, req): import ftplib import mimetypes host = req.get_host() if not host: raise URLError('ftp error: no host given') host, port = splitport(host) if port is None: port = To get a demonstration, connect to your FTP server: >>> from ftplib import FTP >>> ftp = FTP('_your_server_address_') >>> ftp.login('_your_username_', '_your_password_') Now you should be logged in, and you can experiment

For instance, rename ('spam.txt', 'eggs.txt') will rename the file spam.txt, but rename('spam.txt', 'new_directory/spam.txt') will move spam.txt into the new_directory within the present directory. keyfile and certfile are a legacy alternative to context - they can point to PEM-formatted private key and certificate chain files (respectively) for the SSL connection. Note however that RFC 959 requires only that rest be a string containing characters in the printable range from ASCII code 33 to ASCII code 126. rename(_old filename_, _new filename_) will rename a file in the same directory, or move a file to a new directory, if you specify a new path in the second argument.

FTP.dir(argument[, ...])¶ Produce a directory listing as returned by the LIST command, printing it to standard output. Discover unlimited learning on demand for around $1/day. Score: 10 def hasFile(self, filename): path = self._make_path(filename) url = urlparse.urlparse(path) try: try: # If it's a file self.ftp.size(url[2]) except ftplib.all_errors: # If it's a dir self.ftp.cwd(url[2]) except ftplib.all_errors, e: logging.debug("FTP Where are sudo's insults stored?

How? Changed in version 2.6: callback parameter added. If no timeout is passed, the global default timeout setting will be used. FTP.rmd(dirname)¶ Remove the directory named dirname on the server.

Score: 8 def ftp_open(self, req): import ftplib import mimetypes host = req.get_host() if not host: raise IOError, ('ftp error', 'no host given') host, port = splitport(host) if port is None: port Changed in version 2.6: timeout was added. JL, Nov 19, 2013, in forum: Python Replies: 2 Views: 193 Chris Angelico Nov 19, 2013 Loading... cmd and rest means the same thing as in transfercmd().

When user is given, additionally the method call login(user, passwd, acct) is made (where passwd and acct default to the empty string when not given). FTP.nlst(argument[, ...])¶ Return a list of file names as returned by the NLST command. local_filename is the name of the file. Functions and methods in the ftplib module may raise exceptions of many classes to diagnose possible errors.

Why do train companies require two hours to deliver your ticket to the machine? Navigation index modules | next | previous | Python » 2.7.12 Documentation » The Python Standard Library » 20. FTP.transfercmd(cmd[, rest])¶ Initiate a transfer over the data connection. This controls the amount of debugging output printed.

Algorithms Introduction Testing if a Variable Is Defined Evaluating Predicate Tests Across Sequences Removing Duplicates from a Sequence Removing Duplicates from a Sequence While Maintaining Sequence Order Simulating the Ternary Operator The blocksize argument defaults to 8192.