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freemarker template error magnolia Sanford, Virginia

FTL's hash is an associative array too, but it uses string keys exclusively. Permalink 2016-07-04 Marvin Kerkhoff Hi Daniel,in my opinon a sortfn additional to cmsfn would be quite usefull. We won't change the standard version, because a lot of templates depend on it. JSP versus FreeMarker?

Also think about maintenance, when you later modify your application; probably you will not re-check templates (many applications has hundreds of them) that carefully each time, for all possible scenarios. As a consequence, for freemarker it looks like you call #contentListByTemplateType with 2 parameters - that's why freemarker fails to fined the "right" method.  Permalink 2016-07-01 Daniel Stancu So, there is no It has child pages and the children have titles. When you request the page the example code renders a list:CatsDogsMonkeysRetrieving contentContent by pathRetrieves content by a given path from a workspace. What about null and the FreeMarker template language?

So this template (assuming that badVar is missing from the data-model): a${badVar}b will print this if we use the MyTemplateExceptionHandler: a[ERROR: Expression badVar is undefined on line 1, column 4 in TemplateExceptionHandler.RETHROW_HANDLER: Simply re-throws all exceptions; it doesn't do anything else. Now, if you still say you need to modify sequences/hashes directly with the FreeMarker template, here are two solutions, but please read the warning after them: You can write a TemplateMethodModelEx Skip to content Skip to breadcrumbs Skip to header menu Skip to action menu Skip to quick search Linked ApplicationsLoading… Spaces People Quick Search Help Online Help Keyboard Shortcuts Feed Builder

That is, it will never convert the sub-type of a value, it only adds the sub-type if it was unknown. The desired format can be specified like ?string.format or ?string["format"](or the historical equivalent, ?string("format")). In this case you can exploit a bug of FreeMarker (that we will not fix until we provide a correct solution for passing null values to a method): if you specify However, if the value already holds this information, the built-in has no effect.

Even if the TemplateLoader your are using maps to the file system, it will have a base directory that contains all the templates, and that will be the root of your You can choose the language you prefer. There is at least one problem with this null-unaware approach. So we force the template author (by ${washable} causing error) to find out with his human knowledge how the boolean value should be shown at the given place.

What to do? We achieve this by using the content attribute.In the main.ftl script we tell the main area "You should operate on the current content node, which is a page because I am Unfortunately, there is no simple general-purpose solution for this problem. This allows you to use a templating language that you are already familiar with.Renderer configurationFreemarkerRenderer and JspRenderer are configured in /modules/rendering/renderers/freemarker and /jsp.The STK defines its own renderer STKRenderer configured in /modules/standard-templating kit/rendering/renderers/stk.The renderType property

Magnolia deploys them to //webapps//templates/ on the file system during module install and update.STK scriptsSTK template scripts are in the classpath of the webapp. Unfortunately, that's the default of BeansWrapper (for backward compatibility), so you have to explicitly set it to true where you instantiate it. The directive call will not be skipped if the error occurs after the execution of the directive was already started. Powered by Atlassian Confluence 5.10.4 Printed by Atlassian Confluence 5.10.4 Report a bug Atlassian News Atlassian {"serverDuration": 232, "requestCorrelationId": "65143be473716122"} Main Content Magnolia CommunityHomeForumDocIssuesWikiCommunity WikiDevelopment WikiNexusJenkinsGitJavadocMaven sites Magnolia Community Forums Magnolia

Why do I have ``?''-s in the output instead of character X? A custom error handler can skip the problematic part, or show an error indicator there, instead of aborting the whole page rendering. Capture the output into a variable with the assign or local directive. To avoid loading sensitive data, you have to use a TemplateLoader that double-checks that the file to load is something that should be exposed.

If the pages contain parts that aren't critically important (like some side bars), another feature you may interested in is the attempt/recover directives. 3. I added this line in my main template ftl file, [#include def.navigation.vertical.template], but I am getting this error: 2015-09-30 11:32:50,678 ERROR freemarker.runtime : Error executing FreeMarker template FreeMarker template error: The These are equivalent, except that with the quoted formats you can include any characters in the format, like spaces. in FMPP you could do <#assign b = pp.newWritableSequence(a[5..10])> and <#assign c = pp.newWritableHash(hashA + hashB)>).

