first data contact the merchant for further information error 1002 Milford Virginia

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first data contact the merchant for further information error 1002 Milford, Virginia

This does require you be familiar with HTML code or creating web pages. Verify it is a card that you accept54 Message returned from bank (reason for decline-not always populated)55 Not a valid user for external processing. (This error usually occurs when using an Gateway Response Codes The current (at the time of this release) response codes for the supported Gateways are listed below. Visa: 4111111111111111 Expiration: 01/07 Any name and address First Data News Forums Not a Topix user yet?

STEP 1 First you will need to copy and paste HTML code to one of your pages on your web site. Please split the transaction so that the transaction amount for each transaction is less than this amount.49 DetailLevel must be one of the following values: 1, 2, 3.50 User locked out51 Note: All negative (-) value Return Codes are due to Network/Communications issues.

5th Dimension Logistics: Code Description1 Approved520 ApprovedA Approved00 Approved100 Approved2 Declined530 Declined540 DeclinedD Declined05 Declined500 Declined3 Error550 ErrorX ErrorER Make sure you replace the value for storename, "123456", with your own store number.

Then click on the option, "Configure your LinkPoint Connect." In the field, "Order submission form URL," you will need to enter the address of the page where you added the HTML Retry your request.-15 The Credit Card Number failed account number validation-16 The Expiration Date failed validation-17 The Amount field failed validation-18 The AddressVerifyZip field failed validation-19 The AddressVerifyState field failed validation-20 After having tested the tutorials listed using various computer systems, we have yet to encounter any detrimental problems. You can enter more than one address by separating them with a space.

Further below is example HTML code for LinkPoint Connect. The HTML code will create a button that your customer will click on and redirect them to a secure page on LinkPoint where they will enter their credit card information. ERROR 1002 contact us | connect setup | connect settings | yourpay setup | test account | credit card logos | test credit cards | fraud CONNECT SETUP There are two steps in order to setup your web site with LinkPoint Connect.

E-Payment Integrator V6 - Online Help Available for: ActiveX Android C++ Builder C++ .NET Delphi Java Node.js PHP WinRT Xamarin E-Payment Integrator V6 Questions / Feedback? Retry your request.36 Order Number does not exist37 The Credit Card number authorized does not match the capture Credit Card Number38 The total amount to capture cannot be more than was For example: You can use the following credit card for testing. Object 'GetMaxTransLimit' failed.76 The Canadian GST Tax must be a numeric value77 The Canadian PST Tax must be a numeric value78 The Canadian QST Tax must be a numeric value79 The

Back to login Sections All Topix Top Stories Forums User Forums Business Tech Sports Entertainment US News Weird News Offbeat Stars! You will also need to replace the value for chargetotal, "2.00", with the price for your product or service.

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You must authorize the order before requesting a capture40 The requested credit amount must equal the original transaction amount48 The transaction amount exceeds the bank's limit of {#########.##}. Please see the individual specifications for each Gateway (available from the Gateway itself) for an updated list of these codes. 3DSI EC-Linx: Code Description0 Transaction succeeded1 The Total Amount must be Please be aware there are transaction fees for each declined transaction. It is your responsibility to make sure the code provided on this site is working properly.

Retry your request. The test credit card will produce a decline response. Once you log into LinkPoint Central, click on Customization at the top. For more information you can view the Adobe Acrobat PDF manual on the following site: STEP 2 The next step is to enter the address of your order page in

Object 'IsValidSENum' failed.81 Valid service establishment number does not exist for credit card.-1:-14An error occurred processing the request.