etc/snmp/snmptrapd.conf error address family for hostname not supported Blacksburg Virginia

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etc/snmp/snmptrapd.conf error address family for hostname not supported Blacksburg, Virginia

Keep discussions to the list, where others can both learn and offer advice. In the mean time, I have inserted ' paranoia code ' into my AgentX library to truncate any octet string variable to net-snmp's limit, to avoid the lockup I am experiencing. Not the answer you're looking for? In the next step of sensor creation, you will see a list of library OIDs which indicate the available sensors.

And what is the reason to ignore my posts? Trouble in concatenate a value to a string (Rafael Ratacheski) 30. In the /var/log/messages I see error: snmptrapd[3113]: /etc/snmp/snmptrapd.conf: line 4: Error: Address family for hostname not supported line 4 in snmptrapd.conf: authCommunity execute onapp XX.XX.XX.XX XX - is onapp control center See snmpd.conf(5) for how to do this.

# snmptrapd options (use syslog).
TRAPDOPTS='-Lsd -p /var/run/'

# create symlink on Debian legacy location to official RFC path
SNMPDCOMPAT=yesÀ la ligne : Code: [Sélectionner]SNMPDOPTS='-Lsd -Lf /dev/null -u

In order to provide a simple re-creator I have boiled my snmpd.conf file down to 3 lines: # cat /etc/snmp/snmpd.conf master agentx view fullview included .1 authcommunity read Isn't trapsink for SNMPv1 traps, trap2sink for SNMPv2 traps? > > > > >> Now, when I start the snmpd on (the SNMP host), the >> snmptrapd.log shows this > Merci de vous connecter ou de vous inscrire.Avez-vous perdu votre e-mail d'activation? 1 heure 1 jour 1 semaine 1 mois Toujours Connexion avec identifiant, mot de passe et durée de la What is the most expensive item I could buy with £50?

On Linux systems, some additional points have to be considered. You can test it then by running: su - zabbix -s /bin/bash fping it has to return: is alive varnav View Public Profile Send a private message to varnav Sending 64 bytes to Local IPC: abstract 0000: 01 08 00 00 05 00 00 00 01 00 00 00 02 00 00 00 ................ 0016: 2C 00 00 00 Re: Trouble in converting PhysAdress to OctetString (Magnus Fromreide) 7.

The trap session will be created automatically from the snmpd.conf directives 'trapsink', 'trap2sink' or 'informsink' Looking at the code, it uses hardcoded OID arrays throughout, and doesn't use 'read_objid' at all. OpenStack Infra (hudson-openstack) wrote on 2014-06-02: Change abandoned on ceilometer (master) #3 Change abandoned by Longgeek (

My code is > From looking at your code it is unclear what type the buf argument is supposed to have. Password Register FAQ Community Calendar Today's Posts Search Community Links Social Groups Pictures & Albums Members List Search Forums Show Threads Show Posts Tag Search Advanced Search Go to Page... Thanks, Ian -------------- next part -------------- An HTML attachment was scrubbed... ------------------------------ Message: 6 Date: Fri, 04 Oct 2013 01:45:55 +0200 From: Magnus Fromreide Subject: Re: Trouble in converting PhysAdress You might try the attached patch, which I hope fixes it without adding new bugs /Niels -- Niels Baggesen - @home - ?rhus - Denmark - [email protected] The purpose of computing

NET-SNMP version error on subcontainer 'ia_addr' insert (-1) error on subcontainer 'ia_addr' insert (-1) Connection from UDP: []:2884 Connection from UDP: []:2891 Connection from UDP: []:2900 Connection from UDP: []:2908 Not necessary. error on subcontainer 'ia_addr' insert (-1) Add comment Created on Jun 9, 2010 7:12:51 PM by mastr2 (0) ●1 Last change on Jun 10, 2010 12:11:57 PM by Daniel Zobel [Paessler Create Sensors in PRTG Out of the box, PRTG already provides several SNMP sensors for Linux monitoring.

Zabbix 3.0.0 on CentOS 7.2 varnav View Public Profile Send a private message to varnav Find all posts by varnav #2 02-03-2016, 09:43 varnav Member Join Date: Jul From: Dave Shield - 2007-07-27 14:50:45 On 20/07/07, [email protected] wrote: > Hi, I have a small project which I include to net-snmp sources and now I need to > My subagent was sending a Notify, that under certain conditions contained 'long' strings; and I was seeing that snmpd (once it received one of these notifies) didn't forward that notify, and What are they?