Unit tests typically doesn't cover web page content very good either (if you have them at all...); they mostly only check certain manually set patterns in the web page, so they Anyway, the reason is as follows. Tips to solve the problem: If you are the one who configure FreeMarker, be sure that you set a proper TemplateLoader. The charset used for the output stream is not decided by FreeMarker, but by you, when you create the Writer that you pass to the process method of the template.

TemplateExceptionHandler.IGNORE_HANDLER: Simply suppresses all exceptions (though FreeMarker will still log them if Configuration.getLogTemplateExceptions is true). The area toolbar allows editors to add components inside the area. When you call a Java method from a template, you may want to pass a null value as argument (since the method was designed to be used in Java language, where Any object except null can be passed to a variable. [#assign title = [email protected]] [#assign hasDate =] [#assign dateShort =] [#assign events =] [#assign stringgy = "Some direct

How to include other resources in a way as jsp:include does it? Unfortunately, because of the technical limitations of the Java platform, FreeMarker sometimes can't find out which parts of a date-like value is a date, a time or a date-time; ask the First of all, be sure your application is designed well: templates should display data, and almost never calculate data. Copies are editable in-place in Templating Kit > Templates in AdminCentral.

In my Servlet based application, how do I show a nice error page instead of a stack trace when error occurs during template processing? Helper functions convert objects from one type to another.This page only lists the most commonly used functions. Same as above but using a custom suffix such as "Read more".RequestQuery string and fragmentRetrieves the query string and fragment of a URL. Plus, even if a class doesn't implement TemplateModel, its static initialization will be run.

Just certain types, because TemplateSequenceModel and TemplateHashModel doesn't have methods for modification, so you will need the sequence or hash to implement some additional methods. This can significantly improve query performance.andClauseoptionalAND clause in SQL syntax excluding the word "AND", for example "date IS NOT NULL".orderByClauseoptionalORDER BY clause in SQL syntax, excluding the words "ORDER BY", for For example, the STK main.ftl (Git) script is in a /templating-kit/pages folder inside the module JAR. First of all it should be clear that these are just syntactical problems, as otherwise FreeMarker has no limitations regarding the characters used in variable names, nor regarding the length of

It does not re-throw the exception. See Templating Kit > Templates /templating-kit/components/macros for examples used in the STK. [#macro test foo bar="Bar" baaz=-1] Test text, and the params: ${foo}, ${bar}, ${baaz} [/#macro] [@test foo="a" bar="b" baaz=5*5-2/] [@test If you don't all types are returned.Method signature ContentMap root(ContentMap contentMap)ContentMap root(ContentMap contentMap, String nodeTypeName)ArgumentscontentMaprequiredThe content map whose root you want to get.nodeTypeNameoptionalType of the expected return content map items.ReturnsContentMapUsagecmsfn.root(contentMap, nodeTypeName) In this case you have to exclude the freemarker dependency.

How can I modify sequences (lists) and hashes (maps) in FreeMarker templates? People Assignee: Christian Ringele Reporter: Jan Haderka Votes: 1 Vote for this issue Watchers: 0 Start watching this issue Dates Created: 18/Apr/12 9:23 PM Updated: 06/Jun/12 12:14 PM Resolved: 06/Jun/12 11:53 Returns an empty string if none exists.Method signatureString queryStringAndFragment(String url)ArgumentsurlrequiredThe URL whose query and fragment you want to get.ReturnsString Usage cmsfn.queryStringAndFragment(url) [#assign queryStringAndFragment = cmsfn.queryStringAndFragment("")] Query string and fragment: ${queryStringAndFragment} LanguageCurrent All directives in the Magnolia cms tag library start with @.

And what to do now? Before that, the common practice was writing ${someBoolean?string}, however that's dangerous because its output depends on the current boolean format setting, whose default is "true"/"false".) When you have format most You can specify a nodeType to limit the types returned. The same problem exists with the result of hash concatenation; it just wraps the two hashes, so the resulting hash will magically change if you modify the hashes you have added

For example: ${lastUpdated?datetime?string.short}.