eyebeam registration error 503 service unavailable Fincastle Virginia

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eyebeam registration error 503 service unavailable Fincastle, Virginia

Comments have been locked on this page! Log reference: 80883620 Please advise. Best Regards.

Reply URL Leave a Comment Unordered List Ordered List Align text to the left Center text Align text to the right Upload Image Link to Image Attach a Reply URL 1 Arsalan jadoon ● 2 years ago How do i confirm with your VoIP service provider that i have entered the account settings correctly Reply URL Leave a Comment

ThanksYour issue is not related to the Certificate, but rather the TLS connection itself. Do you see the issue on all networks? Select Devices from the icons on the left to change audio device settings. 5 Setup a SIP Account X-Lite may then open the SIP Accounts window as shown here (half size). The BEST and most widely used codec is now G729 BUT it is used at a cost and therefore only available in purchased devices. - Right Click in the display and

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CounterPath Technical Support Submit Ticket Topics New Topic Knowledge Base Store Login New Topic CounterPath Technical SupportTopicQuestionUncategorized Properties Category Uncategorized Similar Topics How A screen shot of what you have entered for account settings may help us determine if you entered the settings in the correct fields. You can find this in the Advanced Settings. If you wish, you can disable TLS Certificate Verify, which will ignore the issue.

Registration Error: 404 - Not Found - Your Username has been entered incorrectly - User name is your full Internet Phone Number (the same as Authorization user name) Registration Error: 403 Thanks Files: bria 4..JPG bria 4.JPG URL 1 Brian Schaich ● 1 year ago Hi Patrick, The "Account failed to enable" error typically occurs because the VOIP server is not correctly Comments have been locked on this page! Files: Doc1.docx Reply URL Leave a Comment Unordered List Ordered List Align text to the left Center text Align text to the right Upload Image Link to Image Attach a

More details here. These controls and level indicators are on the left and right of the dial pad on the X-Lite. If not then shut down (X) X-Lite and Restart your computer. The issue is that Eyebeam stops sending any SIP traffic at all for a while after receiving a 503 Service unavailable message from Asterisk - for example if the other end

If Bria simply isn't receiving any information from the server, a trace will confirm it. I get a 503 Service Unavailable when using TLS and cert verification turned off. So what else can it be? For further help with X-Lite or eyeBeam please visit the Counterpath Support Forum Personalised Setup Instructions are also available in your SmartFone Back Office (Login Required) We currently do not provide

Reply URL 0 Jpearl ● 3 years ago I really appreciate the quick response!!! Please open a new problem for Bria 3, and if you want us to try your account settings, set the visibility of the problem to Private, and include your account settings, If the delay between you talking and hearing your voice back is greater than ONE second then your internet link is very poor or you have selected a SIP server (advanced I can reach the server via public Wifi ( Network ) to Ezuce server, I'm getting TLS certificate errors, when I open the Bria.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Android Bria 3 Getting SIP STACKING ERROR. Once it is on, reproduce your error first and then send us the log. I recommend you check with your provider that your account credentials are entered correctly, and confirm that they are receiving your login request. They would be the company that gave you your login information, such as your User ID and Domain, for example.

Let me know if you see a difference. -Brian Reply URL 1 Patrick Scharrer ● 1 year ago Hi Brian, nothing works, even not if I log in with a different You can find this in the Advanced Settings. Thanks 2 The same question Follow This Topic Oldest Newest Popular Comments (31) 1 Brian Schaich ● 1 year ago Hello Patrick, A 503 error is generally caused by the SIP error 403: No RFC1918 IPs when on mobile network?

Follow the default installation instructions. Reply URL 1 zeshan ● 7 months ago Hi Mr Brain My name is zeshan . Try again later.The sip provider says since I can get it working on another machine its not them….HELP!you can call me at 801-288-4044This ticket is for iPhone and Android - please My firewall asked me if i want to allow Bria 4 and i pressed the Yes button.

Sometimes a firewall can block the connection to the server/PBX. Could you try making a test call with only one codec enabled? If that doesn't help, then I suspect the problem is with your network, and I wouldn't be able to help you troubleshoot that. If you wish, you can disable TLS Certificate Verify, which will ignore the issue.

Reply URL 1 Patrick Scharrer ● 1 year ago Here I did again a wireshark and this time the connection of registration took longer than in the wireshare before. Thanks Reply URL 1 Brian Schaich ● 1 year ago If you can zip the file, you should be able to attach it to a post. C:\Users\(USERNAME)\AppData\Roaming\CounterPath Corporation\Bria\4.0 If you delete those folders, it will reset all configuration data, so make sure you back them up beforehand. D Setting the Best X-Lite Audio Codecs We suggest you ONLY use the GSM, iLBC and Speex codecs.

My other work collegues could login with that data and it works. jbh Expand Collapse Guru Joined: Dec 16, 2008 Messages: 180 Likes Received: 0 Just posting a note of this here in case it saves anyone else some time banging their head Is there a reason you are using that IP? After restarting your computer, RETURN TO THIS PAGE to continue with the next step.

More Information View the generic SmartFone User Instructions Login to your User Control Panel to review Personalised User Instructions Download the X-Lite 3 User Manual for extensive user information and advanced Reply URL 0 Jpearl ● 3 years ago Which codec should I enable? The license will still work if it is on the same machine, but installing it on a fresh user should eliminate any potential software conflicts that may be interfering with Bria. Learn More.

Follow the onscreen instructions. What desktop softphone are you using, and is it connecting via TLS? Reply URL 1 rui Machado ● 2 years ago ThanksLarry wrote:Hi rui Machado, This question was originally for eyeBeam. Reply URL 1 Brian Schaich ● 1 year ago Hi Patrick, Can you try installing Bria on a new, temporary user profile on your computer?

Our desktop team can help you resolve your issue. then: Ready Your username is: xxxxxxxxxxxx where xxxxxxxxxxxx is YOUR Internet phone number NOTE: If you do NOT get the Ready notification you cannot make calls. Problem at server, error 503. Featured Services & Products IT Outsourcing Advanced Network Monitor IT Help Desk Business Continuity FireWall Solutions Network Security GPO Configuration Email Server Email Hosting Remote Backups Backup Solutions Remote Monitoring Remote

However, if you are installing on a new user profile, you shouldn't need to uninstall Bria completely from your user profile. -Brian Reply URL 1 Joao Caetano Magalhaes ● 1 year Ref #:3C481698 Reply URL 0 Chris Girardot ● 3 years ago No problem Justin, I'll take a look at the log and let you know what i find.