Re: not able to receive SNMPv3 traps for SHA, and priv users (sarath azad) 9. This is actually correct, but rather odd given the types. > > > const char *teste = htonl(*sp); > > And then you assign the My code is string print_ip(const void* buf, size_t buflen) { unsigned const char* bp = (unsigned const char*) buf; string returned("test:"); string sp(""); but that probably isn't what you really wanted to know. /MF ------------------------------ Message: 7 Date: Fri, 04 Oct 2013 03:57:46 +0200 From: Magnus Fromreide Subject: Re: Fwd: C++ Trouble To:

You are allocating 64 bytes to store a 6-byte value. > > > int *teste = htonl(*sp); > > Why are you insisting on byteswapping printfbuf(vars->val.string, vars->val_len); puts(""); char *sp = malloc(vars->val_len); memcpy(sp, vars->val.string, vars->val_len); printbuf(sp, vars->val_len); puts(""); free(sp); /MF ------------------------------ Message: 13 Date: Fri, 4 Oct 2013 20:24:41 +0000 From: Rafael Ratacheski Subject: Re: In the next step of sensor creation, you will see a list of library OIDs which indicate the available sensors. Please understand that this we cannot try debugging the issue any deeper in your systems, however, maybe other users experienced something similar.

All libraries I have installed and this is and > configure result. Use the following command to show a list of available data on your Linux machine: snmpwalk –v1 –c public localhost With the following command, a list of memory values on a It can work > now. > > --snmpset -c NETMAN -v 2c > SNMP-TARGET-MIB::snmpTargetParamsRowStatus.0.25 i 5 > SNMP-TARGET-MIB::snmpTargetParamsRowStatus.'..' = INTEGER: > createAndWait(5) > --snmpget -c NETMAN -v 2c > Because when we shut down a SNMP service on an Ubuntu - machine we received the same result: # /etc/init.d/snmpd stop * Stopping network management services: # snmpwalk localhost -c public

instead of its current limit ? Could please state the actual type of the input arguments. would be grateful for any help. PRTG includes already a basic Linux OID library (ucd-snmp-mib).

Stop. > Now Search log events and configuration files using AJAX and a browser. > Download your FREE copy of Splunk now >> > _______________________________________________ > Net-snmp-users mailing list > make[1]: *** [test] Error 39 make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/mohaoran/work/mhr/src/services/oam/testing' make: *** [test] Error 2 -----=D3=CA=BC=FE=D4=AD=BC=FE----- =B7=A2=BC=FE=C8=CB: [email protected] [mailto:[email protected]] =B4=FA=B1=ED = Thomas Anders =B7=A2=CB=CD=CA=B1=BC=E4: 2007=C4=EA7=D4=C210=C8=D5 18:14 =CA=D5=BC=FE=C8=CB: haoran mo =B3=AD=CB=CD: [email protected] =D6=F7=CC=E2: This style of caching is increasingly being handled at the MIB module level: process myMib: if ( cached data too old ) reload cache architecture-specific reload return relevent data from cache Get the most from > the latest Intel processors and coprocessors.

Re: Trouble in converting PhysAdress to OctetString (Magnus Fromreide) 13. Test the Configuration with the SNMP Tester Use the SNMP Tester to run test queries against your Linux device. Click on Continue. Hardcoded network Interfaces limit on Solaris (lijo 43.

The stripped down agent is so bare it does not even > support/recognize createUser in snmpd.conf. > Management supports the idea of upgrading to the latest version 5.4 of > Net-SNMP. Merci pour ton aide.Edit : J'ai un petit soucis avec les infos remontées. Use this type instead of void * or unsigned char *.**** > > And by the way: Why don?t you use a function like snprint_objid, which is > part of net-snmp Name: fix-byteorder-targetaddrmib.diff Type: application/octet-stream Size: 7389 bytes Desc: not available -------------- next part -------------- //Regards Claus On 08.10.2013, at 14:54, Niels Baggesen wrote: > Den 03-10-2013 11:37, Claus Klein skrev: >

The command-line tool "snmptrap" is not relevant here - that is an alternative mechanism for sending traps. However, specific problems often require deeper analysis. Dave Re: A question bout API description. As you probably know, this project is run entirely by people who do it voluntarily and in their spare time.

As you probably also know, spare time is a scarce resource, and some times other matters take precedence. /Niels -- Niels Baggesen - @home - ?rhus - Denmark - [email protected] The _______________________________________________ Net-snmp-users mailing list [email protected]