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everfocus powercon error Chase City, Virginia

LINKSYS PORT FORWARDING 101 12. RECORD AUDIO: YES: Audio will be recorded when machine is recording and a microphone is present. NO CHANGE: No change on the main monitor display when a motion occurs. Page 66: Information 5.7.7 Information This menu displays important (read only) system information.

RECORD MODE: REWRITE: Continue recording. Live: Allows user only to view live video. 3.7.5 PPPOE In the PPPOE of the NETWORK SETUP MENU, we define: NETWORK SETUP MENU * CONFIG USER ALARM EMAIL PASSWORD PAS SUB Play: User has the same rights as Admin user. Network system requirements Connection type: 100Base-T Max.

Lower Right Latitude: Set Lower Right Latitude if border type is rectangle. Press the ENTER key to go to next subentry in a menu setting, and press the CALL key to go to previous subentry in a menu setting. EDR920 provides 9 alarm inputs, EDR1640/1620 provides 16. ENTER key changes the scroll direction between horizontal and vertical.

The date is represented as follows: Year: 2000-2099 / Month: 01-12 / Date: 01-31 / Day of Week (automatically changes) 25 5. Time: Select starting time of log to be displayed. The default value is N.O. Press COPY or left-click the mouse to start setting an area.

Page 96 Case 3: Record Mode: Normal + Event or Event Only Record With: Preset Setting DVR will apply the settings in the table below to all cameras according to the Enable the daylight saving after finish setting the time zone. 6. It is invalid while in menus. 2. TOP HATER MARK OFF RESOLUTION RECORD MODE REWRITE AUTOWRITE WITHIN [email protected] DAV(S) PRE- ALARM RECORDING ¥ES RELAV OUT NONE Diagram 3.6 Diagram 3.6 is a screen shot of the RECORD SETUP

Page 91: Troubleshooting Chapter 10 TROUBLESHOOTING If you have problems with the system, run through the following checklist to see if you can solve the problem. Play status "PAUSE", when the video playback is paused. "P## >" means normal play speed on the displayed disk number; "P## <" means normal reverse play speed on the displayed disk Damage or corruption of the program can additionally result in problems when you try uninstalling it. HDD LED's LED's for HDD active power (GREEN) and data reading/writing (RED). 21.

Page 35: Configuration Menu Chapter 5 CONFIGURATION MENU This chapter will walk you through the DVR’s Configuration menu items and show you how to set the DVR for your specific application. Send GPS Data to Remote Server: Check to enable this function. If you do not wish to use this function, simply select "0". 8. Max. 6 EDA800s with 8 hard disks each can be connected via SCSI bus.

In the CAMERA SETUP MENU the following fields are defined as: 1. Click the Security tab at the top of the window, then choose Custom Level near the bottom. BUZZER: Audible alarm buzzer. Got it, continue to print 2012-2016 ManualsLib.com About Us About ManualsLib Privacy Policy F.A.Q.

Refer to Networking Chapter for more details. 3. This agreement shall in all respects be construed and interpreted in accordance with the law of Republic of China. The effective distance is up to 33 feet (10m) line of sight. The default value is 720x288.

SUN HH MON — TUE MM WED I— THU WM FRI SAT To set the starting time change of daylight saving time: Choose when the time changes from the old time When DHCP is selected, the DHCP server will assign this value automatically. 5. ENABLE: To enable a VIDEOLOSS buzzer. PLAY: Press this key to start playing back. 4.

In no event will EVERFOCUS be liable for loss of data or for indirect, special, incidental, consequential (including lost profit), or other damages based in contract, tort or otherwise. Page 16 D-Sub Cable EMV200s D-Sub Connector RS-232 2 Alarm In / 1 Alarm Out Audio In (1 ~ 2) / Audio Out Video In (1 ~ 2) / Video Out Stop Bit: This field is to set the number of stop bits indicating the end of a data packet. LCD Panel To display Date and Time, and other system information. 22.

Use a dry cloth to clean the appliance when it is dirty. Select “Off” to disable GPRS function. Step: Sequence order. Protocol: Choose the server’s transmission protocol (TCP or UDP).

Intellectual Property rights All intellectual property rights in the SOFTWARE and user documentation are owned by EVERFOCUS and are protected by copyright and other intellectual property laws, international treaty provisions and This could permanently damage the appliance. The input power source for this appliance is AC 1 00-240 V. The setting of alarms are NONE = not activated, 1 = output signal 1 transmits, 2 = output signal 2 transmits, 3 = output signal 3 transmits and 4 = output

Please go to the website http://everfocusddns.com and check that the name you wish to use is available. Click on the “Configuration” icon ( ) to enter the Configuration menu. SlavaSoft Hash Calculator -- A fast and easy-to-use hash calculator you can use to check file integrity. (SlavaSoft HashCalc is freeware, please visit http://www.slavasoft.com/hashcalc/index.htm for more details.) 21. If this is not available, you will need to use a dynamic IP address.

Page 53: Mobile Connection Settings, Email Settings 5.6.2 Mobile Connection Settings GPRS Service: Select “On” to enable GPRS service (CHAP or PAP). To find the IP address of NTP Server, please follow these steps: a) Go to a PC that is connected to the internet. And then you may remove the SD card. In a domestic environment this product may cause radio interference.

Or, simply use the left mouse click to go to a subentry in a menu setting and use scroll wheel of the mouse to change the value. Page 22: Alarm Contacts Installation, Alarm Input Contacts, Alarm Output Relay, Usb M Ouse I Nstallation 1.11 ALARM CONTACTS INSTALLATION The 2/4 alarm inputs can be used to trigger recordings or