fatal error call to undefined function read_file Huntly Virginia

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fatal error call to undefined function read_file Huntly, Virginia

Caching Library changes include: Added Wincache driver. Improved support of the Oracle (OCI8) driver, including: Added DSN string support (Easy Connect and TNS). Fixed a bug (#3787) - FTP Library method delete_dir() failed when the target has subdirectories. Fixed a bug (#4023) - String Helper function increment_string() didn't escape its $separator parameter.

Added a new tempdata feature that allows setting userdata items with expiration time (mark_as_temp(), tempdata(), set_tempdata(), unset_tempdata()). Fixed a bug (#4725) - Common function remove_invisible_characters() searched case-sensitively for URL-encoded characters. Added a $persistent parameter to db_connect() and changed db_pconnect() to be an alias for db_connect(TRUE). Moved the Log class to application/core/ Global config files are loaded first, then environment ones.

Fixed a bug (#68, #414) - :Oracle's escape_str() didn't properly escape LIKE wild characters. How to get this substring on bash script? Form Validation Library changes include: Added method error_array() to return all error messages as an array. DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR . "filesystem" .

Fixed a bug (#4039) - Session Library could generate multiple (redundant) warnings in case of a read failure with the ‘files' driver, due to a bug in PHP. Dezember 2003 #6 Peter Bönnen Erfahrenes Mitglied Die Antwort von leuchte, für dich abgeändert: Code (PHP): return $user_dat(); // ist falsch //Die Element eines Arrays stehen in [ ] und Angemeldet bleiben Jetzt registrieren! Added Interbase/Firebird database support via the ibase driver.

Added method remove() to remove a cart item, updating with quantity of 0 seemed like a hack but has remained to retain compatibility. Any help to get back into my site would be appreciated!!! Removed method _reindex_segments(). Removed the second parameter (character limit) from internal method _prep_quoted_printable() as it is never used.

Removed redundant conditional to determine HTTP server protocol in set_status_header(). Added an $xss_clean parameter to method user_agent() and removed the $user_agent property. Added Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Android, Blackberry, iOS and PlayStation 3 to the list of user platforms. Removed previously deprecated EXT constant.

Added method attachment_cid() to enable embedding inline attachments into HTML. Removed method _set_overrides() and moved its logic to the class constructor. I am reusing a Library for upload file to google drive. Kontakt Hilfe Startseite Seitenanfang RSS-Feed Nutzungsbedingungen Forum software by XenForo™ ©2010-2016 XenForo Ltd. - Deutsch von xenDach ©2010-2016 418,550 Members | 1,071 Online Join Now login Ask Question Home

August 2015 [Image Magick] ImageMagick Tutorial ikosaeder, 19. Added an optional backtrace to php-error template. You are wanting to call Config->prep_connections(); but in reality you are calling just \prep_connections();. Changed insert() method to auto-increment quantity for an item when inserted twice instead of resetting it.

Fixed a bug in CUBRID's affected_rows() method where a connection resource was passed to cubrid_affected_rows() instead of a result. Danke schon mal im vorraus.... File Uploading Library changes include: Added method chaining support. Added methods get_content_type() and get_header().

Added support for drop_table() in Database Forge. Updated escape_identifiers() to accept an array of fields as well as strings. Something was most likely not set correctly, and then either rules or the rules which create my messages are messed up. Updated Encryption Library method create_key() to use PHP 7's random_bytes() function when possible.

Fixed a bug (#4171) - Database Transactions didn't work with nesting in methods trans_begin(), trans_commit(), trans_rollback(). Fixed a bug (#4675) - File Helper function delete_files() treated symbolic links as regular directories. Added support and auto-detection for the SQLSRV_CURSOR_CLIENT_BUFFERED scrollable cursor flag (SQLSRV driver). Added support for disabling product name strictness via the $product_name_safe property.

Added support for reading from an existing file path by passing NULL as the second parameter to force_download() (useful for large files and/or safely transmitting binary data). Added boolean data type support in escape(). Updated support for php files in mimes.php. Changed _parse_request_uri() to accept absolute URIs for compatibility with HTTP/1.1 as per RFC2616 .

Fixed a bug (#4026) - Database Transactions always rollback if any previous query() call fails. Removed protect_identifiers() and renamed internal method _protect_identifiers() to it instead - it was just an alias. Oktober 2003 #3 Tim C. Improved support of the PDO driver, including: Added support for create_database(), drop_database() and drop_table() in Database Forge.

Fixed a bug (#4613) - Email Library failed to send multiple emails via SMTP due to "already authenticated" errors when keep-alive is enabled. Modified method sanitize_filename() to read a public $filename_bad_chars property for getting the invalid characters list. DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR . "original.jpg"; upLoadGoogleDriveFile($path); } } ?> And my Library Class is : MY_DriveServiceHelper.php

Also, when you open the file you need to open it as "w" to truncate and write to it, or "a" to append to it ("w+" or "a+" to read and